UFC 199: Rockhold + Bisping Continue The Verbal Assault On Each Other At Post-Fight Presser


MMA H.E.A.T. was at the UFC 199 post-fight press conference where Karyn Bryant asked former champ Luke Rockhold if he was overconfident leading into the fight with Michael Bisping, and if it stung more losing the title to someone he dislikes so much. After Luke answers, new Champ Mike Bisping enters and tells his side of the story. A heated exchange ensues between the two rivals. Be sure to check out our new website and bookmark: http://www.MMAHEAT.com

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107 Comments on "UFC 199: Rockhold + Bisping Continue The Verbal Assault On Each Other At Post-Fight Presser"

  1. The Reporter was CORRECT Luke…NOT Over aggressive….OR Over committed with your jabs…..its plain and Simple….you were OVERCONFIDENT fighting bisping coz you beat him in the past. FYI OVERCONFIDENCE was the the downfall of Silva, Rousey, Mcgregor and now you!!

  2. Michael Bisping is a dick … he is there is no getting away from it … he showed himself to an even bigger dick after the fight .. I still remember him spitting at one of his opponents trainers in Sydney … great fighter .. entertaining to an extent .. but his brand of bollix has gotten old fast … I hope Rockhold gets and instant rematch and knocks 7 shades of shit out of him

  3. Luke Rockhold refused to shake Bisping's hand at the start of the fight that's why Bisping reacted the way he did. Cockhold, nice of you to pick Bisping up but it's easy to be humble in victory. Learn from the Count.

  4. Honestly…..I dont get when people have pre fight beef and then in the cagd they are saying buddy this and hugging ……tapping gloves. like Dominic and Faber hugging. Bisping and Michael talking casually in front of herb tapping gloves……yo its a beef! fuck em. Thats why I respect Diaz bros. …… when they beef….when you disrespect em….its over … real

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