UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley Announces UFC 205 Fight With Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in NYC


On today’s FOX Sports UFC Weigh-in Show, UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley announced to Karyn Bryant and Dan Hardy that he will be facing Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at UFC 205 in New York at Madison Square Garden.

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611 Comments on "UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley Announces UFC 205 Fight With Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in NYC"

  1. Let's go Woodley!! I don't think Wonderboy can handle your athleticism, speed, and power! There was so much people saying Woodley was scared and well looky here , he accepted the fight. Was he scared never was the question because any fighter that fights in that octagon got heart.

  2. everyone going for wonderboy, what if wonderboy gets KO'D like Lawler.. or Ragdolled.. Woodleys wrestling is no match for Wonderboys, so you cant count out this dude.. he got hevy hands and insane speed.. it's mma dont get emotionelly involved watch it and enjoy it dont hate on them wtf..

  3. It's not like he didn't want to fight. Just wanted a bigger name, especially since GSP was coming back & wanted to fight for the title, why wouldn't he want that fight over Thompson? He wants the big money like Conor & Nate got, only reason he picked them over Wonderboy.

  4. i see what he did and it was a smart move granted he tried to duck taking risk with Thompson he's trying to get paid. I really think its a pickem fight. If he stays distance he looses for sure but what happeneds if he catches wonderboy and cuts off the ring. its a great fight period and I wish both men the best

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