UFC 216: Kevin Lee Is Confused By Khabib’s Place In The Rankings, Says “The Man Don’t Fight!”


MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC 216’s Demetrious Johnson and Kevin Lee, where Karyn Bryant asked Kevin about fellow UFC Lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov. Kevin talks about Khabib’s place in the rankings and wonders why he’s still listed so highly even though he fights infrequently.

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108 Comments on "UFC 216: Kevin Lee Is Confused By Khabib’s Place In The Rankings, Says “The Man Don’t Fight!”"

  1. Give Khabib a break!! How could he NOT be ranked the number one contender?? He has fought 3 times in the last 4 years and 2 of those were against ranked opponents!! And Okay, Michael Johnson dropped him, but that dude has won 1 of his last 5 fights!! And people seem to forget that he nearly fought this year already… People are just haters…

  2. And what about him? getting 1 interim title shot from just 1 win against 1 guy in top 10. Khabib missed 1 fight after his fight against johnson in 2016 and everybody loses their mind. Just remind me again how many fights diaz has after mcgregor fight yet he's still in top 10. And then there's mcgregor who eternally getting top 3 spot in pound 4 pound rank for fighting nobody after his title match.

  3. Khabib should be rankd 4-5 for missn weight, that peica shit. Either way he couldv still fought tony an gave up a bit of his purse, he jus didnt want his first loss. Shouldnt be rankd number 1 ,hell no, fukin ufc idiots.

  4. Khabib has pulled out of so many fights that i just don't understand how he stays relevant, 2 fights in over 3 years i mean c'mon & his last fight was against an overrated moron, just proves how people eat up an undefeated record like it's breakfast, biggest pussy in the division if i'm honest, terrified to lose his 0 just look up how many fights he's pulled out of, it's crazy.

    • Ad Lad that's like sayin u fought once and retired undefeated so u should be a top fighter cuz u retired undefeated if u never fite u cant be considered the #1 contender it's not rite 2 the other guys who r putting there records on the line every couple months u should be rewarded 4 activity not bein undefeated cuz u never fight who has he even fought 2 earn a top 5 rda b4 he turned his career around michael Johnson who's been destroyed by guys like porier cmon besides those 2 no top 10 fighters

    • Most of the people on youtube are undefeated. It doesn't mean shit if you don't fight top opponents. It's the same reason people are angry at Bisping even though he has defended his belt and is set to do so again – because he is not fighting top challengers.

      You could give the belt to anyone in the UFC and then bring in people off the street and they would never even come close to losing a fight, remaining undefeated and beating all challengers. Does that make them the best?

      Even when people were on Khabib's dick before he missed weight I was saying Tony was far more deserving, and I'm glad people are starting to notice it. Hopefully we can see Tony vs. Conor but somehow I doubt Conor would defend against him.

    • NY OneLove RDA was 3.5 yrs ago a long time in MMA ranking discussion, too long. Leaving a win over an unranked Horcher and Johnson, who's 1-4 in last 5 fights (making 1 win in over 2.5 years for MJ). Does that sound like a top 5 guy?

      Khabib is a great fighter but the division moves on while he doesn't. Simple math really. His record is good but nowhere near as great as the media pushes him. Just look at the records and inactivity. The fact he's in title discussion doesn't make a lot of sense. But he's loud and wears cool headgear so….

    • Al Mostafa When Kevin Lee can deliver 10 thousand black fans to the arena, whenever he fights, and when he can attract 2 million black PPVs, then he can be McGregor. It should be easy; there's 50 million blacks in the USA, and over a billion blacks on the planet. All he needs to do is sell, like McGregor.

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