Oscar Winner Charlize Theron Talks With Karyn Bryant About “Atomic Blonde” And Her Love Of The UFC


UFC Tonight host Karyn Bryant sat down with Charlize Theron to talk about her love for MMA and her starring role in the action-packed movie Atomic Blonde.

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90 Comments on "Oscar Winner Charlize Theron Talks With Karyn Bryant About “Atomic Blonde” And Her Love Of The UFC"

  1. Why are people bitching about the movie being to unrealistic, because it's a female who is doing the asskicking. It's freaking dumb action movie in the same style of John Wick, which pretty much everybody loved, and nobody complained about it being too "unrealistic"

  2. I like Charlize Theron- but 2 and a half months is to enough to know the stuff – however, it looks realistic, hopefully more female superhero movies in the future with look and a real physically skills to go with it.

  3. This has been everything to do with MMA and definitely deserves to be posted on an MMA CHANNEL. Instead of posting useful things like interviews about upcoming fights I think it's great that they are selling out completely and doing random interviews for movies. Great job team!

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