Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Talks UFC 205 Fight Contract, Woodley’s Accusations Of Disrespect


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with UFC Welterweight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (while he was being driven around by former champ/training partner Chris Weidman) and heard what he had to say about fighting Champ Tyron Woodley for the title at UFC 205. Stephen lets us know when he actually signed the contract to fight, how he feels about Woodley’s accusations that he is being disrespectful and his comfort level with pre-fight smack talk. He also fills us in on his training with Weidman, the beef Tyron has with his dad Ray Thompson and why he feels Tyron will have a hard time finding someone to imitate his style in camp.

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46 Comments on "Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Talks UFC 205 Fight Contract, Woodley’s Accusations Of Disrespect"

  1. Great example of a real man. If Conor McGregor handled himself with the maturity and dignity of Stephen Thompson, I would be a massive fan of his. Unfortunately every time I see him, he is acting like a teenager and I just cannot respect him when I see him constantly talking shit and insulting people in a childish manner. I know that it brings in a lot of fans and more money to the UFC but at what cost? It makes the UFC seem more WWE-esque and I don't think it brings in the type of fans that are good for the sport. Every video of Conor seems to be overrun by kids who are new to the sport and who do nothing but fight with and insult anyone who is not a fan of CM. I miss being able to have respectable conversations with other adult MMA fans on YT videos. I hope Thompson will help bring back some respectability to the sport if he becomes champion and if Conor were to ever start handling himself more like an adult, I will gladly support him also because I do respect his fighting ability.

  2. Tyrun is so ridiculous- now he's blaming Wonder Boy because the fans called him out for dodging like a little scared bitch? This guy is something else- by far the worst, most hated UFC champion I have ever seen. And this isn't the Chael Sonnen kind of hate either- where ppl hate a guy but love hating him so they want him to stay around, this is ppl truly not wanting to see a guy in the UFC at all. To me Woodley is everything bad about the sport and I really hope soon he's gone for good.

    • +Karyn Bryant I don't like the fact that Tyron as well as several other ppl chalked this up to "Well, he has to get his while he can…" as if that's an excuse for hypocrisy and shitting on a fellow fighter (Wonder Boy). Since when did selfish greed excuse that kind of behavior? Is that the world we live in now- it's o.k. as long as it's done in service of advancing yourself? And to cry racism on top of all that- I happened to have been married to a black woman for ten years, that's not an accusation you throw around lightly, it's not a tactic to be used- which is how I felt he treated it. It's preposterous to accuse fans of being racist just because we want to see the ranking system honored, the UFC respected as a legitimate sport, and to see Wonder boy get the shot he earned. This is getting too long so I'll end it there- but yeah, that's why I don't like the guy.

  3. All the title holders are being little bitches lately and its spoiling it,

    Dillashaw Vs Cruz
    Alverez Vs Khabib
    Woodley Vs Thompson
    Bisping Vs Jacare
    Cormier Vs Jones
    Mac Vs Aldo

    These should be the fights for the people who have earned it

  4. Damian Maia vs. either would be cool, but more so Thompson as he hasn't weaseled his way so far at least with refusing to fight even though he claimed he was the best. Fight and eliminate those people, or stay on the sidelines when you ought to have been enjoying your youth and what it allows in cage abilities. I don't know maybe I am way off. Who knows? probably Tyron. ;)

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