Unedited 360º Footage Of Tony Ferguson + Fabricio Werdum Before Argument At UFC 216 Media Lunch


MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC Interim Lightweight Title challenger Tony Ferguson and former UFC Heavyweight Champ Fabricio Werdum in advance of UFC 216. Surprisingly, an argument broke out between the two fighters, which has gained a lot of attention in the MMA world. MMA H.E.A.T. would normally NOT put out footage like this that includes personal conversations before the formal Q&A; but since a lot of erroneous things have been said about both fighters we wanted people to see how the events unfolded in real time. We are NOT PICKING SIDES! We respect both fighters a great deal and hope that in the future they can return to being cool with each other as they’d always been prior to the lunch.

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1,030 Comments on "Unedited 360º Footage Of Tony Ferguson + Fabricio Werdum Before Argument At UFC 216 Media Lunch"

  1. For those who did not understand the altercation:

    Werdum kept saying all the time:

    Not to me, you can speak like this with guys of your division, not to me
    You are a faggot, bitch, go fuck yourself…

    In the begging of the video Werdum are talking to Karyn about how Tony Ferguson was acting different towards him… Werdum said he had met him before and he was way more "easygoing" and even Karyn seemed to agree Ferguson has changed.. Werdum tells her: "I don't like it, I don't like fake people.."

  2. You guys are all idiots. This was Tony's interview. Werdum was talking while the interview was going on. Tony doesnt have to give a shit about anyone. He has said it many times. That is what makes him the fighter he is.

  3. As professional as these guys are… They are really wound up. Got a lot of energy and it makes them look like kids with the back and forth playground shit. It's comical though and entertaining.

  4. He shouldnt have said "I'll woop Werdum's ass right now." And Werdum shouldnt have interrupted him repeatedly. Can you not see how irritating it is though to have to show up to these media lunches and answer all of these questions if you are a professional fighter and don't have the time for that?? Every second you spend answering stupid questions takes and distracts from your training or mental focus. At the same time it's good to get publicity.. But too much is bad. Anyone agree? Or disagree?

  5. Karyn you literally are the cause of that lol funny stuff. She whispered a question to verdum, and verdum responds, all while shes sitting in front of tony and to the right of the interviewer. But to be fair it did sound like the dude asking the questions was just having a casual conversation, which if you look at it that way, makes Tony look like a stuck up snob. Food for thought

  6. Tony talking shit and had second thoughts. That's why you shouldn't be a dick. Tony wasn't getting to anyone, he was just being insecure and then brought up size difference which made no sense. Now weight is an issue but it wasn't when you said you'd kick his ass.

  7. Tony is a fake… he disrespects Fabricio and then trys to turn the tables saying that a heavy weight it trying to pick a fight with a 145er. Tony is the one that instigated the problem…..what a contradicting fool… Conor is gonna punch this guys light out.

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