UFC 200’s Jon Jones Responds To Being Removed From Main Event / USADA Findings (LIVE! 8:30am PT)


MMA H.E.A.T. is inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada to bring you UFC Light Heavyweight Interim Champion Jon “Bones” Jones response to being removed the UFC 200 main event fight, as well as USADA’s findings of a banned substance. *Starts at 8:50.

* UFC LHW Champ Daniel Cormier’s Response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnao0WGI1Qk

* UFC President Dana White / USADA Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-cdzHuUqeA

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1,488 Comments on "UFC 200’s Jon Jones Responds To Being Removed From Main Event / USADA Findings (LIVE! 8:30am PT)"

  1. @jon jones did you eat out. there have been cooks who sabotage athletes. maybe the cook was on something threw it your food. never know these days. but you did balloon up lifting weights and shit so hmmmmmm…… those are the only two options.. because you told chael no on both? that happened to Jordan but it was FOOD POISONING NOT ROIDS… I WAS PULLING FOR YOU BUT WATCHING YOU BALLOON UP AFTER YEARS OF WATCHING YOU DID SEEM WEIRD.. G0OD LUCK CHICO

  2. You missed out on 10 million dollars,You were THIS close to getting your life back, the Main event spot for the world Title on the biggest UFC Pay per view, you probably made plans based off that money for your family for yours and their future and three days before the. Best day in your career just like that was snatched Away from you! You almost overcame your past and lots of people wanted to see your down fall and thought you didnt deserve this, you had a chance to shit all their mouths, do all that bullshit u did, hitting pregnant girls and raping women and back talking cops and going on to mainthe best ppv event in history to maw 10 million. Best story ever and its blew away. Everyone is let down once again

  3. Jon Jones is the true champion and he got fired over some petty bullshit but that's how it goes. Now we got a false champion who took his place. Jon Jones will return in the future for that belt.

  4. Ufc needs to get USADA out of their business and hire an outside entity that will allow their fighters to safely use performance enhancing drugs. Banning these substances is dumb as hell as these substances, when used safely can do the following: allow fighters to recover quickly, increase their performance and in some cases negate some negative effects of brain damage such as a decreased production of testosterone. It's an idiotic idea to ban these substances. If you changed the idea of performance enhancing drugs and applied it to any other subject, no one would ban them. It's just a ridiculous back lash due to the war on drugs.

  5. Hay guys ..wouldn't be cool if they had a league where there were no doping rules ..they did not check for doping and anything was allowed ,,think about all the new and modified fighters we could have the pleasure of watching fight ..every one would be using some kinda performance enhancing shit ……Damn that would be Awesome ….

  6. according to various gearheads and those with close ties with popular athletic public figures, openly admit , that the speculated number of Athletes, from all genres of mainstream Sports entertainment, that actually use performance enhancing supplements, is unbelievably higher then imagined……true…but when money make their world go round….there is always a loophole in the system that you can be allowed to buy your way into….for a very pretty penny i would imagine..

  7. John Jones is amazing and not because of drugs. Not sure what people are watching? This a sport that should not be testing fighters. Who gives a shit what drug their on.. Lets not go down political correct and the nanny world of soft cocks or UFC is fucked. Move to the fights please.

  8. Fuck you Jon Jones, as a former fan Im sick of assholes like you who have the world at your feet but you want to get drunk get high and cheat. The greatest fighter in MMA just destroyed his legacy. You are the fake asshole Evans said you was years ago.

  9. Fuck! Now we have to look at a fat guy just sitting or laying on top of another fighter in the next LHW title fight – or fights. I don't like what Jones has done outside the octagon, nor do I support any cheaters (if he is one). DC against Silva, the most boring fight on the UFC 200 card, and most boring fight in 2016 (and possibly 2015). This is what DC will do in his next fight. And if he wins, the next after that, until he looses the belt. I really hope it will happen soon. I hate to watch fights without any striking or BJJ skills. Just takedowns ad hugging. That's not fighting! That's just watching a fat guy sitting or laying on top on a skinny guy for 25 minutes. Has nothing to do with fighting. Why did you mess this oppurtunity to get that fat guy who can't fight to loose his belt Jones? Jones ruined UFC LHW for everyone, and DC will continue to ruin LHW if someone doesn't stop him (which is hard to do if your name isn't Jones, and he can just sit on you doing nothing and get his hands raised).

  10. so JON JONES still has the interim title after only fighting one fight against OSP though he tested positive for steroids in UFC 200. JON JONES WAS BASICALLY TRYING TO CHEAT TO BEAT CORMIER and if the USADA didn't catch him he would of gotten away with it and tried to call himself the best fighter. JON JONES IS NOTHING BUT A CHEATER but than again Brock LESNAR DIDN'T GET TO TAKE MOST OF THE steroids testing done periodically.

  11. everybody! i have a important question, would really apriciate someone to reply. as a pro mma athlete, shouldnt he have known that they drug test? or how did they get his sample? or he hoped it would be a miricle and not show on the test?or they usually do not drug test them. reply id apreciate

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