After Weidman Beats Gastleum, He Picks A Fight With Current Champ Bisping


Shortly after submitting Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night Long Island, Chris Weidman discussed his win with Karyn Bryant and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.  During his post-fight interview with Brian Stann in the Octagon, Weidman called out current middleweight champ Michael Bisping.  In this clip you’ll hear Bisping’s response to the former champ Weidman.

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287 Comments on "After Weidman Beats Gastleum, He Picks A Fight With Current Champ Bisping"

  1. MMA math? so Weidman beat Gastelum who beat Kennedy who beat Bisping means Weidman can beat Bisping. If that works what about Bisping knocking out the guy who destroyed your face and took your belt? MMA math doesn't work kid. Bisping is old but you're his easiest fight out of all top 5 contenders

  2. Well Chris is a great fighter but you can clearly see he's not the same man in the ring after those devastating losses he had especially his chin seems to be gone , I like the guy but mar my words the next tough opponent could easily be career ending for him I feel you can even hear on his speech that he's a bit slurrie

  3. How can this guy say he deserves so much, he can't compete with the top 5. He just beat #8 Gastelum, who is small for the division. If he stood up with Gastelum he would have got KO'd lol. Weidman has had his time.

  4. Let's not get confused here. Chris Weidman beat a blown up welterweight, who in all fairness, he was supposed to beat. Kelvin Gastelum is an incredible fighter, but he's too small for that middleweight division. You could make the argument that Weidman isn't currently top five in the division. As far as a fight with Bisping, that's laughable. Set up Weidman v Jacare, makes the most sense.

  5. I have no problem with Weidman but part of me feels like celebrating this so much is kinda like celebrating failure as long as you come back after. Obviously true champions are born when they show their reaction to adversity but celebrating 'proving the doubters wrong' by breaking a 3 fight losing streak just feels a bit different. To be fair breaking a 3 fight losing streak is the bare minimum expected of a UFC fighter surely? The UFC is sort of the elite org in MMA therefore you sort of expect all the fighters to perform at an elite level right?

  6. love Weidman, but you won against a 170lb guy with shorter reach and height. You still got rocked, if the round didn't end who knows what would've happened. excellent submission win. but not a real contending fight to prove Weidman is back considering he beat a guy lower ranked than him which he should do in the first place.

  7. USADA got chris. i actually think he is mentally ill haven't seen anyone act like that after losing 3 in a row then you beat the number 8 guy who is actually a welterweight his father is a embarrassment he's nearly 35 years old

  8. the target is back on my back* -yeah you had your back up against the cage. yes, but now im back from my back, standing up(sittingdown) and my target is on my back,like back in the days. no turning back, im back and im ready to back it up by taking the title back = chris "backpacker" wiseman

  9. he loses his next fight he barely won that fight he was almost knockout looked like the ref was going call that then came back in time and made submission clap clap clap ! get ready for your next fight Bisping will throw into a submission get in line 1-3 in your last 4 fights don't get you a title fight i want see 2 more wins then will talk until then get in line

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