UFC 214’s Cris Cyborg Talks Evinger Title Fight, Nunes Dropping Out Of UFC 213


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck caught up with UFC featherweight Cris Cyborg backstage at UFC 213 and got her thoughts on her upcoming bout against Tonya Evinger at UFC 214. Cyborg also shared her thoughts on Bantamweight Champ Amanda Nunes backing out of her fight against Valentina Shevchenko, Dana White blocking her on Instagram, haters + more!

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119 Comments on "UFC 214’s Cris Cyborg Talks Evinger Title Fight, Nunes Dropping Out Of UFC 213"

  1. You really have to respect this lady. She has stuck in  there and stayed positive through a lot of adversity and turmoil. Her english has improved and obviously she has kept her skills and conditioning in top form. I think she has such a great attitude and is headed for a great UFC career.

  2. Ya'll need to stop with Wanderlei comments… She's a real woman whom just used too much testosterone in developing years… But now that shes off the juice, she's looking more like what she is… ALL WOMAN!! In addition to obvious smarts, level-headedness, an amazing attitude, and her sweet earnest personality, she has disarming, kind eyes, luscious full lips that create an amazing smile, and an almost perfect sexy body. Not to mention her small her hands and feet say shes all woman too… Furthermore, when she's not mandated to be all dehydrated by ole Dana, her perfect natural tits are fairly big and luscious too!!

  3. Amanda Nunes had 3 months to prepare for the fight with V.S. and still couldn't get it done. I don't blame Dana for not wanting to give her another headline ppv fight. I bought the fight expecting to see them two square off. Valentina is much more professional then Amanda and it shows. Fighters need to fight in there weight class and stop trying to cut so much weight the day before the fight if it's not close to there walking weight. It's not healthy and it's costing the U.F.C. and the fighters to lose fans.

  4. It's amazing to me how dumb and blind people are. Cris Cyborg is a freaking MAN, it's a dude a freaking tranny beating up real women n the UFC and that's why almost nobody wants to fight him. Wake the hell up!!!

  5. much respect to cris for standing up to cyberbullying and smacking magana in the face. talk shit get hit! 😉 too bad our pussywhipped society taking side with the one getting a punch rather then seeing the reason why him or her got what was coming to them cos of beeing the actual bully and bullys are expert at turning the tables and playing the victim,just as magana did :p

  6. She's great. So nice and polite, self-confessed animal lover (saying she would be a veterinarian if she wasn't a fighter in another interview). Also she has great eyes and smile. OK she's built like a brick s***house and she's admitted to her past mistakes.

    The amount of SHIT people on YouTube say about her is just childish, pathetic bullshit. People who were either bullied at school, were the bullies or should have been bullied.
    Assholes trying to be clever by re-using the same old tired shit time and time again as if they're being original.
    Anyway screw those losers.

    Obviously Cyborg is going to win at UFC 214 unless something incredible happens and finally get the belt she has long deserved. UFC would be a worse place without her. I'm in your corner CC !

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