Thomas Almeida vs. Cody Garbrandt – UFC Fight Night Highlights


Underdog Cody “No Love” Garbrandt scored the upset win over Thomas Almeida in the main event at ‪UFC Fight Night 88‬ tonight. Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and Rashad Evans take you through the highlights.

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195 Comments on "Thomas Almeida vs. Cody Garbrandt – UFC Fight Night Highlights"

  1. hmmm… good fighter…but i dont think good enough to trash talk cruz. i was expecting to see a bit better considering how this has been all over every publication. i'll have to watch more of his fights cause here i just dont see what the hype was about.

  2. If fighter A wins: I called it, I knew it, f$&/ you haters.
    If fighter B wins: I called it, I knew it, f#$% you haters.
    So no matter who wins you'll get immature, angry kids commenting like experts. When you pretty much have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

  3. Cashier: "Hi, what can I get for you today?"Customer: ''Let me get a Cody Garbrandt but with no love, please"Cashier: "Anything else?"Customer: "Yeah, can I get some respeck on it?"Cashier: "I'll do something about it".

  4. huge fan of cody this guy's trains his ass off at one of the best gyms and is making good a name for him and his gym meaning teammates and all team alpha male members…let's go next step closers baby let's do this

  5. mma fighters that have a true boxing base like cody are always going to be successful. The reality of everything is boxing teaches you the fastest most effective way to someones chin. Thank you Cody, you won me $200 bucks tonight.

  6. In a few years I'm gonna make it to the octagon and beat Cody No Love even if its by UD you guys just wait and see…I met this guy in Sacramento and I'll tell you right now unless you're a kid or a hot girl this guy won't give two fucks about you even if you're his fan. He has no idea what he created.

  7. Cody Garbrandt knocked him out. .. O.M.G. ! o.m.g. ! O.M.G. ! We've never seen anything like that before. … holy shit, fuck ! gawddamn ! O.M.G ! o.m.g. ! O.M.G. ! Fuck'n shit ballz ! This is crazy … (S.M.F.H.)

  8. Holy shit. I must recognize, Cody was amazing, he demolished a real top contender. This was Little Thomas first loss as a professional fighter, he is a very good fighter with great muay thai bacjground and was just one step away to get a title shot…I am impressed with all this

  9. Our great Lord McGregor made this happen like it or not. After Cody Garbrandt shoved Conor at the ultimate fighter therefore gaining superpowers he's been on a tear. Coincidence? I tink Not! Tank our great Lord McGregor Tank him. Conor Bless!

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