UFC 216: Champ Demetrious Johnson Mercilessly Teases Kevin Lee About Food + Cutting Weight


MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC 216’s Demetrious Johnson and Kevin Lee, where the Flyweight Champ teased the lightweight about eating and cutting weight.

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355 Comments on "UFC 216: Champ Demetrious Johnson Mercilessly Teases Kevin Lee About Food + Cutting Weight"

    • BilligerentPeanut and I’m not riding his dick it’s just clear I’m more educated then you when it comes to combat sports and you don’t have the respect or the realization of how good he is and how good the people he beats are. You don’t understand how weight and size works you just really don’t understand anything at all hahahahahaha .

    • BilligerentPeanut Frankie wasn't on a ten title defense like dj… Why would you go up when you can cement your legacy by having the most title defense.
      And about tj, most probably he will end up like khabib if he makes that cut
      Atleast dj does not tower his division like jones, or has any scandals
      The real issue here is people are not interested in watching small guys with a single champ.
      Actually there are good fighters in the division, the division is very technical as a punch does not end every thing down there, but people want to see heavy hitters. Facts

    • BilligerentPeanut wouldn't you be unsatisfied if guys with better talking skills were earning more than guys with more skill, man i would be mad if i was blessed with such skills but the one with talking skills was headlining when the company is supposedly a fighting organization

    • What I said was that Frankie Edgar was able to fight at 155 pounds against guys that weighed 20-30 pounds more on fight night.  With that said, I have the greatest respect for any decision that DJ decides to do. He could definitely, on a perfect night, beat both Cody and TJ Dillashaw. I doubt though that he could stand a chance against Cruz who started his career at 155 pounds and probably would do as he did the last time and just wrestle him.

      But you are right, there is a significant size difference between DJ and TJ or Cody and I don't think people realize it. It's actually 10 centimeters in height or to be mover obvious 1 / 16 of DJs total height. People accepted that Diaz was much bigger than McGregor even though the difference in height was like seven centimeters. If McGregor would've fought a guy that was 1/16 taller than him that guy would've been eleven centimeters taller. That's a guy taller than middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

      And DJs legacy should not be based on whether he can beat any 135 pounders. It should be based on the fact that the man is a true champion that defends his belt and finish contender after contender like it was a walk in the park.

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