Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier + Kenny Florian Discuss High Turnover Rate With UFC Champs On ‘UFC Tonight’


UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier, Kenny Florian and Karyn Bryant discuss parity in the UFC, whether or not new belt-holders should call out their first title defense and who will be the next champion to lose their title.

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302 Comments on "Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier + Kenny Florian Discuss High Turnover Rate With UFC Champs On ‘UFC Tonight’"

  1. I think the belt is more and more irrelevant moving forward. I think BIG fights will start to be the main theme moving forward. I think Diaz vs Mcgregor one and two was the start of that. I would much rather watch a third fight between them then watch a title fight.

  2. i would have gone with WOODly being the first to lose the belt. obviously alvarez will be getting his next fight before woodly will, but i still think alvarez has a better chance at beating khabib than woodly does thompson. there's a 99.9999% chance, that when woodly steps into the cage for his next fight with WONDERboy…he's going to get his head axe kicked off of his shoulders.

  3. i disagree, alverez might stay longer, his boxing probably the best in light weight next nate diaz, my guess whould be stipe miochic, i just dont see him equaling to alastir overeem, there both stand up, and overeem has a mean knee strikes and punches

  4. Florian it has nothing to do with evolving sport in training. they arent getting better. The lack steroids has caused previous chanpions to try and catch up with the new USADA rules leaving a vaccum of moderately talented fighters taking each other out. one after another

  5. cormier shouldnt be alowed to speak on championship turnouts this fuck nigga didnt deserve his title shot in first place, he wakes up and thanks god everymorning on jons downfall then gets on fox and pretends to be a professional

  6. eddie alvarez is a horrible matchup for khabib, he has a 90+percent takedown defense, and extremely better striker, He looks more physically strong, and fought way better competition, plus stipe is fighting the best striker in the ufc next month.

  7. multiple poeple in each div is great for the sport, making "money" fights outside of the rankings is bad for the sport. if the ufc continues to do this it is on its way to a wwe operating model, one underpinned by popularity and big money, it also disrespects the fighters that devote their life to the sport.

  8. Can I legit ask a question here to all Americans?? Why is DC so hated and booed everywhere over there?? My friends and I,we just don't get it all like? he's really popular here (Ireland) and if he was Irish? , Damn would he get cheered, Number 1 for being an absolute machine Number 2 for being an Olympian and Number 3 for being just an absolute class act. We just find it really strange, can anyone elaborate??

  9. Why does Fox hire hated characters? I know why, because that's how they roll. They want you to hate! Haven't you brilliant folks seen what Fox News does to society. They incite fear and hate. I'd rather listen to Renato Laranga clowning and talking shit. Now that would be worth a million plus views…..

  10. DC is annoying. His face is stupid. He talks like he thinks he's smart. His clothes don't fit, ever! I'm embarrassed for him because nobody likes him. I don't like him either and I don't know why. I just don't. I'm guessing it's because of the reasons I spoke of.

  11. But no one was calling Conor a pussy when he did it lol. What a shocker but Ty is willing to fight again but the person he wants. Conor ducked Frankie and Aldo for a year no one said anything. But Ty wants a money fight and he's a pussy. This is why you don't listen to the fans because they just say anything and they really hate you if you're black if you're white oh those rules don't go for you. If you're black and you don't do what they want you're a pussy lol. But not one would say it to his face like a man and take that beat down lol. Who's the real pussies here the one making a fuck load of money or the one mad about something that has nothing to do with them lol.

  12. Khabib vs Alvarez, Tyron vs Wonderboy, Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Pena, Cruz vs Dillashaw 2 – match ups I think should happen!
    Diverting from title fights at BW though, if Garbrandt wins his next fight against Mizugaki, he and John Lineker should fight.

  13. all I want to say is I think the UFC should treat the fighters better… I like Lawler…Nick..Nate..Pettis Alistair Aldo jacare and khabib silva. ..Rampage and big Nog….these are my guys…race is not an issue for me….

  14. It has not evolved that much. I think the heavyweight division has evolved quite a bit from when Tim Sylvia was fighting Cabbage for the belt, but all of the other fighters have been around for a long time. 185 is weak without Anderson Silva( in his prime he would beat Bisping, Rockhold, or Chris Weidman.) I think Woodley would honestly lose to GSP in a five round fight, and eddie alvarez has been fighting since 2003, so these guys all have been fighting for some time other than the new caliber at heavy weight. All of the smaller weight classes under 155 are relatively new in the last few years. They need to pay the fighter more so that their contracts or purses can compete with other professional sport contracts, if they do not ( the money is there,) they will lose talented fighters to baseball, football, and basketball. The UFC is now on fox and the fromat is ran like any other professional sport so why are these athletes not getting paid more. I am glad those crooks finally sold the UFC, but props for resurrecting the dying sport.

  15. the thing I don't like is this 'it's bad for the sport if it's bad for business" if it's a sport, it should be about the competition. not the personality. I especially dislike how tyron is handling this. he has been saying, this should be a sport, it should be about the competition, and the moment he gets the belt he completely changes his mind. he should fight thompson next. I agree with DC, at the least, you should defend the belt before you look for a "superfight".

  16. The difference between Cormier and other division champions is has always has Jon Jones as his big money fight who already was/is the #1 contender for his title. GSP vs Tyron is random as fuck, GSP is only responding to title fights as far as I can tell and Tyron is just being an opportunist because he has the belt. Tyron should get on a win streak or something if the GSP hype is real, if people view Tyron as a warrior like they did Robbie, the fight will sell for more reasons besides the GSP name like it currently would. Tyron is impressive but who is he compared to someone like Diaz popularity wise? I think he just needs to build up his name before trying to cash out everywhere, it makes him look like he knows Wonderboy will beat him which is more of a reason for him to never touch GSP right now….

  17. For all you who say Cormier isnt great, have you seen him beat gus and rumble? Those 2 are easily able to win the belt at any moment. He also barely lost to a Roided and coked out JJones which may be considered the GOAT.

    • +brent reese You got a point how could I say that as if I knew it was true for a fact. In hindsight I would take that back if I could. Like the Diaz brothers said everyone is on Steroids or TRT or PEDs. Almost all of the Brazilians tested dirty or fell off once usada testing was implemented. Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Big Foot Silva, Vitor Belfort, Renan Barao, Jose Aldo, Fabrico Verdum, Rafael Dos Anjos, Junior Dos Santos, Claudia Gadelha, Cyborg has done enough shit she already transitioned to a male. if she never touched them again it still will never be fair to her future opponents.

    • +brent reese Come to think about in the loss to T. Wood, Robbie Lawler actually looked like he lost muscle mass compared to how swole he has been since winning the belt. Now Amanda Nunez is looking like her real name is Adam Nunez. Her voice is getting deep and she is growing a mustache. Her body is hard like she is taking estrogen blockers. nothing like Miesha Tates or Ronda Rousey. The preachers daughter kinda reminded me of the Lawler situation I mentioned earlier. She's on the same team that Jon Jones is, but I hope that Holly Holm stayed away from that shit. She seems to have more integrity to even think of doing that.

  18. It's exciting not knowing, i'm at the edge of my seat every fight. Lot of people got it chiseled in stone already that Conor gonna lose to Nate and Aldo, You dont know anything these days and with a fighter like Conor you're playing with fire betting against him, i wouldn't bet against now especially after a loss, he's more focused than eve now

  19. woodley should be able to call his own shot BECAUSE connor was allowed…Wideman got his rematch and rockhold was able to avoid Jacare…BISPING can't pick just because he has been around…hell he actually lost the silva fight in the minds of most….so no double standard for him…we want good fights….I am sick of the 125 class….combine 125 and 135 weight class….let me see cruise vs connor. ..IF connor ever returns to 145 which I doubt….two fights at 170 then back to 145 where he is dominate because of the cut and size anyway…he is so much bigger than Aldo and Edgar…and even eddie asked for winner of the diaz fight….so why can't woodley ask….

  20. tyrone woodley isn't fighting who he wants, that's not his call he's fighting wonderboy and he's getting ko'd for sure. Wonderboy is just too technical and smart for a shitty one hit wonder douche like tyrone. I like nick diaz but he's been out for two years, on a two fight losing streak.( silva fight got overturned) Nick diaz definitely isn't the same fighter as he used to be, he was way more exciting and dynamic when he was younger. The silva, gsp and condit fights were all flops. Really surprised tyrone hasn't got busted for PEDS, he will, sooner or later just like lombard and romero.

  21. Here's what I think will happen:

    Stipe beats Overreem, Werdum and Cain rematch and Cain wins this time, then Cain will eventually fight stipe and beat him to become 3 time because Cain is that good (praying he stays healthy)

    Daniel Cormier will continue to beat everyone in the division for 2 more years until jones gets back and hopefully doesn't do something stupid again so he can fight DC again.

    Michael Bisping is gonna get KO in the 1st round by Hendo (I hope) if Dan doesn't do it in the 1st, he's not winning the fight, either way Chris Weidman will come back and be champion again.

    Wooderboy will beat Woodley when Woodley finally mans up and fights him.

    Alvarez will have a couple title defensive.

    Conor McGregor win or lose against Diaz,doesn't matter I think he comes back down and beats Aldo again, he won't beat Aldo as fast but still think his technique is too good and will be able to beat Aldo again.
    Frankie vs Holloway, Frankie's Wins. He gets title shot against McGregor.

  22. Woodley is 34 years old, he's trying to get paid, fighters are out to get paid, it's called prize fighting, fuck the UFC, fuck the fans, nobody is going to pay their bills when they retire so they need to cash out when they can.

    If you want Woodley to fight Thompson pay him enough money so he will fight him, end of dicussion

  23. Stipe loses to Overeem
    Cormier wins against Rumble/Teixeira
    Bisping wins against Hendo then loses to Jacare
    Woodley loses to Wonderboy
    Alvarez loses to Khabib
    Conor loses to Diaz then loses to Aldo
    Cruz wins against TJ
    Mighty Mouse beats entire division

    Nunes wins against Ronda/Pena
    Joanna beats entire division.

    • +AllAboard TheGainTrain eddie beat rda ko. Beat former lw champ pettis. Im no eddie fan. I find eddie's fights boring but prime kenflo cant beat eddie. DC's last fight against silva was boring too. Cerrone was right, dc fought like a pussy against a 40+ yr old middleweight. If i was asked the question, my answer is ty woodley. I dont see him winning in a 3 or 5 round fight against thompson. And thompson would stall him for 1-2 rounds until ty would gassed out. And thompson's last fight against rory was a clear indication of that. No wonder ty is ducking rory. In my opinion, ty didnt deserve the title shot against robbie. Maia or thompson should have been next.

  24. woodley doesnt have to fight wonderboy immediately. conor is taking TWO fights without defending his belt. bisping is fighting henderson next so the whole number 1 contender stuff doesn't matter as much as fights that make more money

    • I agree with you about Thompson taking out Woodley. I feel Henderson is going to beat Bisping though, with a sickening K0. Afterwards, Henderson is going to retire as champ. Then there will be a triple threat ladder match between Weidman, Jacare and Rockhold for the belt.

  25. First of all Cormier, you didn't win the title, don't make it dramatic and certainly don't be an amateur director trying to sell a shitty movie. James Buster Douglass beat Mike Tyson for the title, doesn't matter what was happening to Mike, he still beat him. Jon Jones had an issue is having issues and until that is sorted and you actually beat Jon Jones you're just a step below and a puppet and in some ways you're a lucky bastard. Tell it like it is ok, you were given an opportunity because of Jon Jones's issues outside the octagon, you were given because you were coming off the biggest loss of your career where the champ actually beat you. So in reality you're just holding onto the title. It's a terrific story but you're not the big deal in it just a supporting role

  26. Ufc has a chance to make a villain out of Woodley, will it sell?idk.. can he call his shots right off top?? Hell no than everyone will think they can call or make their own match UPS.. u have to earn that right.. imo Woodley is scared to lose his belt, and that will be the leading cause of him not holding on to it.. ask Demetrius Johnson you can't baby that belt

    • Alvarez is legit but that division is stacked, bisping has a good chance at beating Henderson but other than that any top 5 guy in that division beats him easily, I don't know who Nunez gets next but there's several chicks that I would pick to win over her, and I think woodley is probably getting Thompson next and I think Thompson is the best welterweight in the world right now. I don't see any of them staying champion very long but really with all the upsets lately who knows.

  27. I think this is the only time I didnt disagree with what they said. Make Tyron fight Wonderboy and if he wins then he can call the shots. He isn't even really trying to call the shots, so much as it seems he's ducking Wonderboy.

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