UFC’s Kelvin Gastelum Says He Was Never A Belfort Fan; Talks Weight Cut, Title Runs At 170 + 185lbs


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with UFC Middleweight Kelvin Gastelum and heard what he had to say about his upcoming fight with Vitor Belfort, scheduled for the main event at UFC Forteleza on March 11, 2017. Kelvin talks about calling out the legendary fighter, retiring Tim Kennedy and getting his weigh-cutting routine in check. He also talks about training at Kings MMA, his teammate Beneil Dariush’s fight with Edson Barboza on the same night, his thoughts on Woodley vs Wonderboy and more!

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24 Comments on "UFC’s Kelvin Gastelum Says He Was Never A Belfort Fan; Talks Weight Cut, Title Runs At 170 + 185lbs"

  1. If you're not a Belfort fan you just don't love MMA. I can understand the new fans who never saw the old Vitor fight that they're not fans. But IMO you're not an MMA fan if you don't appreciate the old Vitor fights.

  2. Buddy, stay at middleweight. You still have to cut to get there, so why would you cut even more just to have less energy. I don't know if we can dismiss the fact that you haven't even made the weight in forever which has cost you in several ways. O.O

    • If he stays at middleweight, he'll have a size disadvantage. He's a smaller middleweight. He can absolutely make 170. The reason why he missed weight a few times, and he totally owned up to it, is because he wasn't professional enough, got too heavy off-camp and then had problems cutting that much weight. If he keeps his weight under control, he could totally go back to 170.

  3. If you want to give credit to Belfort for the old times you have to give even more credit to Carlson Gracie . Carlson Gracie was the reason why Belfort was exposing how bad and ignorant some fighters were in those times.

    • I would say look at Robert Whittaker's run at Middleweight. He is a little undersized as well but wins fights. I'd pay to see Kelvin vs. Yoel. That would be interesting. I think Kelvin could touch up Yoel on the feet but should Yoel grapple with Kelvin it would be scary.

    • Never Enough I know it's boxing, but Tyson is 5"10 and he was the heavyweight champ, fighting against giants and knocking them out with speed and power. I feel like Gastelum has a chance at middleweight. Just look at how he tore through Kennedy and that man is a tough sob and a killer, literally.

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