Snoop Dogg Breaks Down UFC LHW Champion Daniel Cormier’s Career Highlights


Snoop Dogg takes a look at UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier’s career highlights in advance of his UFC 210 rematch against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

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480 Comments on "Snoop Dogg Breaks Down UFC LHW Champion Daniel Cormier’s Career Highlights"

  1. This is STUPID!!! Yea , it was Funny when Snoop did a random 10 minutes of commentary for KHABIB an Johnston on his Snap chat drunk and high , but this is just wack as fuck.. The ufc is so mainstream now, trying too make $ off everything

  2. soo this is what going on now watching a stupid skinny fuck of a Nigga that doesn't now how to fight talking about ufc what the fuck they did the same thing with ice cube and that guy in "is sunny in Philadelphia" ufc please stop it please it's not funny anymore I understand ice cube and what's is face because of the movie fist fight but snoop dog is kinda over the limit don't you think just please stop it okay is not "COOL" alright he's not even irrelevant anymore seriously

  3. the thing i've noticed that is universal of true, respectful fans (distinct from the jeering, beer-guzzling, casual type "fan") of MMA including Snoop is that they're cool, substantial, sound MFkers…i have never observed one shady person who is truly into MMA…i mean, we could do without the Biebs following our sport, but i guess you could do worse…

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