Dana White Offers Mayweather + McGregor $25 Million Each To Fight & Negotiate PPV Split


Just moments ago on FS1’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” UFC President Dana White reminded Floyd Mayweather that Conor McGregor is under contract with the UFC and he’s the only person who can make a real fight offer.  His offer: $25 million to each Floyd and Conor to fight (boxing), as well as negotiate the PPV split.  Dana realizes Floyd wants $100 million and believes with the guaranteed $25 million, along with a split of the PPV, he will come close to that number.

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Pegasus World Cup (ep1): VIDEO

Pegasus World Cup (ep2): VIDEO

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133 Comments on "Dana White Offers Mayweather + McGregor $25 Million Each To Fight & Negotiate PPV Split"

  1. Dana White needs to stay in UFC because he clearly doesent know what tf he's talking about. The reason mayweathers last PPV was average, was because of the lack of opponent, not the fact people dont want to see mayweather. TBH, alot of floyd ppv's come from people that want to see him get KTFO from the canelos, pacquaios, the cottos etc. Conor isnt a money fught when youre offering 25 million. He can easily make that money for a canelo 2, GGG, cotto 2, the winner or garcia vs thurman, porter, and if manny pacquaio keeps looking good, he might be able to sell the fact that the injury he sustained before the fight, was the reason he lost against floyd, and would be healthy for a rematch and make 100 million, lot less then last time but alot more 4x more than the mcgregor fight. And white is lying, conor has never mad 10 million a fight. And the reason floyd wants to fight conor, is not because he is "THE" money fight, its because hes the easiest money fight out of like 5 boxers.

  2. Is it just me, or is it weird for the two of them to be this public with the money issue surrounding the fight? As a fan, I don't care which fighter gets paid what. I just want to see the fight.

    If the fight does happen, Floyd is fast and smart enough to just stay away from Conor and land some counter shots. Conor has some very quick, hard-hitting combinations – especially for a UFC fighter, but Floyd is a professional boxer; not to mention undefeated. Floyd has fought boxers who are harder punchers and faster than Conor. It's a totally different game, boxing. I'm a huge fan of Conor but even if Floyd takes the fight lightly he still will win easily by decision…..

  3. let's be honest conner is never going to make close to what Mayweather has why are they trying to get him seen like this great fighter. only reason people want to fight Floyd is because they know they are going to get there biggest payday not because they think they can beat him

  4. In this case the Dana and Conner need Floyd more than the other way around. I'm sure Floyd wants to get him in a boxing ring for 12 rounds. That would be easy money. Mcgregor gasses out in 3 rounds he is not made for anything more than that.

  5. I doubt dana has paid Conor 10 million a fight. Floyd is right, the UFC is still depending on circus acts to sell their product, that's why they keep bringing Brock Lesnar back, that's why they Hyped CM Punk fight, that's why they were giving everything ronda wanted until recently. Floyd knows that Conor doesn't make even 1/10th of what he makes. Both Dana and Conor want to use Floyd as the chicken that lays the golden eggs

  6. man this guy is getting to the point, where he is really really tarnishing mma… its like if don king was the face of all pro-boxing… this guy represents an entire sport with how mma is set up… and hes a pompous fool

  7. Xad

    Dana the weasel and WME-IMG want a piece of the pie just for the heck of it, that 25 million is embarrassing.

    Dana, you're NOT the guy, neither fighter needs a promoter especially a rubbish one like you, Conor is a star because of how he fights and how he talks, not because of the UFC, if UFC was that good at promoting there'd be hundreds of stars, instead there's only Conor, Ronda is finished, Jones is always stuck in legal nonsense and GSP probably won't come back. Diaz brothers and Penn PPV numbers are opponent dependent, Conor is not.

    Conor vs Mayweather = the biggest PPV in history if it happens, they don't need to share the wealth with anyone.

  8. lol Dana White is trippin. Why would the Champ agree to this? He made 100m for his last fight, plus why should the Champ get the same amount as McGregor? If Im the Champ, I would tell him to kIck rocks.

    The Champ could fight anybody and make 25m. lol

  9. I think Dana White is forgetting Floyd is his own boss. He is also
    forgetting if the fight happens Connor will be stepping into a boxing
    ring not an octagon. Dana is crazy if believes Floyd will get off his
    couch for 25 mil. Dana you can't use your business tactics against Floyd
    like you do your fighters in MMA where you rip them off. Conor should
    wait till his contract expires and pursue the fight free from Dana

  10. I feel like this fight will probably happen. This is the kind of drama BS that always precludes an eventual big fight. People are focusing too much on what Dana is saying. He's a promoter. He's stirring up controversy to generate interest. Conor wants the fight for the pay day. Floyd wants the fight for both the money, and a safe, easy way to notch number 50. It'll happen.

  11. Connor's Net Worth (according to Forbes') ain't even 25 million, so whose money fight is it? Mayweather is worth $340 million +, Floyd doesn't need this fight at all so he can ask for 100 million. You can buy Connor's whole life with 25 million, Floyd would barely notice if he lost 25 million…that is why he is the A side.

  12. 25 mil?? For Floyd? Dude just cashed in over 150-200 mill off the pac fight. Mcgregor has never make plus 20 million in his whole career. This must be a joke. Floyd needs A side. At LEAST 50 mill upfront and pay per view buys for him to even consider. Dana thinks he negotiating on UFC terms. Floyd ain't nothing to play with money wise. You can say his fights are boring and he's boring but the man don't play when it comes to cashing out.

  13. Hey Colin, love your show and videos so I can see everything important that I may have missed if I couldn't catch your show. You are one of the smartest people I have ever listened to in sports. My dad and I love your show and how intelligent your opinions are. Keep up the awesome work. Just leaving a nice comment from Upstate New York to you.

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