Unedited 360º Footage Of Tony Ferguson + Fabricio Werdum Before Argument At UFC 216 Media Lunch


MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC Interim Lightweight Title challenger Tony Ferguson and former UFC Heavyweight Champ Fabricio Werdum in advance of UFC 216. Surprisingly, an argument broke out between the two fighters, which has gained a lot of attention in the MMA world. MMA H.E.A.T. would normally NOT put out footage like this that includes personal conversations before the formal Q&A; but since a lot of erroneous things have been said about both fighters we wanted people to see how the events unfolded in real time. We are NOT PICKING SIDES! We respect both fighters a great deal and hope that in the future they can return to being cool with each other as they’d always been prior to the lunch.

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1,030 Comments on "Unedited 360º Footage Of Tony Ferguson + Fabricio Werdum Before Argument At UFC 216 Media Lunch"

  1. Ok, so lets sum this up: Werdum greets Ferguson, Ferguson shows him that he wants no part of that –> Werdum ignores this disrespectful behavior. Then Ferguson says he would beat Werdum's ass in a title fight if he had to, fortunately for Ferguson, Werdum missed that comment (2nd insult). Then Werdum gets asked about his meal, he answers in a very silent way that he hasn't eaten anything all day and that he was training, where Ferguson tells him to shut up while he is talking. Who wouldn't be pissed after all that??? And then trying to present Werdum as the bully – "a heavyweight trying to pick up a fight with a 155er" LMAO what is Werdum supposed to do? I don't get it..and after Werdum got pushed away – which I totally don't get, Ferguson should have been the one removed from the table for igniting this whole scene – all of a sudden Ferguson became tough, called him "maricon" and so on…this dude is a clown for real..

  2. right when tony said im a 155 pounder look at him thays when you no he got scared . period he backed down yet talked the shit hahaha he has beef with his manager so he takes it out on him wow what if tony had problems with someones dad hes gonna take it out on the wife lol he looks crazy and crazy doesnt scare me or anyone whos a real one he punks ppl because he thinks he can but when someone finally sees his weakness theyll double reverse it on him and beat his ass thats something the veteran doesnt no

  3. I hadn't seen this video until now. I would have enjoyed this video more if Fabricio would have clocked him. Tony Ferguson seems to want to play the victim card which must stem from childhood issues or just feels like his persona that he portrayed before was too nice and now needs to be fake, either way he seems to like any kind of attention. Very unprofessional, I would have stopped at that point if I was Karyn and said bye Felicia to him.

  4. S

    5:46 Werdum is quality!, look at his expression in response to Fergusons comments……then just carries on eating haha, throughout this video Werdum is so relaxed and ready to be friendly(at the start), but Ferguson is SOOOOO intimidated (for no reason) and a complete dick!

  5. Werdum ALWAYS looking to start shit!!!!! The Colby boomerang attack was classic but not nearly as the front kick heard round the world to Edmonds gut! LMAO every time I think of that great moment in MMA history!

  6. What a fucking asshole Tony was there, completely unnecessary. Werdum was acting completely cool with Tony at the beginning, saying hi and just being chill. Werdum only acted out because Tony was being really disrespectful. What a prick

  7. I just found this video, interesting, this is so different than the other one where everybody was blaming Werdum. For you english speakers… At 1:02 When Tony stand up and leaves, Werdum ask Karyn about Tony's bad attitude with him, saying he's acting different, that they've talked before normaly in a good way and now he's acting weird, like angry and stressed out. Then comes the altercation and at very end Tony said he does'nt like "fake" Werdum and his manager but Werdum seems like he did'nt know nothing about that. Anyways it was all Tony's fault, I like him so much as a fighter, he's a savage, but his personality and his attitude is changing in a bad way and you can see it here. On the other side Werdum has always been a cool funny dude, I would like to know more about why Tony said he doesn't like him and called him "fake".

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