Robert Whittaker: I Can Beat Yoel Romero At UFC 213, But Can’t Fill Mark Hunt’s Shoes


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at the UFC 213 media day in Los Angeles where she caught up with UFC Middleweight Robert Whittaker in advance of his Interim Title fight with Yoel Romero. Robert talks about maturing as a fighter, how he prepared for Yoel’s Olympic-level wrestling and whether or not he believes he can carry the flame for Australian and New Zealand-based fighters once the legend Mark Hunt retires.

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131 Comments on "Robert Whittaker: I Can Beat Yoel Romero At UFC 213, But Can’t Fill Mark Hunt’s Shoes"

  1. I would definitely fancy Whittaker in a 5 round fight against Yoel. I think Romero might control the first two rounds with his wrestling. If Whittaker can survive the early storm I see him taking over in the second half of the fight.

  2. Robert will have a hard time against the extreme steroid freakin Cuban. It's amazing how Cubans all look ROIDED to the teeth all the time. I assume being juiced to the eyeballs is normal in Cuba.

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