UFC 206: Kelvin Gastelum Calls Out Vitor Belfort After TKO Win Over Tim Kennedy


12/14/2016 Update: He got his wish! Gastelum vs Belfort will headline UFC Fight Night in Fortaleza, Brazil, on March 11. ##

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck attended the UFC 206 post-fight press conference inside the Air Canada Centre, where Kelvin Gastelum said he’d stay at 185lbs if he could fight Vitor Belfort. Although Gastelum defeated middleweight Tim Kennedy via TKO, he said if the UFC isn’t going to offer him big fights at middleweight, he still prefers to fight at welterweight.

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37 Comments on "UFC 206: Kelvin Gastelum Calls Out Vitor Belfort After TKO Win Over Tim Kennedy"

  1. Is Vitor dropping to 170lbs? Vitor has been finished in every fight the past couple of years. Why do we see him on main event cards? I'd be disappointed in seeing him in the first match in the prelims to be honest as there are fighter's all over the place that can step in and have a much better showing even on their worst day. Vitor has come to the point where people should be protesting his participation on cards that are on Fight Pass much more so a PPV etc

  2. Kelvin has showed so much talent since his very first fight in the UFC that he could of made a good deal of money even with the crap pay fighters receive. Also a title shot could of been had already with him winning it and need I say more. How on Earth does one not take a career in fighting not seriously especially one that is by far the most all encompassing in any sport really.

  3. I thought Kelvin was a lot more humble and way more sensible than what he showed here. Maybe you should change your diet and lifestyle?It took you missing weight how many times to finally figure this out?

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