UFC 205 Exceeds NFL Super Bowl Popularity With 14 Billion Social Media Interactions!


Today on FS1’s “The Herd,” Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy shared some record breaking statistics from UFC 205, which was held in New York City’s Madison Square Garden this past Saturday.  The show which was headlined by Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor achieved over 3x the social media interactions than the NFL’s Super Bowl!  With 14 billion social media impressions which include Tweets, likes, responses, etc. regarding UFC 205, compared to the Super Bowl’s 4.3 billion impressions, it’s safe to say the sport of MMA has most definitely arrived.

Be sure to check out http://tinyurl.com/ufc205clips for all of our UFC 205 Fight Week coverage which includes over 40 videos! Also, don’t miss this week’s MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast with Karyn Bryant and Alan Jouban, which gives great analysis of all the action that went down, as well as tons of videos and photos.

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49 Comments on "UFC 205 Exceeds NFL Super Bowl Popularity With 14 Billion Social Media Interactions!"

  1. its weird that even with all the hype & wins by Conor, im still yet to see a fight that makes any impression on me. ….like when you see a highlight of jon jones or silva or u name the legends over the years. mad joojitz, brutal combos etci guess im waiting to see some full bangin leg twitch KO by conor. i like him, but think the hype show is bigger than his skillset. hes talented & but maybe luckily won a few fights due to fairly easy card each time.

  2. the NFL is mainly an American sport. UFC is global, yes the UFC is getting even bigger but before they were bought they were hemorrhaging money. I hate how Colin acts like he's been on the UFC train since the beginning

  3. UFC is a global sport and is rapidly growing. The only thing that's holding UFC back is fighters who just want to win instead trying to make it entertaining. That's why fighters like McGregor, Ronda, even Jones have massive followings. They put on entertaining fights. Fighters like Eddie Alvarez, Dos Anjos, and Daniel Cormier etc… will never be at that level because they just want to utilize their ground game and thats boring.

  4. I truly believe if Ronda wins December 30th the UFC is going to the next level cause then they have 2 not just stars but superstar who are both gonna bring in more than 1 million ppv buys all the time & Jon Jones should be back soon & he's another big draw as long as he can stay out of trouble which is a big if, but this sport is only going to get bigger with time as long as they have stars…….

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