UFC Fight Night Salt Lake City: Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres Highlights


For the first time, the UFC held an event in Utah last night. Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and UFC Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping take you through the highlights of Yair Rodriguez’s split-decision win over Alex Caceres at UFC Fight Night 92 in Salt Lake City.

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155 Comments on "UFC Fight Night Salt Lake City: Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres Highlights"

  1. anyone who hates yair is because yair is not a nigger or a white boy ufc needs risk takers like him while staying smart about it he puts on a good fight and has sportsmanship stop hating on talent he is young and is only getting better

  2. I wonder what they meant that he stopped landing as much or "slowed down" after the first 2 round? His overall striking output and landed strikes increased the whole fight (except for rd 4). Feels like he was just putting on a fun fight and knew how Caceres would fight as well. Both these guys did a great job. Very entertaining.

  3. caceras backs up and covers up when a step back and counter right will do. he looked timid and uneasy because of yairs wild style. Rodriguez style is so wild and weird, and not in a good way, he better progress in his training because someone with a good clinch game or some wrestling+ ju jitsu could easily beat him. it's actually kinda annoying watching him spin every 15 seconds. I just watch and feel like the top guys in the division could easily figure him out

  4. They sound like haters. Nobody absolutely NOBODY wants to see a wrestle fest like the other bouts on this card. Boring AF. It's MMA not hump your opponent into oblivion to score points. Mike and Kenny should take notes while Karen or whatever her name is, goes and gets coffee.

  5. Everyone hating on yahir, but i bet if he was blonde with blue eyes from Idaho everybody would have been rooting for him and his crazy tekken/street fighter fighting style. Most people were already going crazy for sage northcutt fir doing a stupid front flip after the fight was over

  6. It was very exciting to watch this fight, it was awesome to see moves rarely used in the octagon, something different from the usual boxing KO's. Yair loves to put on a show and he did not disappoint. He's young and will only get better, even if he incurs a loss.

    • +Jay “The Golden Boy” Luis i see what you mean but from the looks of it his go to on the ground is rolling for a heel hook or knee bar. Which when going up against a high level wrestler usually doesnt pan out too well. Also he seems alittle too content to keep throwing wild attacks but i guess until someone makes him pay for it why not right? I just feel hes too reckless in his attack and soon he will pay for it and have to really sharpen his fundamentals and grappling to become an actual threat.

  7. fight card was just so weird. should of been like cub swanson vs bermudez as the main event and have yair and leeroy as co main and have kawajiri vs jason as the headline for prelims. idk this fight card was weird. maybe i just wanted killer cub to headline cause im biased towards him.

  8. Fuck you florian and bisping I bet it's because yair is Mexican. If he was white or Brazilian it be a different opinion for them. I would rather see yair spinning and kicking than have two men on the ground doing missionary position for 5 fucking rounds like silva and fatfuck cormier. Was that better?

  9. I disagree. If the fighter is an innovator and a technichian let it be. That's the key of Rodríguez success. Now if those techniques aren't landing Bisping has a point is a waste of your stamina, go back to basics until you find a opening.

  10. I just can't get on the Yair Rodriguez bandwagon. I respect the dude, I just feel once he gets into top 10 or top 5 he will be dominated by those guys. I say give him Dennis Bermudez next. Both had wins last night and Bermudez is tough test

  11. at least let the man bask in his victory a few hours before tossing around all the negative commentary. I enjoyed this fight very much, and I'm sure his coaches are working with him to improve all aspects of his fight game, but for this fight he capitalized on his tae kwon do, speed, and he came out with the win. It's very refreshing to see these type of 'unorthodox' fighters. He will only continue to improve, and if he doesn't well then he will face a loss but until then just let the guy be and enjoy success.

  12. Florian and Bisping saif exactly what I was thinking, all he was doing was spining and shit, love yair but after i expect he will get knocked out as he climbs the ranks, as a guy who used to box i kept seeing him wide open for a counter, but im glad he won and hope he can work on some things as he is very young, but yes i was also very critical of him because he has great potential and like him alot.

  13. Yair would kill it in any 3 round fight . Very unpredictable and quick with his attacks . Keeps great distance to land crazy shots . But the third round and up he was a different fighter not so explosive and unpredictable anymore. Idk bittersweet victory tbh . Still only a great promise . He has a great Arsenal but truly has to learn how to box seemed like he gassed a little and became repetitive with his attacks . They should throw him out with the top dogs already so we can know where he truly stands . I'd love to see him in another 5 round fight . I think he would learn a lot from a fight against Frankie Edgar , see how he can do against an overall technique fighter . Really was an entertaining fight though

  14. Most beautiful display or true martial arts honer i may have ever seen in the Octagon. From weigh ins to the final bell. It's almost funny to hear these old school MMA fighters kind of hate on them.

  15. where are the fundamentals really?? really? you can tell these two dust bags can't comprehend that mma is evolving in to a different style and technique. I respect their opinion but some of the comments from these two make me want to drink bleach..

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