UFC Oklahoma City: Michael Chiesa vs Kevin Lee FS1 Highlights


Kevin Lee defeated Michael Chiesa in the UFC Fight Night Oklahoma City main event, but not without controversy.  Check out the FS1 highlights of his “submission” victory and hear what Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley and Tony Ferguson have to say about the fight.

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222 Comments on "UFC Oklahoma City: Michael Chiesa vs Kevin Lee FS1 Highlights"

  1. Sounded like Chiesa realized that he couldn't trust Mario… With that said, if I knew those things as a fighter, I would make sure… 100% sure… That the decisions I was making weren't going to cost me the fight. Chiesa was in a HORRIBLE position and he slightly dropped his hands. Truly have no problem with this, although a few milliseconds early, it was going to end the same way regardless.

  2. I love all the sports analysts on here. "This was going to happen" "That was going to happen, cause what DIDN'T happen??? If Yamasaki was smart he would have waited 3 seconds since he was sooo confident Chiesa would pass out. Probably wanted to make his cute little heart at the camera sooner. Not the first time yamastopi has called it early…

  3. Everyone but tony ferguson sounds ridiculous. Tyrone woodly tries to hide that he's racist but fails miserably when he's fumbling his words around to side with a decision that is easy to see and explain. No ones eyes were "opening up". What an idiot. Next thing he will say is that Michael started to have a seizure. Please don't let this idiot commentate.

  4. Chiesa stopped fighting the choke with his hands what was he going to do escape using his throat? Once Yamasaki saw that it was a fore gone conclusion Chiesa wasn't getting out of that whether he tapped or not. The difference with Kish is that she kept fighting with her body and hands Chiesa didn't do that.

  5. How I wish Yamasaki just let Chiesa pass out. So everyone will celebrate Kevin's abilities and that he beat Chiesa in his own game. Now we are going to hear Chiesa whine and blame the ref and Kevin brag and that it's not his fault it's the ref's fault.

  6. i hear kenflos point but he is wrong. the ref doesn't need to wait for the tap. tyron Woodley had a valid point. the ref wants to see intelligent defense, and if that doesn't happen, he can stop the fight.

  7. i hear kenflos point but he is wrong. the ref doesn't need to wait for the tap. tyron Woodley had a valid point. the ref wants to see intelligent defense, and if that doesn't happen, he can stop the fight.

  8. Kenny Florian said kevin lee looked way better than michael chiesa in every aspect basically, yeah, no… the one hit on the feet took lee down, chiesa slammed lees head in a headlock, when he went down, and the illegal elbows to chiesa and then the early stoppage, horrible to say it was dominated by lee when it wasn't dude. just my two cents.

  9. These fighters are learning the hard way, you gotta be aggressive in these fights. "Protect yourselves at all times", control the fight, knock out your opponent or stay on the offensive. Chiesa let the ref rob him. He let his hands go. He should have showed the ref he was defending that choke, because the refs main job is to ensure the fighters safety.

  10. Do people know what going limp actually means? People are saying he stoppped defending and let his hands float, if his arms didn't drop and flop, then that's not going limp. Just cause he stopped defending, doesn't mean he went limp. Why is that so hard to understand

  11. I'm not the fan both of em. but let's be cleary you can see that chiesa didn't move his hand again after. It can't be said early stoppage too or ufc fans who love the stoppage later after chiesa get sleep. "protect yourself all time" if you can't protect yourself.. the ref with his decision will.

  12. Questionable stoppage aside, people seem surprised to see that lee could beat chiesa. idk chiesa was ranked highly but he never really beat anyone big to get there. I don't think Chiesa could've ever touched anyone in the top 5.

  13. Man this sucks!!!!! You know, there was little, LITTLE, chance of escaping that.. HOWEVER! the ref Should Not! have stopped it until there was a TAP or Un-responsive fighter. He stopped it early, giving the fighter (Michael Chiesa) little chance, cutting his chance of fighting the choke.. I hate this

  14. They need to fire Tony Cringe-son. If you have to use a WWE move name to explain something in MMA, you aren't qualified to breakdown a fight. Stop using the term "DDT" like anybody here knows what that means. Plus it just takes away from the professional aspect of MMA.

  15. Florian is a bozo, Chiesa was the one who got the better strikes off… And by Tyrone's logic if someone can shoot a double leg on him and take him down, the ref should step in and save him? I thought fights were supposed to go to finish.

  16. 0:48 In the moment it either looked like Chiesa stopped fighting the choke and was going to sleep or he was already gone and he was twitching a little, that's how it looked to me watching it live
    but in the replay, it looks like he was trying to turn with the choke so who knows

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