UFC 210’s Gegard Mousasi Thinks Weidman Underestimates Him, Bisping Is Easiest Fight In MW Top 5


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with #5 UFC Middleweight Gegard Mousasi and heard what he had to say about his upcoming fight with former champ Chris Weidman, set for the co-main event at UFC 210 on Aril 8, 2016. Gegard talks about the important match-up, why he thinks Chris is underestimating him and how close he thinks he’d be to getting a title shot if he’s victorious. Gegard also talks about Anderson Silva’s upcoming fight with Kelvin Gastelum, the state of the Middleweight division and how USADA is helping him climb in the rankings.

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204 Comments on "UFC 210’s Gegard Mousasi Thinks Weidman Underestimates Him, Bisping Is Easiest Fight In MW Top 5"

  1. I hope mousasi comes in as the underdog money all day. It's never smart to put money on a guy on a 2 fight losing streak and Weizmann looked terrible in his last 2 fights. Also Karyn why you always looking fine as hell.

  2. Let me predict the future for a sec…………. Bisping beats GSP ….. calls out Vitor Belfort for their Final fight… Bisping gets knocked down like three times in the fight then miraculously wins by unanimous decision, then he retires claiming to be the greatest ufc fighter of all time. Ufc then folds and Bellator turns into a legit and credible fight promotion. Dana White will forever be Conor's little cum rag the End

  3. This fight is one of the most important fights of both fighter's careers. Weidman is down 2 and a 3rd loss would be devastating while Mousasi this is the fight that will give him the exposure he needs with mainstream fans to earn a title shot (even though he will need 1 or two more fight wins to get it)

  4. mousasi will dominate on the feet weidman not good at striking and very slow . only chance for him is to takedown mousasi and do work on top but thats gonna be hard against mousasi with his takedown defense and great jiu jitsu aswell .

  5. thank you @karynbryant for always providing great interviews with gegard mousasi. he seems very comfortable around you and its awesome because he wasnt the best at interviews but thanks to @arielhawani and mainly you he has opened up big time…thank you very much

  6. The stacked UFC MW division is backing up…

    Time for an eight man Royal Rumble – Romero, Jacare, Rockhold, Wiedman, Mousasi, Gastelum, Whittaker, Silva!

    Winner fights Bisping riding a chariot being pulled by GSP and Hendo!

    #WME–IMG Sports Entertainment

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