After Weidman Beats Gastleum, He Picks A Fight With Current Champ Bisping


Shortly after submitting Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night Long Island, Chris Weidman discussed his win with Karyn Bryant and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.  During his post-fight interview with Brian Stann in the Octagon, Weidman called out current middleweight champ Michael Bisping.  In this clip you’ll hear Bisping’s response to the former champ Weidman.

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287 Comments on "After Weidman Beats Gastleum, He Picks A Fight With Current Champ Bisping"

  1. It really is funny these fighters think Mike Bisping is actually scared of them. Bisping isn't a coward he's fought and beaten a who's who in the middleweight division, legends, and MMA Royalty. Mike has great take down defense excellent footwork spectacular cardio he match's up well with Weidman I'd love to see it but Weidman needs another win before even thinking title shot. We need Bobby Whitaker vs Michael Bisping, have Silva vs Romero, Rockhold vs Branch, Weidman vs Jacare, Brunson vs Machida. Then have the winners fight each other or take the most impressive winner and fight the winner of the Championship unification match.

  2. ''The guy I who just beat right now and finished completely destroyed Tim Kennedy who completely destroyed Michael Bisping''. Well. IF MMA math did work (wich we all know it doesn't) then; The guy who Bisping knocked out in 1 round took you soul. Shut up Chris Cryman.
    Well done on winning, but come on. You just had a 3 fight losing streak. Stay away from title talk for a while

  3. When Weidman was champ he mocked Bisping knowing it was virtually impossible for him to get passed the likes of Jacare, Rockhold, Vitor, Silva, Romero. Now he's that guy that keeps failing in no1 contender matches but still claims he's the best. The MW division is full of sharks and any of the top5 can beat each other. He needs to respect that and respect that Bisping is the champ legitimately. He has the most wins in UFC history and improving all the time.. and Weidman is stuck in the past living off of that Silva win.

  4. Honestly if he was coherent and not scared, he would have called out Rockhold for a rematch. Unless he did know prior to the post fight ITW that Rockhold was already booked. But I don't believe so.

    Calling out Bisping is cheap nowadays.

  5. I wanna see Bisping fight someone!!! He has to relinquish that belt at some point!!! Weidman vs Rockhold, Jacare vs Romero and Bisping watching from the commentators box flipping everyone off!!!

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