UFC’s Dan Henderson Is Happy Nate Diaz Finished McGregor, Feels Refs Are Age Biased + Talks Machida


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck caught up with Dan Henderson, 10 days before his rematch with Lyoto Machida. Dan talks about his 2013 UFC 157 split decision loss to Lyoto and how it’s important he controls Lyoto’s movement in this fight. He also talks about this being his last fight on his UFC contract, his desire to continue fighting, his frustration with refs stopping his fights early rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt (which he feels he’s earned), how his training regimen has changed over the years, why he’s happy Nate Diaz beat Conor McGregor, his new Roots Of Fight t-shirt and TUF 23’s Ashley Yoder.

** BREAKING NEWS 4/13/2016: “The UFC organization was made aware today by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the independent administrator of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, that Lyoto Machida declared the usage of a banned substance during an out-of-competition sample collection last week. Machida stated that he was unaware that the substance was prohibited both in and out of competition and, in accordance with the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, his disclosure of usage will be taken into consideration by USADA during any potential results management and adjudication process.
Given this information, UFC officials have elected to remove Machida from his scheduled bout against Dan Henderson this Saturday in Tampa, Fla. Henderson will be re-booked for a new bout in the near future.”

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  1. What a great guy Dan Henderson, happy that he's retireing..much respect for him, but you see that's the difference between Conor and almost everybody else on UFC.. Conor is a great guy, young millonaire and Dan is just a great guy with 45 years old at the moment wondering if that would have been his last fight or not with an apparently uncertain future… I know i might get some shit for saying this but people need to think more like Conor and less like Dan… Much respect to him and his carreer, a total gentleman in all ways..but man wish he had done better on the UFC..

  2. "At 45 I'd be looking at retirement in any job"?? What jobs are these? Thought normal retirement age was 65. And if You're lucky (such as my job at the railroad) it's 62. I want me one of these retired at 45 jobs…

  3. That's why he struggles to pay his bills even to this day. They put nothing into the the build up of the fight hugging each other exchanging phone numbers with your opponent. That's not what the fan want. All those years in the sport and he's still as thick as the first day he stepped in the octagon.

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