UFC 200: Gegard Mousasi Wanted Silva Or Belfort… But Got Thiago Santos Instead


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with #8 UFC Middleweight Gegard Mousasi and heard what he had to say about his upcoming UFC 200 fight with Thiago Santos, who is stepping in for original opponent, Derek Brunson. Gegard shares his disappointment with fighting a lower-ranked guy, explains his thought process in his last few wins and breaks down his chances of facing a top-ranked fighter like Rockhold, Weidman, Jacare or Romero next. In addition, Gegard lets us know how he thinks Mark Hunt will do against Brock Lesnar, and how the rematch between DC and Jon Jones will go.

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36 Comments on "UFC 200: Gegard Mousasi Wanted Silva Or Belfort… But Got Thiago Santos Instead"

  1. Thats a broken argument. mousasi should always be technical, this is supposed to be a sport, meaning fighters use their abilities and are not there for entertainment. The entertainment itself should be the abilities and their execution that every fighter brings in. Runners dont run fancy, they do the best of their abilities to win.Besides, this war on Mousasi for being "boring" is totally unfair. There are many fighters who do fight safely but none dares to claim that they are boring. Someone, somewhere for his own vested interests claims: – Mousasi is boring – and then dumb ppl copy/paste that. Ppl are just being dumb, prejudiced towards specific fighters and ppl lack the ability to think for themselves and judge fairly.

  2. I haven't seen him before UFC. But in UFC he's just a point picker. Stop to be offensive and never go for a finish if he think he's ahead on points. I can't understand why they choosed him for 200. They should have choosed a more entertaining fighter. He is a very skilled fighter and a totally ok guy as far as can see, but he has a boring attitude in the octagon. Since he has been chosed for this I hope he gets constantly pushed this time so he have to fight.

    • Ah, fair enough. Makes sense.
      Sadly, the superficial first-impression marketing/business world will often not take the time to consider these background infos. I mean, maybe Gegard doesn't care, in which case good for him, but the fact that he often comes across as a bit reserved in pressers&interviews doesn't necessarily help his chances of creating a public profile that will help him get the big fights he apparently wants. So, if anything, I didn't mean to comment on his character, but maybe strategic considerations of his self-presentation in the media. But each to their own.

  3. This is just one example as to why Joe Silva is an awful matchmaker. The dream match at middleweight the hardcore fans have wanted since 2008 is Anderson Silva vs. Mousasi. We've wanted to see Vitor vs. Mousasi since Affliction 1 (2008) as well. We've wanted to see Mousasi in the BIG fights at middleweight forever. Yet we get matchups against Thales Leites, Costas Philippou, Uriah Hall, etc. And here he is, scheduled to fight Thiago Santos now.


    • Joe Silva can't make Vitor or Anderson take the fight with Mousasi. I picture they offered the fight to both Vitor and Anderson and they thought it wasn't worth their time to fight Mousasi on Fight Pass. If it was Mousasi on a PPV or Big Fox they would have taken the fight no problem.

    • +Camateur Oh ok. I get you now. I do feel for Gegard the guy can't catch a break with getting the big match-up. If he would have beaten Brunson I think he would have gotten that big fight with Vitor. I think after his UFC 200 fight I'm betting Gegard will draw Tim Kennedy.

    • I fully agree. This is terrible for him and the true fans. The Uriah fight löss was pure luck and propelled him back out off the title race. We know he can be champ and we might never see this happen. This sucks.

    • I completely agree. I am not sure if we should blame Joe Silva for it or injuries or whatever, but the fact of a matter is that Gegard has deserved to fight Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort long ago, and maybe the part of the reason why he had couple of poor performances lately is because he got sick of it, got disappointed and depressed about it.

      If after this fight Gegard doesn't get a big named opponent I will protest UFC with all my power!

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