#AndNew: Jon Jones Talks About Regaining UFC Title With 2nd Win Over Daniel Cormier + Possible Lesnar Fight


On FS1’s UFC 214 post-fight show, newly crowned UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon “Bones” Jones spoke with Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and UFC Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping about his KO victory over Daniel Cormier.  Jon reflects on what the rivalry with DC has meant to him and the possibility of fighting former UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar.  In addition Karyn makes a plea to Jon’s brother Chandler to come back to the New England Patriots.

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1,143 Comments on "#AndNew: Jon Jones Talks About Regaining UFC Title With 2nd Win Over Daniel Cormier + Possible Lesnar Fight"

  1. DC brought much more than Jon jons he'ld deserved to win but his mistake was in my view that he wanted too much beating him so he kept rushing and he got an high kick. Sad but at least he was not running away all the time.

  2. i would not say jones dominated. he got a lucky kick in. other that there was alot of running from him. all that talk to run most of tge fight and throw thse little petty kicks… man i thggt all that talk he was going to be throwing thse hands more

  3. I don't watch UFC much but from the few jones fights I've seen he's just fighting smaller guys I'm not impressed at least fight someone tall and with similar reach instead of beating up migits and claiming you're great. I'm not impressed. Also he was getting hit too easily by someone much smaller Jones needs boxing lessons he has no jab.

    • yeah thats true and i like bones but he should stop trying to push his luck vs brock lesnar. brock is way bigger than cormier and i dont know if he can handle brocks strengh despite beeing the better fighter. talented bigger always beats the talented smaller guy.

  4. His comments about how he beat DC "off of steroids" the 1st time and "off of steroids" this time was almost like he was unconsciously admitting some steroids use in the past… Or maybe he was just tired and still emotionally hyped from the and couldn't find a better way to express himself.

  5. I feel bad for Cormier but Jon Jones earned it. He will dominate the division now, he is too dynamic. I think this is going to be the beginning of a long win streak for Jones (technically he is still undefeated). Without Jones in the division Cormier was a very dominant champion, so I don't see Jones as being beatable by anyone in the division.

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