UFC 213: Valentina Shevchenko Extremely Frustrated By Champ Amanda Nunes Backing Out On Fight Day


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck caught up with #1 ranked UFC bantamweight Valentina Shevchenko backstage at UFC 213 and learned how she found out Champ Amanda Nunes was backing out of their fight. Valentina expressed her frustration, especially knowing Amanda was medically cleared. She also shared her thoughts on Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk saying she’d step in as a replacement.

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121 Comments on "UFC 213: Valentina Shevchenko Extremely Frustrated By Champ Amanda Nunes Backing Out On Fight Day"

  1. valetina shuld take belt!! is total tru 2h before fight i dont fell good cmon….and valetina explaine wery good because of your kg cut you fell sick that is your problem amanda….again valetina shuld take belt!!

  2. Amanda Nunes needs to be stripped??? Why… because you can't handle disappointment?? As a fighter, you work hard to get that strap and you're not going to just put that belt on the line without protecting it by being 100%. Medically cleared, YEAH RIGHT…. Do you think those UFC doctors give a sh*t about the wellbeing of the athlete? Them Doctors are paid to keep a event intact unless a fighter is a leg away from death. You get into the Octagon foggy, dazed or any way less than 100%, it could be LIGHT OUT for your a55. Yeah, it's disappointing but….from the information given, I can see how it played out this way. I can't stand to see a sloppy a55 couch analysts who's probably sitting infront of a tall bowl of cheetos and taco bell who runs out of breathe during long sentences, tell a professional athlete who've achieved way more than them in life……. WHAT THEY NEED to do.

    • Derek Gram No fighter goes into the fight 100%, they go through hard training camps and some of them have to cut large amounts of weight. Amanda Nunes wanted a size advantage and suffered the consequences of losing large amounts of weight to fight girls smaller than her, and whether she feels "100%" or not on the day of the fight, she signed a contract, she agreed to fight on that day, and she got cleared by the doctors to fight. It's bullshit to think that a UFC champion can decide not to fight because she "doesn't feel like it".


  4. Jermaine got stripped unfair man I really wanted to see this fight I am so pissed off Amanda man you just lost a fan because I love what you did Ronda Rousey and you've had some seriously good fights but and I do mean but Valentina shevchenko would have wrecked you fact you just lost a fan and Valentin around the fan even more now peace out MMA world

  5. The attitude of Lawlessness is pervasive in Brazil and with this Brazilian.
    First he becomes a tranny (with or without the snipping?).
    Then he fights girls.
    Then he decides to renege on a signed contract screw many people out of a lot of money, and quit with only a few hours notice (not considering anyone but himself = narcissism).
    Why? Because Lawlessness is a law unto themselves, and they make up their own rules.
    1st John 3:4

  6. that's so unfair! the Dr cleared Nunes to fight, but she "didn't feel like it" there should be a penalty for this, it was the main event ffs
    that's bullshit really. imagine if she is fight a title fight a main event and someone says "i don't feel like it" wtf? half of her purse should go to Valentina thats only fair

    • lester one I think she has a similar mentality to Ronda. She wants to fight people who she believes she can beat. Amanda felt Valentina's power in the last fight and knew she scraped that win and would get her ass kicked if it had been 5 rounds. She's not interested in fighting real competition, that's why she was terrified to move up and fight cyborg and why she's "sick" on the day of the Valentina fight.

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