Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Reacts To Win Over Rory MacDonald


After defeating Rory MacDonald in a five-round chess match, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson talks with Karyn Bryant, Brian Stann and Rashad Evans and lets the fans know why he wants a title shot against Robbie Lawler.

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200 Comments on "Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Reacts To Win Over Rory MacDonald"

  1. I want this job allot, talking about fighting all day with highly technical analyst? sign me up. I've been doing karate muay Thai and mma for 4 years now and I'm about to major in media broadcasting

  2. Anyone who tries to strike with this guy will be wasting their time. This man has striking credentials for days while most guys in mma have grappling credentials and add striking as a secondary thing. The way to beat this dude is take him down and g&p or go for subs, easier said than done though obv. Lawler will get picked apart

  3. Stephen thompson you basically ran for 25 minutes throwing kicks here and there you are the mayweather of mma in short your fight was a snooze fest cerrones fight on this night was the best bout

  4. Calling it now lawler is going to knock him out and will be known as one of the greatest welterweights ever, he's put on some of the best fights of all time, he's the next hendo still fighting at 40 years old..can't say that about half these UFC fighters,definitely can't say that about mcgregor, next 10fights
    Connor is getting his ass beat at least half of those fights 

  5. Jesus, I really thought Rory would beat him. Granted I know Stephen is an unbelievable fighter, but I thought Rory was too experienced in MMA. This guy never ceases to amaze me. First Hendricks, now this. He's the next champ, I think.

  6. Flaws that I saw in wonder boy. Keeps a leg extremely forward and leaves open space at the torso, but he likes to keep moving. Use kicks and kick him up the center. Forward kicks, Crane kicks, side kicks. Hit him in a clinch Cormier style to stop his movement. Rory takes the W in the rematch.

  7. Thompson just won his toughest fight at 170.  I don't think Robbie can go the distance with Wonderboy.  With no threat of a takedown, Thompson is going to put on a striking clinic and Lawler is going to be the punching bag.

  8. McGregor is screwed. He's got a lions den waiting for him in feather weight as lots of guys are pissed that he is not defending the title he took from Aldo. Then there's this guy who looks like he could wipe the floor with Conors face and Diaz needs to beat his ass for a second time.

  9. oh my goodness Wonder boy vs Ruthless, man oh man thats a fight, Thompson said he like guys standing in front of him, well Robbie is a master at imposing his will, Wonder boy is one of my new favorite fighters but for 15 years I have stuck by Robbie and I see Robbie Knocking wonder boy out cold, Yes wonder boy is a better striker but guess who has a prove chin!!

  10. NO FUCK I DIDNT WATCH THE FIGHT YET I DIDNT KNOW WHO WON THANKS A LOT FOX, why title the video like that, why not just Stephen does an interview with fox, no you ruined it you fucking bastards.

    • +driztel93 You must have a hot pocket in your pants causing you to make stupid comments that aren't relative to the conversation. The next time the short bus comes to pick you up, tell the driver that to drive to the library so you can see what a book looks like.

    • +driztel93 So in other words you are too stupid to come back with a reply. What has been back and forth about this. I say something, you cry and whine about how Wonderboy isn't as cute a boy as you want him to be, I make fun of you, then you cry about lip biting making you lose your erection and is so uncool, then I write this post making fun of you again.

    • +Michael Price I hope you realize these comments don't affect my day or mood in anyway shape or form lol. please find a life my friend… I feel so bad for you. need a friend? I'm here man i know it gets lonely in your mom's basement. what's up bro? how you doing?

  11. Whoever Thompson faces between Lawler, or Tyron it will be uber difficult for them if they are not able to control him grappling wise, or obviously daze him multiple times throughout the fight more helpful would be consecutively in a very short back to back time frame in order to possibly effect a knockout, and or TKO. This fight needs to happen by October.

  12. Hes the next champ dudes unstoppable right now. Robbie is a beast no doubt but his fights are always close and I think he lost to Condit. I think Stephen beats both Robbie and Condit, hes just on another level right now

  13. Agree with many prior comments, the UFC Welterweight Division is probably the most competitive division with a lot of great fighters. Kudos to Stephen Thompson for a masterful
    technical performance against Rory Macdonald. Rory is no joke so this was a huge win. No doubt that Thompson has emerged as the #1 Contender in his division.

  14. You can not out strike a Striker like Wonderboy!! Wonder boy is simply the best at his craft in this division for sure!!! The only way you can beat Wonderboy is by taking him down and turning it into a grappling match, ground and pound/submission!!!

    Otherwise you are in for a long, long painful fight because he can out kick you and out punch you, period!!!

    I think his Kickboxing record is something like 57 -0…. not 100% Sure on that but he is a BAddass in the striking game for sure!!!


    • I said exactly this a little while ago and people laughed at me. Rory had a chance, but not on his feet. Once Rory realized he couldn't get Wonderboy down and keep him down, it was all but over. If there had been a 6th round, Wonderboy would have knocked him out. Look at Rory's face and look at Wonderboy's at the end of the fight. Wonderboy rolled with every punch and barely got hit. Pretty amazing.

    • the real way to defeat wonderboy is to stop shelling up and learn how to deflect and catch and redirect kicks and attacks. anytime you see someone with their hands in defensive position (rory was there a lot) you are wrecked. cause you can only cover at most 3 of the 5 main "gates" to the body and head, and now you have your arms up in front of your head, obscuring vision. and you can't really counter well from that position. this is not MMA knowledge, so if it doesn't make sense, take a minute and think about it. if you can't shut down a side kick from a distance, something I rarely see MMA fighters doing, or you can't unbalance him with a deflection, it's gonna be tough to beat th. if you can get him to hesitate even a bit on kicks, you can shut down the essence of his offense. I agree that if you could get him down and keep him there you could do damage, but i see the "can't take me down" anti wrestling style as something th. has got down really well, if hendricks could not do it, I don't see anyone else. thanks, wonderboy, for elevating the MMA game! bummed for rory, though…

  15. Shame on the Fox team for not backing Ariel. Guess you all are just happy it wasn't you, right? It will happen, eventually, and on that day I hope you remember your apathy to Ariel

  16. Can't wait for Lawler to KO this clown. He's a tactical fighter, and good at that. But as you can see in this fight, whenever he gets hit in the face he becomes so un orthodox and doesn't know what to do. And against Lawler that's gonna be a problem.

  17. Rory was beating Robbie on the score cards until his nose fell off. Robbie got lucky. Rory got dominated round-wise by Wonderman. I know MMA math doesn't always work, but things are not looking good for Robbie who has Condit's belt.

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