Patrick Cote Says Goodbye To The UFC, Shares Highlights Of His Career


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via skype with now-retired UFC Welterweight Patrick Cote and heard what he had to say about retiring after UFC 210. Patrick explains why he was happy to have Thiago Alves as his final opponent, whether or not he has any regrets after 15 years in MMA and what he considers to be the highlight of his time in the UFC. “The Predator” also lets his fans know what next for him.

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11 Comments on "Patrick Cote Says Goodbye To The UFC, Shares Highlights Of His Career"

  1. I'm a long time UFC fan, from all the way back to UFC 1, I've seen them all, very closely. For some reason, I will miss Cote as much as any other fighter to retire; a true CLASS ACT, great sportsman and competitor. I hope he continues to affect people positively in the next stage of his life. Good luck to you my friend!

  2. what a legend Cote is. As a Canadian I can say we were proud to have such an incredible fighter like Cote represent our country on the biggest stage! Enjoy retirement, you have more then earned it!

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