#AndStill: Tyron Woodley Discusses Win Over “Wonderboy” At UFC 209


UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley speaks to Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and Brian Stann on the FS1 Post-Fight Show about his UFC 209 rematch against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

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137 Comments on "#AndStill: Tyron Woodley Discusses Win Over “Wonderboy” At UFC 209"

  1. I honestly thought it was gonna be a draw again haha. They both fought so passive cause there was so much respect from the last fight when they both found out they could take each other's heads off haha.

  2. Listen, I know you guy may disagree with the card and I know a lot of you hate Tyrone, but there is no reason to be racist. I'm indifferent about the two fighters so who wins doesn't matter to me. But being racist and using racial slurs doesn't affect Tyrone because he doesn't read these comments. It affects the black fans who have nothing to do with anything Tyrone says or does. It shows that there still is hate out there and that no matter what we do, someone will always treat us differently. So if you want people to stop being so sensitive to racial issues then just stop being racist. – A message from your friendly neighborhood black guy.

  3. People already hate Woodley so this fuels the fire. To be the man you got to beat the man simple . Woodley won the first and people said it was a draw. This fight was a lot closer less margin for error than the first and now people are saying he lost. Unless he knocked him out people were going to say Wonderboy . Woodley should be able to beat most regular fighters handily but Thompson style is so different a decision win looks different

  4. "I wanted to do something. But I could tell he wanted to do something. He was waiting for me to do something. So I couldn't do something. I'd try to fake like I was doing something to get him to do something so I could do something, but he wouldn't do something." -Tyron + Stephen

  5. Most of the time I like technical fights but I don't think this was one of them. It just looked 2 fighters who were scared and hesitate to attack. Wonderboy landed a few flashy kicks and controlled the center most of the fight. Tyron got the takedown landed some punches and at the last minute finally hurt Wonderboy bad. It was already disappointing without the Khabib vs Ferguson fight and even more cause of this.

  6. Comments show the difficulty of being outspoken as a minority elite. The minute you speak up for yourself you get pegged as a racebaiter and every victory is affirmative action.

  7. I thought Thompson won 3 round but not so decisively. If they were gonna give Thompson the strap then he had to win decisively

  8. Wonderboy didn’t look like he put on any weight , like they said. I think he'd have more power at Middleweight.. He's definitely missing something.

  9. I think the judges didn't want to come off as racist so they give it to Woodley..Woodley is smart in what he's done he knows there is a part in alot of white Americans that's worst fear is being called racist so it helps him to keep dangling that in the whites faces

    • +DanBones because the amount of race baiting Tyron does could sway what people do and say…I just watched a video where Dana said he thought wonderboy won and he looked terrified when he said it

  10. Tyron, that was a performance one would expect from an Amateur in his first fight if he had only trained two weeks prior, and was stiff as heck on top of not having it mentally whatsoever. If you can view this fight from the comfort of your home, and feel this was not the worst PPV title fight in the history of the UFC then you've just admitted you're mentally unstable.

  11. woodley afraid of counters ? what if he fought conor, i bet he wouldn't dare throw a punch then . stephen has no counters, u both were hesitant for no reason

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