UFC 213: Valentina Shevchenko Extremely Frustrated By Champ Amanda Nunes Backing Out On Fight Day


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck caught up with #1 ranked UFC bantamweight Valentina Shevchenko backstage at UFC 213 and learned how she found out Champ Amanda Nunes was backing out of their fight. Valentina expressed her frustration, especially knowing Amanda was medically cleared. She also shared her thoughts on Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk saying she’d step in as a replacement.

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121 Comments on "UFC 213: Valentina Shevchenko Extremely Frustrated By Champ Amanda Nunes Backing Out On Fight Day"

  1. Valentina is also the gay lesbian. Valentina doesnt want to lose fans by telling them that she is gay because Valentina is gaining popularity by not being gay but white and straight. But give it time and Valentina will have to tell fans that she is gay.

  2. Amanda is scare she has been doing her math on Valentina for a while Amanda started realizing that when she fought Valentina it was Valentina's only second fight in the octagon and that Valentina turned her into a wrestler Amanda won a close decision that I really believe if it would have been a 5rd fight Valentina would have finish her, Amanda scary ass witness Valentina outclassed a great striker like Holly and she witness Valentina submitting a wild strong fighter like Peña she realizes that the only advantage she had over Valentina was no longer there because Valentina's ground game has improved, Amanda has had it her way for a while first she calls out Tate and Tate thought she was going to have it easier with Amanda so she gives Amanda a shot instead of giving Holly the rematch, Amanda defeats Tate and her first title defense was supposed to have been Valentina but she calls out Rousey gets the fight and the w against a mentally broken Rousey then it's time to face Valentina but she tells Valentina you are not ready fight Peña first, Valentina gets the w and now Amanda pulls this shit she has been delaying facing Valentina for a while and in my opinion the only fighter that has really defeated Rousey has been Holly, Rousey was already mentally broken when she fought Amanda, Amanda is so obsessed in staying champion that it wouldn't surprise me if she is already in Brazil taking some of that famous Brazilian juice but I believe not even that juice can help her scary ass she is probably planing some other lame excuse to delay the fight even more she is probably hoping that the UFC schedules Shevchenko vs Holly 2 no matter how much she runs and hides she is going to have to fight Valentina or risk getting the belt stripped.

  3. if the doctor cleared her and she made weight. then says "I don't feeling right" surely it's not fair on the fans who paid and the opponent who had a whole camp training for there particular opponent .. strip the tittle from her

  4. I feel so bad for Valentina, now she must train another 3 months or whatever WTF.And on Monday Amanda is feeling great again.Why you feeling bad your body is good but your mind not. The only reason you can pull out a fight is when your Mother , brother, sister or child died, Or you wanne kill yourself that is fucked up for your mind to fight. But other reasons NOT or get stripped for the belt.

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