Bellator 170: Chael Sonnen Squashes Rumors: Says Tito’s Choke Was Real + He’d Never Quit


Backstage at The Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, CA, MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke with Chael Sonnen and heard his thoughts on the rear naked choke submission loss to Tito Ortiz in the Bellator 170 main event. Chael dispels the rumors that he “gave” the fight to Tito, he talks about the need for mor time in the cage and lets us know if Wanderlei Silva would be his next match-up.

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97 Comments on "Bellator 170: Chael Sonnen Squashes Rumors: Says Tito’s Choke Was Real + He’d Never Quit"

  1. Bellator is on FREE Spike TV: That's NOT a big payday for Bellator.Tito is a 2:1 Underdog; so betting $50,000 that Tito FINISHES Chael in the FIRST HALF of the FIRST Round would yield about 25:1 (perhaps 20:1 after the odds change because of such a big bet).Fix the fight ahead of time, and then collect $1,000,000 to be split between Chael, Tito, and one or two executives at Bellator, so then they make their normal money for the Spike TV Advertisements, the Sponsors, and the Gate, and an extra $250,000,000 each for the FIXERS.#NoBrainer#CorruptFightingIndustryIsNothingNew

  2. Chael grabbed 10-15 friends, emptied his bank account, sent them all to a vegas sportsbook, and gave them each a big chunk of money to go to the window at different times and throw it down on tito. simple as that, just doubled his net worth.

  3. Feck the (cough, cough) "blood choke". Where were CS hands and arms for the last 15 seconds of the fight? He just lay there spread out with Titos arm under his chin. MMA 101, mistake.
    I'm sure it was an uncomfortable hold, blood choke it was not regardless of what Bas even said, just before Bas plugs his DVD.
    If CS held out for another few seconds Tito would have had to let go. CS took the easy pay.

  4. FUCK dude i thought this was WWE, damn I guess this was a real fight. sike. chael tapped titos ass out and gave him a takedown. chaels wrestling SHITS on tito ortiz's, it is obvious that chael gave the win to tito. It honestly saddens me. Chael was my favorite fighter for years and probably still is. Ever since the shit talking Anderson silva days. Also, Chael is not upset at ALL in this interview. Go back to when Chael got beat by Anderson his head was down, quiet voice, and he was depressed. He seems jolly as ever in this defeat which is unheard of by ANY fighter.

  5. Unless you guys have trained and sparred in MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, etc… you don't have a clue what to look for. I knew that fight was a fix within 30 seconds. Especially when Chael gave his right leg to Tito for the takedown. Then Chael is "blowing his wad" on a guillotine choke that he was never going to get. You don't put a TWO TIME U.S. Greco Roman wrestling champion like Chael on his back that easy. Chael and Big John McCarthy was in on it. Tito didn't know about the fix. That is why Tito's reaction was so genuine. Chael took his money and laughed all the way to the bank while singing, "You stupid sheeple! I duped you again with just my talking! I don't have to perform to make money, you idiots!"

  6. This fix was super obvious. Chael didn't throw a punch. A world class wrestler gives Tito the weakest single-leg, then puts on a weak guillotine attempt, loosens half guard so Tito can full mount. Then Tito doesn't even try to ground and pound. Chael gives his back and doesn't at all defend Tito's right arm. That is the most obvious fix. The choke isn't even deep, no pressure, and then someone gets paid..

  7. You, Karyn Bryan, should be questionig this psychotic liar about the tears that he faked when he talk about promising his dying father that he would beat tito, and make it everyone believe that he would actualy try to fight a litle bit.

    Judging by his great mood after the most embarissing fight ever, his father was a psycothic clow who don´t give a fuck about it anything but money and jokes or he was a big scumbag who chael hated it.

    you would never have the guts to ask: what about the tears? everything look real real shady, his goo mood, his not surprised at all, he is unbeliveble liar, and we not know ever if he was injured, if he presented tito, if he got milions betting, if he just too depressed by his daughter passing and don´t care about shit anymore, the guy is a living ENIGMA, he could be even serial killer and we would never know haha. I think he just sell me a biography book tha he will write in 2030 talking the thruth about all this shit.

    Aplause to this fucking psycothic genius, or just a CTE GUY who its nothing more than a lacking will to fight hard and wanted some easy moeny? the last one its very appealing. Just retired chael, you´re future as a analyst or something is done, you have no credibility until you explain this shit show step by step.

  8. Obviously a fixed fight. Bellator is known for some shady shit so it's no surprise that they'd fix it where Tito, who has been a huge draw for them, wins his last fight and avoids getting complete manhandled by Sonnen. I don't think it was of wicked intentions though. It sends Tito out on top and Sonnen is still gonna be around for a few more fights and considering his talent on the mic, He's gonna have no issue immediately hyping up his next main event fight.

  9. Bellator signed Sonnen to a 6 fight deal to play the heel. As a heel, you're not necessarily being paid to win. Sonnen threw the fight as instructed by Bellator so that Bellator can have it's company 'feel good' moment by allowing Ortiz to retire a winner with his son there.

  10. Of course he would say it wasnt fixed!! Thats the ENTIRE point of a fix, to deceive the public into thinking the fight was real! Hes not going to fix the fight and then afterward come out and say "dont worry bout it the fight was fixed…ill get em next time!"…so no MMA HEAT, chael has not fucking "squashed" the rumour.

  11. bs. chael, that was the worst acting ever… he let go of the darse when he tapped his hand, what fucking bs. dominate anderson Silva for almost 5 min then he gets caught by tito(of all people)? i have always liked chae as a fighter but now, no fucking way…

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