UFC LHW Champ Daniel Cormier + Former Champ Jon Jones Nearly Get Into Another Fight Backstage


Prior to today’s UFC Summer Kickoff press conference in Dallas, Texas, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier and former champ Jon Jones nearly got into a fight backstage and it was all captured by Michael Chiesa. Cormier vs Jones is booked for UFC 214 on July 29 in Anaheim, California and Dana White intends to book Jimi Manuwa on the card in case something happens to Jones.

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522 Comments on "UFC LHW Champ Daniel Cormier + Former Champ Jon Jones Nearly Get Into Another Fight Backstage"

  1. Daniel is a smart man. He knows that there are cameras everywhere. Jon could have made an innocuous quip that indirectly references Dan's family. Daniel, knowing the reputation Jon already has, could easily take advantage of this by over reacting and specifically verbalizing "don't talk about my family" over and over in front of the cameras, acting outraged and needing to be restrained. The audience watches this and then gets angry at Jon because of Daniels reaction, not because of anything Jon actually said. Daniel seems to be hungry for a soundbite here, and it helps that this clip is on the "UFC ON FOX" channel. (Dan's employer) I could be wrong here, but I know how easy it is to manipulate a situation like this when the sound recording devices are inconsistent and far away, with both people not being able to be heard. People often repeat things when they want to drown out the other persons rebuttal. It is easier when you spend nearly every day in a broadcasting room in front of cameras. Who knows what actually happened here and I will suspend judgement until I know for sure. When you attack someone under the argument that the person seems like the type to do it, then you are just adding to a warped form of a positive feedback loop.

  2. I cant believe people think old man cormier has a shot hes only getting worse and jon is getting better.. the man was held back by a 70 year old so obviously he doesnt actually want to fight jon hahaha

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