Dominick Cruz Took Care of Urijah’s “Grandson” TJ; Now He’s Blessing Faber With Another Title Shot


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck caught up with UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz to get his thoughts on his UFC 199 title defense against Urijah Faber. Dominick talks about their first two fights, what will be different this time around, taking care of Urijah’s “grandson” TJ Dillashaw for him, blessing Faber with another title shot, why he thinks TJ Dillashaw and Duane Ludwig are horrible for each other, as well as how he gained a new perspective on various fighting styles being an analyst for FOX Sports.

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85 Comments on "Dominick Cruz Took Care of Urijah’s “Grandson” TJ; Now He’s Blessing Faber With Another Title Shot"

  1. i like Dom, im a fan since WEC, but cmon shut up! how he dares to downpplay Faber loses? saying he did not fought the best?

    WHen Cruz jump UP and dare to fight Jose ALdo, Frankie Edgar, Renan Barao

    Cruz hardest fights were Benavidez, DJ and TJ… Benavidez and DJ are flyweights… ALdo FW champion, Edgar lightweight champion

  2. I'll take issue with his philosophical point about happiness (since everyone else appears to agree with him). Happiness does not simply exist in a vacuum. You cannot merely decide to be happy without some form of external input. You can certainly alleviate stress and "let go" of anger through practices like meditation. But happiness – in its totality – requires the constituents of happiness. Now, those constituents will change, and they will be different for different people, but all individuals need some thing or things to build happiness. After all, happiness is not just a word, and it isn't even just a state of mind. A state of mind is built upon the edifice of various inputs into the mind. For lasting happiness, people need things like a belt, or a kid, or a relationship (with person or animal), or career. And they need abstract principles like goals and love. All abstract concepts like love and happiness and success are built from other things, and they do not exist in a void. Otherwise, they become mere words absent any content.

    You're welcome.

  3. This is how an interview should be done.
    Cruz you're an exceptional fighter, my favorite fighter.
    Not biased, but if you watch every fight of his, he stands out with his style and footwork. He's just so hard to copy or duplicate. TJ tried, had his ego stroked, and failed when the test came. If you look @ the stats of the fight, you'll notice TJ didn't touch him a lot, despite throwing more combos and punches.

    And now he's bitter, while his grandpa gets the title shot. Hahaha. Faber, you're a tool (if anyone has seen his past interviews).

  4. Yea, whatever. Cruz is a boring, cowardly fighter who just backpedals and runs the whole fight and tries to land the occasional counterpunch or a takedown. You can't argue with the success he's had, but it's a pretty cheesy way to succeed. Fighters like Cruz would have tough time fighting in a boxing ring, where they could be more easily cornered.

  5. Gotta love the guy, and I know what he´s talking about at 11:50 ; fighting doesn´t make you a man, shit like that makes you a man. When you´re on your own and there´s nobody there for you, you can either break or build yourself back up from scratch. And that´s what Dom did. Respect him even more as a man than as a fighter. Cruz is the smartest guy in UFC and close to the best pfp fighter.

    • +jermf35 i like Dom, im a fan since WEC, but cmon shut up! how he dares to down pplay Faber loses? saying he did not fought the best? how is that true?

      WHen Cruz jump UP and dare to fight Jose ALdo, Frankie Edgar, Renan Barao then he can open his mouth

      Cruz hardest fights were Benavidez, DJ and TJ… Benavidez and DJ are flyweights… ALdo FW champion, Edgar lightweight champion

  6. I love the Domin8r and couldn't be happier for him. And it made my day when he schooled that twat-bag snake Dillashaw. TJ is an idiot who listened&bought into the "you're the greatest of all time" crap Bang the PB&J salesman was pumping into that empty cranium of his. Can't wait to see you beat Faber, Champ!

  7. i wil never forget the first time i watched him fight. it was the faber fight 2011. I became an instant fan. Best example talk the talk and walk the walk. Truest champ in the UFC, never will there be another. Humble and dedicated.

    • I did not say that I changed my view. I did not have a view. I said that I made decision about my spiritual beliefs late in adulthood. My mind was always open to anything b/c the fact that humans/animals/species exist at all and how intricately we are made has always blown my mind. I've had my own personal experiences that has led me to my beliefs that I don't feel the need to share. I understand why some people don't believe in God. If you have not had any personal experiences or if you totally shut down the possibility, why would you believe? I don't try to convince people to believe what I believe and I don't put down those who don't believe. I like open discussions without putting people down. If the guy started off bad mouthing you, that was wrong as well.

    • +Denise Noles yeah see i can have reasonable conversations with you about this not him. my point in my initial comment granted i put it slightly offensively which if you are offended i apologise,was if you knew dom cruz he always talks about facts and evidence so i was shocked he believed god. out of curiosity could you share maybe some of them personal experiences, i can imagine something near death or w/e could make someone believe. Also is it just the fact yo believe in something like god? because what i find it hard to understand is the bible the stories behind it and the contradictory of it all, for example not one person could explain why all this bad shit happens, when a god or w/e helps other people apparently

    • +tom moir I had a near death experience but my belief did not come into play with that. I doubt if anything I share could make someone believe. Bad things have happened over the course of my life and I have felt a calming presence (not literally felt but I cannot describe it) that I just knew it was of a higher realm. No delusions or hallucinations. You make strong points so that is why I say that I understand why some people don't believe b/c I struggle to understand why so many bad things happen. That said, whether I understand it or not, I believe he exists.

    • +Denise Noles You got fucking wrecked by Matt you salty little cunt. You couldn't come up with any rebuttals to any of his points. People can believe whatever they want who really gives a fuck? Only salty little shitbags like you go out of their way to attack people for what they believe in.

  8. If Conor and him were in the same weight class I think it would've been awesome from a promotional standpoint.

    Two intellects, Conor's never had to trash talk someone even sharper than him and back up his talk. Also Dominick has that style and isn't afraid to actually have high punch output.

    That would've been amazing

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