UFC’s Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Expected Title Shot After Hendricks KO, But Is Ready For Rory


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant sat down with UFC Welterweight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and heard what he had to say about his upcoming main event fight with Rory MacDonald, set for June 18th in Ottawa, Canada. Stephen talks about the stylistic match-up, shares his opinion on Rory’s legendary fight with the Champ Robbie Lawler and lets us know why he thinks he should have gotten the next title shot instead of Tyron Woodley. Stephen also talks about working as an FS1 analyst for the first time and training with former middleweight champ Chris Weidman.

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109 Comments on "UFC’s Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Expected Title Shot After Hendricks KO, But Is Ready For Rory"

  1. It is absolute bullshit he didn't get the title shot. He beat Hendricks, hendricks was 2nd!

    The reason he didnt get the title shot is because the UFC think they will make more money IF rory beats him, they can then put Rory VS Lawler 2 which would be a big pay day, more so than if wonder boy was to fight for the belt. The UFC ain't dumb but they are greedy.
    The only problem for wonder boy is, if he doesnt win over rory, he may never get the chance to win the title, so in some ways wondeboys career could be over just for the UFC to make a little extra money and we could miss the true champion taking the belt, which would be a massive shame.
    He has to win this!

  2. Hendricks is a shell of his former JUICED self. Cheaters are mental midgets,so they not only suffer the physical loss when off the juice,but more importantly the mental loss.Vitor Belfort is a similar example of what happens when a metal midget loses the feeling of invincibility that PED's offer. There is no doubt that Wonderboy is a great fighter,but using Hendricks as a gauge as to how he will do against Rory is a bad idea. I can see that the odds makers have already made that mistake by placing Thompson as the favorite.

  3. Talk about class. I'm going to go out and make a daughter and then chain him down, if possible, until she's 18, then hold a shotgun wedding in the hills of Tennessee just to have this class man in the family. Did I go too far? hahaha

  4. Awesome interview as always Karen. In my opinion, it feels like there were many factors to why UFC FN 89 is Rory vs Stephen. Certain people need to see if Stephen could go 25 minutes with Robbie. Robbie has gone 5 FULL rounds in 3 of his last 4 fights. Also, Danas wish was that Conor McGregor would run away from 145 and meet Robbie at UFC 200. Nate messed that up. GSP allegedly was coming back. Nope. Twood was picked. Also, Stephens only hiccup was too Matt Brown. Sometimes getting title shots if u think u did enough is a hard thing especially in the UFC and Stephen is learning that.

  5. Karyn are such a wonderful MMA interviewer! "Wonderboy" seems like a very nice guy and you are in a class by yourself. I am always grateful when you are on Fox before and after the fights. You have the rare gift to make everybody better on the show.

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