UFC Ottawa Main Event: Rory MacDonald vs. Stephen Thompson Highlights


Watch highlights of Stephen Thompson’s unanimous decision win over Rory MacDonald at UFC Fight Night 89 from Ottawa, Canada.

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246 Comments on "UFC Ottawa Main Event: Rory MacDonald vs. Stephen Thompson Highlights"

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    • Wonderboy will be very hard to take down. His hips are perpendicular to the opponent's and he keeps his hands low and he has great footwork. He thwarted the best wrestler in the division and Rory's takedowns easily. If they can't take him down, who can?

    • Uhm did you not see the super awkward angle he was at when Hendricks tried to take him down? And he still managed to stay on his feet. His takedown defense is one of the best in the ufc (I think it actually is the best in ww) and Robbie Lawler isn't nearly fucking good enough to stand a chance against Thompson.

  2. Robbie took Rory's soul it's going to take a long time for him to recover. And honestly Thompson should have gotten the title shot after dunking Hendricks in round 1 not Woodley. Lawler will hulk smash Woodley easy I will be putting a ton of $ on him just like I did in the Hendricks, MacDonald, and Condit fights. Then it will be Thompson vs Lawler which I won't bet on because it's going to be a striking war with Thompson owning the outside and Lawler owning it in close. There no way to predict that one unless you know Thompson's game plan as he could choose to out point Robbie and win by decision. If it was a straight fight until one guy quits i'd bet on Lawler but it's not.

  3. my dad boxed for yrs and trained potential olympic fighters in mexico his last fight in the ring ended with him getting knocked down(hence becoming a trainer) he said that knock down ended his career hes never felt that close to death he didnt admit to himself at the time but subconciously it ruined him it made him scared and doubtful of his ability rorys young and can probably bounce back but hes been a warrior for a cheap check for too long..

  4. This was a fantastic fight by two of the best fighters in the UFC.  Awesome display of MMA skill.  I feel bad for Rory, getting his nose broke again.  Brutal.   ….Thompson will destroy Lawler.

  5. Rory looked a little shot to me in this fight… I think the last fight with Lawler really took its toll on him. And he did seem to hold back at times as well. The issue with nose still affects him from the Lawler fight and that might make the difference.

  6. H E A D concussion gone brain damage ? what the hell ! this is not Rory I know Wonderboy is top notch beast but I also know Rory shoulda won this fight for a number of reasons somethings not right here

  7. why in the fuck is robbie fighting Woodley? Woodley doesnt deserve a title shot. He's fought twice in the last 2 years and lost to rory. Wonderboy was on a 6 fight win streak after dismantling another top contender like it was nothing and yet he didnt get a title shot. wtf?

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  9. It wasn't a boring fight, but Rory was so cautious, he basically didn't shoot, didn't string together combinations, didn't really push forward with any kind of significant offense. He just let Thompson methodically dance around him and spring in and out with shots for 25 minutes. WIth respect, it really seemed like he was scared to engage

  10. yall give the media too much cred. just cause everybody saying they think the last fight shook rory up, people repeat it. rory fought a good fight against thompson…
    he didnt lose because he was to banged up from Robbie, he lost cause he fought Thompson's fight. He played the range game with thompson and got outstruck. plain and simple. most people only say that as an excuse for why he lost. learn the game

  11. I don't think Rory will ever be the same fighter he was before the Lawler fight. His nose was shattered in that fight and it probably traumatized him. Plus he said that when he got hit with the TKO shot from Lawler, all he could see was white and red. He's probably scared of something like that happening again. Sad to see, but I hope I'm wrong.

  12. weak as fuck. they try and act like Jim Ross and say so much happened, it was them playing karate sparring and staring at eachother. they didn't wanna hurt eachother you could tell, lawler will eat these fools up all day.

  13. Like Wonderboy said (excellent walk out song btw by Tenacious D) it became a chess match. It wasn't boring and both are laying it all on the line so you know they are going to be cautious. My only point is Robbie Lawler took Rory's soul

  14. If you didn't like this fight, you aren't a true MMA fan.

    To see Wonderboy take full control of an aggressive fighter like Rory was something.

    The distance, the speed, the timing, the accuracy, the footwork…I mean, Thompson looked amazing. Before Rory could even let his hands go, Wonderboy would hit him and exit at an angle leaving Rory swinging at air. It was beautiful. Wonderboy is a master.

  15. Thompson is good, very good, but I seriously believe that the UFC is ignoring Demian Maia…they know that Maia's BJJ will shut the game down…there should be an interim championship fight between Wonderboy and Maia

  16. firas zihabi is to blame imho.

    rory almost had the exact same strategy as the lawler fight. give or take some wack ass take down tricks.

    rory mcdonald's ability/ potential is not being cultivated/ improved.


    • the thing is ufc 'makes' certain fighters like rory fight for pennies, compared to their worth unless your a mega draw which i dont believe in all that bull! He was on the main event sure it sold well sure they made millions pay the fighters

  17. Wonderboy…Cruz…etc…are ushering in what will be the most dull era of MMA ever. This is why Dana and the Fertitas are selling it. They can see what I see. The real fighters are going to the wayside sooner, than later, and this karate dance-off fight style will take over, and make for repeated boring-ass fights. He is going to be boring. I hope Lawler knocks him cold, for the sake of MMA. I mean, unless you all enjoy these fucking dance-offs.

  18. Wonderboy is something like 57-0 in kickboxing, etc…
    Thus he is by far the better striker!!

    Rory should have done everything in his power to take this fight to the ground…
    That was Rory's only chance…

  19. Damn, his nose from that WAR with LAWLER was NO JOKE! I think It did something to him mentally or maybe he just was not that focused and watched some Tri-Star friends take a loss and went in too defensivley. I was expecting Rory to bang out with something he learned from the war with Lawler and Lawler also seemed different with Condit but did much better ""Performance" wise but Rory was very timid and then kind of like wanted to hug Wonderboy at the end and he just kinda looked @ him for a second and I know they got alot of respect towards each other but this is a fight and you may not be friends with each other for awhile after you break some bones but sometimes you gotta hate and really really respect ur opponent at the same time to really hurt them up bad in the ring or octagon.

  20. hey this fight was a chess match more than a fight, rory came out a different fighter for the opponent he was facing, wounderboy did a good job of not letting rory close the distance,and defending the take downs and submission attempts. and rory did a good job on not allowing wounderboy get in to much how he wanted to with his kicks, overall it wasn't the best fight, but it was well played by both to me it was a well played chess game with rory coming up short. Good job wounderboy! !

    • definitely. aye if he's 57-0 on his kickboxing record, he must be doing something right amiright. Most of this fight was tactical striking on the feet even with the threat of rory's takedowns. Rory is strong as hell too, but thompson stuffed all of the attempts.

  21. Like I said, this fight was not a good one for Rory to come back from as his first action since his war with Lawler. 11 months is too long and Wonderboy is too dynamic. Should've gave Rory someone like Jonny Hendricks.

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  22. Hahahaaha Yes FKN sirrrr my broski negroski Wonderboy is that fire son . I love you Rory but I told everybody Wonderboy is just to precise and fast . Rory is powerful tho but unfortunately too aggressive, should have took his time and moved after he striked. Wonderboy was beaming em off that noggin and moving like it was salsa night

  23. If you say the fight was boring you shouldn't be allowed to watch mma anymore. That was a masterful performance by wonderboy. He was careful and calculated and if he was any other way against a guy like Rory he would have gotten butchered. Loved the fight..

    • +Fish Pond just because i thought this fight was boring which it was rory's perfmance was super dissapointing. he was to afriad to fail so held back alot instead of just going in there and doing him. stop trying to act like that fight was fun to watch just to make yourself feel like a true mma fan.

    • +MrThehammer171 im not trying to prove anything buddy. if thats your opinion then alright. but if someone has a 57-0 record on the stand-up kickboxing record, isnt he doing something right? he commanded spacing perfectly, and counterpunched well. If rory truly felt that thompson's punches werent doing much, im sure he'd charge in, but thats not the case. Could also talk about floyd. Sure may look boring, but that guy is a wizard in boxing as well. Most people hate cuz they cant do anything about it.

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