UFC 209: Tony Ferguson Trains “Like A Ninja.” Says Khabib Is Boring + Talks Conor Fight

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In this MMA H.E.A.T. exclusive, UFC Lightweight Tony Ferguson and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban train with Arnold Chon at Unbreakable Performance Center in Hollywood, CA. Karyn Bryant also talks with Tony Ferguson and hears his thoughts on his upcoming interim title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, scheduled for UFC 209 on March 4, 2017. He also explains why he likes unconditional training methods and how he feels about a possible fight with Conor McGregor in the future.

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179 Comments on "UFC 209: Tony Ferguson Trains “Like A Ninja.” Says Khabib Is Boring + Talks Conor Fight"

  1. ido portals movement training is what tonys doing. theres limitations to movement. theres certain places your body cant move. try getting your elbow to touch your ear. you cant. same way when khabib is gonna is twisting your arm to a place is should not go, youre fucked tony. being unpredictable is dangerous for tony himself not for khabib

  2. Tony solid and legit but he's cheesy as fuck, scripted and really hard to listen to. I was hoping to hear how he'll beat Khabib, and to be honest if he can mix it up well and keep it standing for long periods he has a damn good shot

  3. Khabib & Tony are both great fighters. If tony is able to keep the fight standing he probably will win. If it goes to the ground i believe Khabib will be the one in control.

    Who ever wins is the champ of the division, these are the 2 best fighters in the division. After Conor gers stripped again the belt will be given to the winner of this fight.

  4. Lmao have to admit that I'm really starting to like tony,i just thought he was another cocky mouth, but I do like him he's a great fighter, have a good feeling that he's gona hand kebab face his first loss. .funny tho for a Mexican he has a really irish name Anthony Ferguson! ! lmao not that he'd say it

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