Robert Whittaker Gets TKO Win Over Derek Brunson At UFC Fight Night In Melbourne, Australia


Derek Brunson started his fight with Robert Whittaker fast and furious, but that proved to be a bad plan as Robert Whittaker scored a TKO victory in the first round at UFC Fight Night in Melbourne, Australia. Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and Gilbert Melendez take you through the highlights.

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108 Comments on "Robert Whittaker Gets TKO Win Over Derek Brunson At UFC Fight Night In Melbourne, Australia"

  1. "Brunson had a great gameplan…"What? LOL. If you want to get knocked silly, yeah, he had the perfect strategy for that. Drop your hands and just swing wildly in a pro fight. Yes, that will get you TKOed in R1.

  2. Bisping outboxes Yoel Romero and TKO's him once Romero realizes he can't take Bisping down. Bisping has some of the best td defense I've seen for a Brit and a guy who didn't come from a wrestling background…he fought Rashad Evans very close at 205 when Rashad was in his prime.

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  4. Brunson ran in a straight line flailing his arms with his chin sticking up in the air. He's done that in his previous fights as well. His luck ran out tonight though. Not a big surprise. Many people predicted it would end like this. Unbelievable that he didn't use his wrestling more. The man has the fight IQ of a drunken back alley hobo. Time for Derek to go to the back of the bus now.

  5. Think about Whittakers coaches, they knew Brunsen was going to come out and try to KO him like he has done to his past four opponents , all rob had to do was stick and move , keep guard step back and counter him with a power shot, if you watch during brunson fury's robert had great head movement and blocking control. Same thing stipe did, to fabricio. I would like to see Robert Vs Rockhold, I think that would be great stand up battle, then put mousassi vs silva or jacare , then weidman vs brunson.

  6. I think derek brunson got too caught up in his own hype of finishing guys in the first round. I get that 4/5 wins are first round KO's but once you get into that rhythm of trying to finish guys early you kinda lose your edge and have tunnel vision as to gameplan. Im sure he would've done better if he didnt try to rush and go head hunting. Live and you learn.

  7. Robert Whittaker has completely changed his fighting career around. Think really hard about the contenders that come out of New Zealand/ Australia. Daniel Kelly is the only other person in the UFC who is from Australia who's on a 3 fight win streak and has won 5 out of his last 6 fights in the UFC & he's also a middleweight. However, if you compare their competition it's clear that Whittaker is the better fighter. Whittaker should definitely get a fight with either Chris Weidman, Gegard Mousasi, Vitor Belfort or even Luke Rockhold. He should be 2 fights away from a title shot.

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