TUF 24: Henry Cejudo Says, “Realistically, I Didn’t Fight DJ.” Talks Rival Coach Joseph Benavidez


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant caught up with UFC Flyweight Henry Cejudo and heard what he had to say about coaching on the new season of The Ultimate Fighter: Tournament Of Champions. Henry talks about coaching champions from around the world as they fight for a chance to face Flyweight Champ Demetrious Johnson, shares his thoughts on rival coach Joseph Benavidez and lets us know how he feels about what happened in his own title fight, which took place at UFC 197. Cejudo will square off with Benavidez in the Octagon on December 3, 2016.

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46 Comments on "TUF 24: Henry Cejudo Says, “Realistically, I Didn’t Fight DJ.” Talks Rival Coach Joseph Benavidez"

  1. Henry "The Most Chill Person You'll Ever Meet" CejudoHe's fearless, he's an Olympian, He speaks at schools, He's a role model, He's a good time, He's a grown ass man, and he's the most chill person you'll ever meet….Oh, and he's an Olympian

  2. Cant stand this guy. Didn't he get mopped up by DJ? Dude looked like he didn't know where he was at. Probably why he thinks he didn't fight him. Doesn't remember getting his narcissistic ass pounded out.

  3. he got thrown to the wolves too early to pad MMs record (they can now say he destroyed an olympic wrestler). it was a serious mismatch. cejudo is still green and he's very mediocre, he's barely scraped by and didn't deserve a title shot. that being said he seems like a nice enough guy. hope for his sake he improves A LOT.

  4. I forgot how much everyone hates on the comments….The guy is confident in himself I personally think thats dope, stop criticizing people for EVERYTHING. Yeah he didnt suck DJ's balls and all of you are like "hes cocky" or hes "big headed" JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE shut the fuck up for once lol are you perfect?!? imagine if you had a group of nobodies constantly commenting on every little thing you do. No true winners in life talk a bunch of shit a lot successful people on youtube comments, and no successfull people talk a bunch of shit about people on youtube comments. If you are one of these people, you are a BUM. Oh and if you ever saw ANYBODY that you hate on in youtube comments in person you would be silent. None of you will be worth anything in life as long as you have that mentality and thats a fact.

  5. Cejudo speaks several languages is something the division could of used. We know Werdum did as well, but in cage ability was not consistent, or as impressive as it could have been. It is a bit unfair, but understandable that many did not like when he pulled out of the fight immediately after saying he would face Cain, however when Cain pulled out and Stipe said let's go all of a sudden an injury was far too much to overcome for Werdum.

  6. this guy is making himself look like an asshole by suggesting what DJ should do or what he would've done if he beat dj smh. cejudo has no chance at a title in flyweight or bantamweight lol. joe b will wreck him. brown on brown beat down.

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