UFC 216: Kevin Lee Is Confused By Khabib’s Place In The Rankings, Says “The Man Don’t Fight!”


MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC 216’s Demetrious Johnson and Kevin Lee, where Karyn Bryant asked Kevin about fellow UFC Lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov. Kevin talks about Khabib’s place in the rankings and wonders why he’s still listed so highly even though he fights infrequently.

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108 Comments on "UFC 216: Kevin Lee Is Confused By Khabib’s Place In The Rankings, Says “The Man Don’t Fight!”"

  1. Everyone calling Khabib a "pussy" because he's "inactive" and doesn't fight. Okay he's inactive, but he ain't a pussy, like for crying out loud, his fucking liver failed on him. Dude almost died trying to cut weight, and people saying he doesn't want to fight. SMH

  2. He tries to copy mcgregor in speech and attitude and now he has a head band with the same message as mcgregors pin strip suit. Hard to hate the guy though, he is doing his best to be a super star. Pity he is not more original.

  3. Kevin Lee is marketing himself by calling out guys like Tony and Khabib. Lee maybe talented but if everybody can bypass the system, why should anybody follow the system?? Khabib and Tony, both were refusing to fight Lee because they knew that this guy hasn't fought his way up through. What would you do, huh? Respond to anybody who calls you out??

  4. A) Khabib's skills are far more superior to Kevin Lee. Tony is well rounded enough to trouble Khabib, but Kevin is just not on that level.
    B) The fact that the whole country is behind Khabib is because they know he is that good. They know combat sports. They don't need to see Khabib beating all the ranked contenders in UFC to know that he is talented. They see talent in Combat sports, they know what level he is.
    C) RDA and Johnson have both beaten ranked guys and Khabib beat them. 2 top-notch guys of his division and Khabib wasn't bothered. Ranked guys thing is bullshit. MMA is not about ranks. Sometimes people have bad lucks but the other fighters know that the guy is very very talented. Rankings? Come on.
    4. Khabib has been making a mistake, not listening to his father. His father had been in Combat sports all his life, he knows that this much weight cut is gonna cost Khabib a lot more than his liver. Dude needs to figure this out.
    5) Cut people some slack. People go through rough patches and why should MMA fighters be any different.

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