Kelvin Gastelum’s Coach Rafael Cordeiro + Fabricio Werdum React To USADA Marijuana Violation


MMA H.E.A.T.’ was at Kings MMA West Hollywood when news broke that UFC Middleweight Kelvin Gastelum had been flagged by USADA for a potential violation concerning marijuana metabolites. Karyn Bryant spoke with Kelvin’s coach Rafael Cordeiro and training partner/former UFC Heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum about the situation.

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41 Comments on "Kelvin Gastelum’s Coach Rafael Cordeiro + Fabricio Werdum React To USADA Marijuana Violation"

  1. I think this whole thing with Kelvin testing positive for a marijuana metabolite according to USADA is absolute nonsense and shouldn't be penalized to 1/10 of a degree that Kelvin IS getting penalized. Listen, I'm not a weed advocate. I smoked the stuff day in, day out when I was 19-21. I quit out of the blue at 21, because I stopped enjoying it's "euphoric" inducing states. Simple as that. But it's not a drug that should be treated like "cocaine, or heroin", which, as far as I know, aren't sold legally in the U.S. We can probably all agree that weed is much, much safer than prescribed substances such as all opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol (which is perfectly legal), etc. I know MMA athletes imbibe (look at Bisping, current Champ), and I'm assuming SOME athletes get prescribed painkillers or nerve pills for their rather unorthodox career, where they are prone to injuries and an immense level of pressure. And I'd be very, very curious to hear where prescribed substances, like opiates and benzodiazepines, rank on USADA's "ban list". My guess: these substances (which are objectively, substantially worse for the body and mind than THC), are perfectly legal according to USADA. That's my assumption, and if that's the case THC cannot be a banned substance on USADA's list. Absolutely not. Poor Gastelum. He was my favourite fighter currently fighting in the UFC (although they took him out of the official UFC rankings list, so I guess he's NOT on the current roster). A true natural talent, and without a doubt a potential title contender. He's a killer, especially in his fights dispatching Kennedy and Belfort, who both outweighed Kelvin by at least 25 pounds come fight day. He's an ace, a straight up killer. It's so sad.

  2. Bruh. Karyn's profile is a work of art. Look the circumference of her forehead, the angles in her nose, the peaks of her cheekbones. I can see Karyn's beautiful shapes, and ya boy failed high school geometry five times.

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