Dana White Says Conor May Want Khabib Next, Not Ferguson / Lee Winner; Talks MayMac


UFC President Dana White spoke with MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck and other media members Thursday evening before the historic Mayweather vs McGregor fight. He shared his thoughts on what is sure to be a record-shattering event, and he also addressed some other hot topics in the UFC world. Of note: Dana said that Conor may want to face Khabib Nurmagomedov in his next UFC fight instead of the winner of the interim title fight between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee. Dana also talked about the call he made to Bono to ask him to sing for Conor’s walkout at T-Mobile Arena.

* Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Final Pre-Fight Press Conference (Las Vegas / HD / Full).  Mayweather vs McGregor is a 12-round super welterweight boxing matchup which takes place Saturday, August 26, 2017 inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event telecast is produced and distributed by SHOWTIME PPV.

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78 Comments on "Dana White Says Conor May Want Khabib Next, Not Ferguson / Lee Winner; Talks MayMac"

  1. LOL…..And Dana lies….a whole lot….Conor will never fight Khabib. There is no chance and it has absolutely nothing to do with Khabib staying healthy. It does have everything to do with Conor knowing he stands no chance. IF he ever actually returns to MMA, he will fight Nate Diaz, lose, and then retire.

  2. Khabib doesn't deserve a title shot and he certainly doesn't deserve a huge pay day against Conor. The guy has had two fights in three years. His only notable win was back in 2014 against RDA. He missed weight 6 months ago, hasn't done jack shit since and couldn't even be ready for Tony in October. The guy is unreliable as fuck. With Khabib's lack of activity and and lack of professionalism, we should be talking about him getting cut, not getting a title shot. He's a waste of everybody's time.

  3. Combat sports are nowhere near as big as football (soccer) worldwide…not even if you add all other sports together can they match football….BILLIONS of people watched it daily worldwide…only in America it is not popular cuz they suck at it

  4. Conor will fight anybody anytime is a lie, he fights who he wants and whenever he can find a opponent last minute. Dana the anybody your boyfriend better be fighting next is El Cucuy. The UFC Bullshit Circus is losing credibility by the day, UFC PPV aint worth $30 now. F@ck Conor, fight #1contenderTF this yr. or his Fake paddy ass Scam is over.

  5. Oh wow what a big surprise. If anyone thought that Kevin Lee Tony Ferguson fight meant fucking anything, or if it has anything to do with being the real interim champ, eat both of Dana's nuts. What made Tony Ferguson think that Conor would automatically accept a fight with him when he came back? Did everybody forget that Conor picks and chooses his own fights because the double champ does whatever he wants? Interim title or not- the rankings don't mean shit for the UFX

  6. neither ferguson or lee deserve a title shot and certainly not a fight with mcgregor. conor will either do a catchweight fight with khabib in russia, GSP in canada, or Nate 3 in Dublin. There are no other fights for Conor. He will beat those 3 and retire. Unless someone more exciting than Woodley gets the 170 belt, if so that will be the 4th fight. Really no need to discuss Lee or Ferguson fighting Conor.. it will not happen, waste your breath if you want

    • I love Conor I'm a fan but seriously start fighting top contenders that's what we want to see fight the winner of tony and Kevin let nate and khabib fight then the winner of that fights the winner of Conor and who ever wins between tony and Kevin

  7. I think it'll happen, Conor probably will have it in the contract that Khabib needs to be at a certain weight at a certain point in the camp, so if he's not at that point and way off he can axe him and fill in with another guy

  8. tbh id rather see connor fight khabib in russia then connor does the exact same thing pressures khabib and khabib sees he cant close the distance and gets knocked out 1st round or 2nd round exactly like eddie and evryone can stfu about khabib then connor fights furg because hes gonna win that fight and put him down too then the trilogy fight with nate in light weight then thats a fight for connor to all people to fight connor you need to be able to outstrike him and have a rock harf chin if not good luck to you end of story

  9. He said Floyd may fight defensively and run. He's ignorant as fuck. Just because he's not stupid and uses his skills to win doesn't mean it's running. Just like he dissed Woodley who did what he had to do to win . Dana acts like a fan and is pissed and not entertained if it's not a bar style fight, smh

    • Today if you are an Irish and a Muslim and a Russian, you will have the advantage in everything, even you will become the president, I mean look at Obama , he is Muslim, Trump he is Russian….the next president of USA gonna be an Irish! Mark my words !

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