UFC’s Ricardo Lamas Talks Aldo Rematch That Went To Holloway, New FOX Fight With Unranked Emmett


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with the UFC’s 3rd-ranked Featherweight Ricardo Lamas and heard what he had to say about facing Josh Emmett at UFC On FOX instead of his originally scheduled opponent, Jose Aldo Jr. Ricardo shares his outlook on the switch from a highly-ranked opponent to an unranked one, how he plans to get a title shot in the near future and what he thought of Aldo’s second loss to Champ Max Holloway. Ricardo also talks about the daughter that’s on the way in January and his crazy parrot named Cilantro.

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14 Comments on "UFC’s Ricardo Lamas Talks Aldo Rematch That Went To Holloway, New FOX Fight With Unranked Emmett"

  1. I'm from Hawaii so naturally i root for max but Lamas is a beast man, the last 10 secs of that fight was epic, and proved that he can go to go toe to toe with the best of them. Awesome interview as always keep up the great work

  2. High of 7? Wow..it snowed in san antonio last night for the first time since 85", so I heard. Sun was out shining warm this am but it was still freezin nutz..glad I didnt get stuck. Long drive back to shreveport and I didnt plan on staying the night in the first place. I stayed in one of those Air bnb houses,it was alright I thought,wouldve brought pillows and nice thick blanket from hm had I known. Cutie was in a room next to mine but I was so out of it I just didnt have the drive. She was actually out front when I pulled up and we took a selfie together. She said she had never seen snow b4..neways there was an ugly lady and her dog that wuz" a pair to draw too" as my grandfather use to say..she was a total double bagger. She talk to that dog more than humans. Its pretty obvious to me its usually just them alone w each other. Dog was an issue for everyone there, I hate to say I kicked it. I could tell she wanted everyone to talk to it like she does. I just ignored it and kept walking, more of a push. I find it hard to come across a perfect situation. Wouldve been nice to cuddle w that youngster next to me. But when Im that tired I make for bad bed partner. I did the right thing by leaving it alone. Theres always next time. Good night everyone. Good night Karr Bear, I enjoyed the interview. Jose woulve beat him again and Max will likely be champ for a while. But I like Ricardo hes a fun fighter to watch. Big kiss.

  3. Lamas is good! I think we could see much more from Ricardo as we already seen…I mean his only losses since 2010 was against Aldo, mini Mendez and the champ Max('eyBaby) / I'd like 2 see Holloway vs Edgar and if both are victorious Lamas vs Swanson…then of course the winners against each other

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