UFC 202: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 Pre-Fight Press Conference + Face-Off (complete / unedited)


MMA H.E.A.T. was inside the new T-Mobile Arena for the UFC 202: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor pre-fight press conference and face-off.

* UFC Interim Champ Jon Jones Reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2ja3YxN0UU

* UFC LHW Champ Daniel Cormier’s Response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnao0WGI1Qk

* UFC President Dana White / USADA Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-cdzHuUqeA

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1,659 Comments on "UFC 202: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 Pre-Fight Press Conference + Face-Off (complete / unedited)"

  1. Conner Mcgregger fans will get there but hurt soon, 100% 12 second fluke doesn't make u real champion, see how jds vs Cain 1 then what? Jds was exposed, same shit, 100% alverez would expose CMG + RDA WUD,also TJ Dillishaw, he beat top 5 P4P that whooped him came back n won,real champ,drop 10lb,whoop CMG, other then Aldo 12 second fluke, CMG + lost both diaz fights,(RDA,Eddy,Aldo,TJ,)<~LEGIT P4Ps any these guys would destroy CMG soon u fan boys will b making excuses #exposed

  2. Well Nate and Dana are just riveting with their responses aren't they? lol I understand they "might've not been able to hear anything" but Conor heard everything so wtf? Does Dana and Nate just not feel like paying attention well and just fuck this press conference? lol

  3. "Last minute pull-outs have been a staple of my career" – so you've been winning against guys who are unprepared back-ups and in a weight division that is lighter then you. McGregor has built his money on bluffing, now he faces someone his own size and a real tough nut. McG is shit scared

  4. lanky ugly mexican?? really what's the reason to be that cocky?? conor is most racist person i have ever seen nate is acting like a really adorable fighterbut conor is most racist fighter everwhat's the reason to be that cocky?

  5. Conor's ego… LOL. Damn Conor, you lost man. It doesn't matter, you lost. You are no longer hot shit. My prediction is Conor wins UFC 202 and then the UFC announces he tested positive for PEDs two days before the fight was scheduled but for some reason they have to wait till after the fight takes place to make the announcement. But Conor will claim it was a false test and that the test results from the Second sample taken on the day of the fight will clear everything up. However that test will come back positive as well, but the UFC doesn't care they simply want to sell tickets. LOL. Wash rinse and repeat!

  6. The UFC is more interesting if Conor wins. But it would be good for Conor if he loses, but not financially. We all saw what happened when one's head gets too big for himself. Jon Jones, fucked up his life. Rousey, got over confident and got KO'd.Conor, over confident and fought a much bigger man, then he got choked out.

  7. Nate wins however he wants… better in every area. Conor fans always say "his KO power better then Diaz" no it's not Diaz was the one who badly hurt Conor with punches and forced him to try and wrestle. Conor was trying hard to KO Nate with big hooks and power punches then Conor got rocked with a one two! lol Diaz stomps this is a mismatch

  8. Look how fucking tiny conor looks next to nate. Nate walks at 200lb and Conor walks at 170. He's barking up the wrong tree again. So butt hurt from the last fight that he needs to redeem himself. all thats going to happen is he's going to be made to look silly again only to be put back down with the 145ers where he belongs.

  9. I can't see Connor himself after he get's recked in the seconf fight….there is no way Connor wins….only way Connor can beat Diaz is theu a fix….this fight will be a fix so triology will happen, it's all about money….ufc is in business to make money, they give two fucks about their fighters, only the ones that make them money….the ufc hates the Diaz brothers, but now that Nate beat Connor, they kiss his ass now….Now everyone wants to fight Nick Diaz, why, because it's a money fight…Woodley wanmts to fight him cause wonderboy is in fact an unknown…..Wonderboy would destroy Woodley, that's why he wants to make money before he defends his belt to Wonderboy…Woodley will not hold the belt very long….

  10. Lol….no matter what fans may think of Nate, you gotta love his humor and his willingness to fight. "This arena is beautiful, but these microphones suck, I can't hear shit." That needs to be part of a highlight reel or something.

  11. Nate is either a retard, or he's been punched & kicked in the head too many times. What is hilarious is the fact that after he answers a question and the media/fans laugh, he thinks they're laughing with him as if he's funny. Hey Nate, everyone is laughing at your dumb ass! I'm a huge fan of your fights, but I'd never let you take tutor my kids.

  12. Conor can hear the questions & comments clearly, yet Dana wants to play "diaz" dumb and claim he can't hear either. But the fact that he's answered many of the questions and even passed on questions to Nate, only shows that Dana can hear just fine. The UFC is turning into the WWE…

  13. I smell chicken shit stemming from the red panty red headed connie mc pooper, he smells like fear when he faces off with Nate.. its that subtle reminder of his rude awakening when he got his face rubbed all over the place… lmfao by a mexican.. bwa ha ha

  14. Conor better have improved his jiu jitsu skills or he will be walking into a shitstorm on 8/20. Also, Nate is correct, they all use steroids. They also know when they are going to be tested so if they are dumb enough to get caught then they can only blame themselves. Nate will win by KO/submission.

  15. Conor shouldn't even bee allowed to hold that belt. He's too busy crying about a shot at redemption to defend his title. I hope Nate whoops his ass, then when he goes back to his weight class, I hope Aldo beats his face in too.

  16. This match is so fucking stupid, as shown by this garbage fucking press conference.

    UFC once again gives no fucks about entertainment, only money. This "rivalry" they are trying to set up is completely fucking garbage.

  17. He got his shit turfed by diaz. McBurger a softie! he fought a man his size and got ripped…boring fighter. Mcburger is loved by dana because he talks and talks and talks…but he gets his shit pushed in by men not the fairies he fight in 145.

  18. Diaz a bad matchup for mcgregor. The diaz brothers are almost impossible to beat in a real fight in the stand up. And that is how mcgregor fights he bullies his opponents on the feet. But diaz has such a great chin and keeps the pressure on you so he's very very hard to beat in the way mcgregor likes to beat his opponents. But i doubt he wants to take it to the ground either b/c mcgregor likes to stand and fight plus diaz is so much better trained with the grapple. Almost every fight diaz's have lost have been by sticking and moving around the octagon or taking it to the ground and bullying them or holding him on the bottom. I respect mcgregor for standing up and fighting making an entertaining first fight, but I feel he can't do that again if he wants to win.

  19. I love reading the comments by Nate Diaz's fans… just more uneducated thugs and lowlifes.  They just want to see blood, no display of sportsmanship, class, or skill… just blood. Both Diaz brothers are bad for the sport in general.. unprofessional and no style whatsoever.  Sure, they can fight, but are they actually worthy? I think not.

  20. Conor said he will continue to dominate FW? He has never defended his title!! This guys a biggest delusional dipshit that got a lucky against Aldo and all of a sudden "Gods recognize Gods then retired bc he can't meet his contractual obligations to train more!! I hope Diaz shuts him up for good at 202

  21. Nick looks very confident and relaxed at the staredown…. I was impressed with him there. He held bearing. When he's backed into a corner or feels threatened, that's when the F bombs drop. The majority of the hostility here was on Connor's side. He's acting like he thinks his career is on the line with this fight….. it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

  22. All the pressure is on connor mcgregor to win at ufc 202 because he already lost the first fight. If he loses again, the hype will be over. Then he has to go back to his weight class and defend his belt against Jose Aldo and possibly lose that fight too. If he lose to diaz again (which he probably will by submission), he has to beat aldo because losing 3 times in a row would be a major blow to his career after all that hype.

  23. everyone always tells me Diaz would out strike Mcgregor, i disagree.
    Diaz was seriously out matched in that first fight and the reason Mcgregor lost is very simple.. Cardio and lack of understanding of the 170 realm. If you look at the first fight Connor was seriously on top of Nate, out boxed him out kicked him and simply out moved him.. Ok Nate didnt have a camp and "apparently" didnt spar, but just because you didnt spar doesnt mean you arent aware of how to punch, counter punch throw straights etc.. diaz didnt have a camp, but neither did Connor in a sense..
    Ill clear one thing up, MASSIVE FAN of both fighters, fan of Nate longer than Connor actually, but in this second fight. Connor takes the win through knockout.. 2/3 round.

  24. They need to figure out the weight classes. Look at this cluster farce. Because RDA leg-kicked the shit out of Diaz, I suspect that is why he broke his foot planning to make RDAvMcGregor the same kind of farce, McGregor had to jump weight classes, now the whole thing is farced. Everyone in a weight class who wants the belt should be tested up and camped-up before a major event. When someone pulls out 5 minutes before the event, first contender to the Octagon goes.

  25. Lol all those haters on McGregor. He's by far the smartest fighter in the UFC and far more humble than people think. Who can blame the guy for being cocky? He's a millionaire and kicks peoples ass for a living. Besides his head games and over the top style, he's a great guy.

    Nate sitting there, may as well give that mother fucker a coloring book and crayons or some building blocks or some shit. Connors gonna wipe him out this time. He has something to prove and I think he wants the win far more than Nate.

  26. So is this thing 3 or 5 rounds. McQuitter keeps babbling he wants it at 170 but doesn't mention how many rounds. The same fight but 10 minutes shorter is not the same fight. No mention of number of rounds.Its a co main event so should be 5. Correct?

  27. conner stayed t 170 cause he also know when a fighter looses weight after gaining weight he also becomes a worse fighter,He lost his energy in the first fight fast because he gained weight,loosing it now would be not good.you will see if he has stayed at 170 ever since there first fight he will man handle the skinny fat guy lol/

  28. Conor lost to nate at his natural weightclass. The fight metrics tell a story of one guy getting outboxed, blowing his gas tank in a desperate attempt to get the finish and inevitably giving up to a pretty soft RNC. It wasn’t his training, it wasn’t his media obligations, it wasn’t ‘energy management’. He just couldn’t get it done on the night, and he lost to a superior fighter who took the fight on short notice and didn’t even have a camp. The odds were stacked in Conor’s favor and not even that advantage was enough. It is what it is.

  29. 4:53 ''tall, lanky, ugly mexican southpaw'' Nathans my boy but that was some funny shit, Mc-Tappy.
    8:05 HAHA look at Nates face when Dana ''no praise for Diaz'' White tries to use his quote. Nice try, it might of sounded good on paper but we can tell that you already had that one loaded in the chamber…to bad it misfired. i wish i could read Nates texts.also, I could fix the audio problem in 10 minutes…run diaz a fuckin personal (volume adjustable) anchor monitor. Thats what happens when you dont use union stagehands.

  30. Nate Diaz can't understand any question properly, he's stupid as fuck, I like the guy as a fighter but he's got the mental capacity of an 8 year old, all this fighting has left him with next to no brain cells

  31. The ONLY chance Conor has of winning is by knocking Nate out in the 1st round. After that point Nate will be fully warmed up and will pick the Irish man apart just like he did last time. The difference, Conor is training to fight bigger men, Nate gets a full camp and has cut a lot of fat and put on more muscle. I just don't see Conor winning.

  32. Conor's kinda racist, Nate doesn't speak Spanish at press conferences. He isn't adamant about being Mexican American….. So why the fuck is Conor calling him Mexican? But in. Fairness any irish jokes are also racist.

  33. I just rewatched their first fight. Conor can hit Nate, no doubt. But learning a ground game is so much more than having a couple of months in camp. There are guys with black belts in BJJ that don't feel comfortable using it ei: Machida even Holly in preparation for Miesha no doubt did ground work prep, it still didnt help her against Tate. Prediction we will hear the same air getting sucked out of the room crowd reaction when Diaz stops Connor again.

  34. love how Connor tries to sound intelligent every time he speaks.. convoluted answers.. Nate just says whatever he wants he's not trying to be clever or fake he's just being himself. Never thought I'd say it .. but I hope Nate wins again.

  35. It s obvious Mcgaygor was never ready for UFC200 regarding to his lack, so he told to Dana and they found a way to hide the truth. That's why Conor didn't show up at the press conf… even for 202, Conor won't reach the same level that Nate got.. Im agreed with Alvarez and Sonnen, it will be the same kind of fight with Conor rushing 3 rounds, trying to get the ko and Nate finishing him on the ground.

  36. Conor continues to believe the entire ufc revolves around him, if there was no Conor there would be no ufc lol I respect Dana a whole more since he put Conor in his place , the fact is he is just another fighter , they are milking him while they can, it
    Think Dana knows they have had the best out of him and people are starting to lose interest in him , especially after he lost the fans got what they wanted , everyone one including Dana must be growing tired of his ability to talk some really bullshit , constant disrespect since he disregarded his contract which he thought he could get away with as he continues to believe he Carrys the entire ufc and its fighters on his back.mim pretty sure everyone fighter cannot stand him you rarely see him getting pally with other fighters ,I'm sure Dana would love to truly out him in his place but had to wait till this cash cow runs drys

  37. a trilogy fight WTF??!! This guy mcgregor is getting really old now im tired of hearing this clown run his BIG mouth, notice he didnt say shit about the 155lb division he knows he can't do shit in that division i mean much less 170lbs i mean get the fuck outta here he's only a strong 145lber and weak ass 155lber so he's pretty much done …….

  38. I have watched UFC since UFC1, I love it, can never get enough of it. Some fighters I love to hate, and the Diaz brothers are at the top of my hate list. I was shocked at how fast Nate Diaz kicked Mcgregor's arse. He's still top of my hate list, but has respect for doing what he did to Mcgregor. Can he do it again? who knows. I would have said he'd have no chance first time around, so anything can happen I guess. Can't wait.

  39. What a fucking waste of time press conference, shitty audio equipment and short half-assed answers to questions. If I were one of the reporters there I'd be furious at the UFC for wasting my time.

  40. I think Nate is doing exactly what Nick did with his fight against Silva. He is not giving anything away and keeping himself calm and composed. Although the Diaz brothers aren't big talkers I still think the mind games will start once they step in that octagon. We're in for a great fight & I'll be backing my hero The Notorious CM. All props to Nate but Conor for the win and then hopefully it can be settled later in an epic trilogy.

  41. This fight is already fixed, just like Luke Rockhold, and Bisping fight, I mean come on Luke would have destroyed that English pick. It's all about the money, and it's really ironic how there's been so many trilogies in the 6 years that's made the paper view record's.

  42. Fuck its wierd but if Nate looses he will earn so much more money (Im thinking a third fight). So i wonder what goes thrugh his mind when he literaly can earn like millions more if he looses and then winning the third fight.

  43. Nate Diaz will teach Conor the same lesson he did in the first fight, and that is that Hybris is a flaw in the fight biz. He puts his carrier in risk once again fighting Nate 4 a second time, with the same mindset as last time, that Nate just got lucky & he really Thinks he is going to KO/TKO him this time around, even though the Diaz Brothers never have been finished in  like 10 years. Conor def has guts taking a rematch in welterweight again after that loss. Brave, but propably a stupid idea. If he lose to Diaz again, i Think his glorydays are over. But i respect him for going all in, and 4 beleving a 100% in his skills. If he wins, its all good again, but if he lose again i think his mainstream fans will be lost. To bad though, he is a good thing for MMA.

  44. He act like he is the first guy to move up what a joke BJ Penn fought at LHW and he was a 155er and lets see nate is a 155er not a 170er lets stop saying he is doing something great. Nate beats him again doesn't matter how but he wins.

  45. A 4 billion organisation and you idiots can't even rent a decent PA system so you can actually hear the questions? Dana, hire me for that and I guarantee every single person on that stage gets crisp and clean sound and no reverb. AMATEURS!


  47. Dana couldnt hear a single word McGregor said?…''are you talking about leading up to 200?…Yeah, its all about communication"..Dana heard the 'Communication'' part…but not the Part where McGregor said he is the reason that the UFC has a 4.2 Billion$ Price-tag on it…and thats what his Net Worth is.

  48. Conor reminds me so much of Ronda, in his demeanor. He seems somehow unsure of himself, and I just remember how Ronda looked and acted before the fight with Holly, easily aggitated, on edge, etc. Maybe you guys wont agree, but thats my thoughts anyways.

    Also hes looking so far ahead. Listen to Nate, he just goes "kill or be killed, this is a fight, anything can happen but I will be prepared and I will go hard for the win". Conor on the other hand is already talking about 3 fights in the future AFTER this fight. His focus is so messed up, and I really dont think that is a sign of a mentally stable and healthy individual.

  49. McGregor Wins.. we have the trilogy .. pay per view off the charts.. then say UFC is not fixed 😛 .. they fight for realz, but the outcomes are very well calculated as in any money machine.

    • Hey i'm 100% for Nate OK.. but it's money first sport if you catch my drift.. for all, even for Nate it's best if Notorious gets the second fight so the people will want a third decider.. They will get at least 2-3 mil each for a third fight even under the new leadership and even more from PPV percentages.. so for that kind of money Stockton or no Stockton son.. he's trowing the fight

  50. Conor wins by unanimous decision. He was dominating the first 8 minutes of that fight he will be more accurate and have more energy because he wasted a lot trying to do haymakers. Nate will have a full camp but I thank McGregor will focus in on Nate like no other fighter he has ever done. I would expect Conor to win this one. He also knows if he loses this the Conor we know will definitely be gone. Even tho some people already feel he is.

  51. C'mon Nate, who tell you to answer all the shit you said on this interview. why Conor understand everything and you nothing. Beat Conor another time Nate coz this fool is the worst champion off all time.

  52. I see a broken man in Conor, his stock has gone down and nobody wanna hear him talk anymore. Diaz is gonna punish him this time and he will have to escape to ireland forever and Dana will get a cardiac arrest hahahhah all his cash cows are gone

    • You're so fucking retarded it's sad Conor isn't going to fucking knock Conor out Nate has never been knocked out he's been TKO by a brutal head kick in his whole career that's it he's has a fucking chin you think lol Mcgregor is going to knock him out when he destroyed him in 10 days notice?

  53. Connor is full of shit.

    "I don't prepare or fighters I prepare for the fight." Connor Mcgregor

    " I prepared for RDA, know I'm preparing for a tall, Lanky, Ugly, Southpaw." Connor Mcgregor.

  54. McJoke that's all ……………………Blow hard   .  Nate will fuck him up again McJoke is a wank time has and will show everyone the true McJoke . Dana has not got his back anymore you will see . He say he is the undisputed world champ at 145 . Bullshit a real champ not chump like McJoke would have defended that belt then moved on to heaver weights if required . Not McJoke he take no risk with the belt just runs to a different division to hold the title longer fucken wanker . Can you real mma fans not see that what happen here  ? Come on . Been involved with mma / UFC for 20 years its clear his a joke . At 145 he is large . At 155 he is average to small at 170 forget it he will never pass Robbie . He lacks the power and size to fight above 155 pounds . His a midget with no power above 145 pounds / or 66 kilos the size of a child his a midget . But yes he can talk talk talk talk talk who gives a fuck action is requied not words …………………….Word mean fuck all once that gate is closed .

  55. How do you talk shit about a guy sitting next to you when that same guy fucked you up and took your manhood just months ago. Especially when you had all the training in the world with months to prepare and he had only 11 days to prepare. And he still made you his bitch. I guess you have to be bankrupt in the shame department.


    please, im rooting for you so hard, this whole next match conors gonna try and slap you, make you cocky for an opening, and just liken we watched ruckhold….i believe you can kick conors ass, but hes got a punchers chance, your technique is superior but he's totally confident he can get in your head. he WILL bait you, he WIIIIIILLLLL, he's probly literally praying for you to drop your hands and talk shit, do what nick did vs anderson. yes it was awesome but not as awesome as a flawless nick destroying anderson, i love you guys!!! he doesent believe he can beat you, all him, his camp, maybe dana said is that if he didnt try and take you down he woulda won!!! he doesent believe he can beat you, HEEEE WILLL BE THE MOCKER THIS TIME!!! LET HIM!!! PLEASE DONT GET COCKY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO EMBARASS HIM!

    Show less

  57. Nick and Nate didnt finish school. Nick quit in the 8th grade to train jujitsu. They arent public speakers, they didnt train for that. The Diaz brothers are fighters, and damn good ones at that. Tough as hell, triathlon cardio, black belts in jujitsu and two of the best boxers in the ufc. (Nate holds the record of the most significant strikes in UFC history in a fight) Both trained by Richard Perez. Undefeated World Champion boxer Andre Ward spares with them. he says he only gets the best and thats Nick and Nate. Ward says both have nice hands and will come at you as many rounds as you can handle, they come at unusual angles and will Stockton slap you too death. Both could be pro boxers. So Nate might not ever be a great public speaker, but in the ring he is a poet! Real fighters let their fists do the talking! STOCKTON 209

  58. My problem with this fight: Conor wins – everyody wins. Nate gets a third Conor fight, UFC gets a shot at a new pay per view record and Conor walks the walk. Conor loses – he probably goes back to 145 no walk no talk, Nate buys some last cool stuff and Dana looks for the next franchise fighter. If I was Dana I would stage the shit outta this one…

  59. conor will come with better tactics for sure,but nate is not breakable,not that easy.his mental is so tough and his is biggger than conor.he also better at BJJ.so there seems no way for conor to win

  60. wow nate diaz how much longer can he fight till he cant even make full sentences and answer questions. sad real sad. but he still kicks ass mcgregor still hasnt proven that he can jump weight classes and be as fast,powerful, and dominant as he was at 145

  61. Man Conar behaving like a cock while face off … it looks like a chicken is trying to make itself look huge to scare the pitbull … xDDD … 22:54 like :"look i´ve got the belt. i´m the stongest chicken in the henhouse dog. FEAR ME" … xDDD

  62. 155 is your division huh Conor- I mean never mind that you haven't fought at that weight in the UFC ever- not even once- it's your division. See, this is why we say this fool is all hype and talk. Go on to 155 Conor and Eddie will kick your ass- that is IF you can get by RDA to even face the champ. And that's IF you get by Nate at 170- which probably isn't going to happen. Face it Conor- your a beast at 145 but, you suck at 155 or 170. You rely too much on your power, you have no ground game, and your cardio just isn't there yet. Why not go back to 145 were your the king and rule? That is IF you can get by Aldo- which isn't going to be near as easy this time.

  63. People saying nate looks confident and conor looks scared really don't understand how to read people, I'm 90% sure nate has social anxiety so it's normal for him to act twitchy and nervous but conor looks calm and ready to go as always.. Doesn't mean he will win or lose it's just an observation

  64. conor i REGRET ever being a fan of yours. you think you're superior to everyone including dana white? who is YOUR boss mf. all you fucking do is run your mouth and act like you're some type of master when you have holes in your game. conor picks on nate cause he has a speech problem and downs him for teaching kids jui jitsu for free? conor is fake as cake and i cannot wait for UFC 202. now nate has a full camp and all you have is a few months training on the ground.LOL how about you go back to your division conor before you lose that fucking belt. #teamdiaz

  65. This press conference only had coherent dialogue from McGregor. I think Diaz is a tough SOB good lord he sounds ignorant. Even if Diaz couldn't hear due to the his speaker (he calls it a mic), he could at least do better in getting the questions in writing or ask the person to come closer and ask the question. Dana White was covering for Diaz. By some miracle McGregor has superhuman hearing in contrast.

    I don't like McGregor due to his arrogance (some call it confidence) but he can at least speak intelligently.

    Last thought, I hope the WWE purchase of the UFC does not ruin the MMA sport.

  66. Nate is such a rare type of person. There is no back down or quit in him. It is not possible to intimidate him. Any attempt on Conors part to get in his head makes him look sillier than those nipple hugging polo shirts he packs himself into. Picking Nate as an opponent was the biggest mistake Conor ever made. He's killing Conors career, and I for one, love every second.

  67. Do not get me wrong, take any contact fighting sport. Jumping a few weights, is never good. Look at boxing and the times the many people won at higher weight, it was the nexted weight they jumped up to. Pac showed it, till his body show it could do it. Not many could do it. Not surprised in the UFC, it is harder to do so.

  68. There are great fighters who are trash talkers & there are great fighters who are not. Either style will attract fans, but there is a difference:

    Trash talk is sign that you are insecure, weak inside, & have a fragile ego. You do not like who you are. You have to put others down to build yourself up. Weak people have harsh words for others. You will attract fans similar to yourself. Once you lose, you no longer have that hype to bolster up your fragile ego, your insecurities get the better of you, the fans turn against you, & you go into hiding. Your fakeness has been exposed & you are never the same……

    McGregor, Rousey, Jones, Sonnen…… are all trash talkers

    Great fighters who are not trash talkers are confident in themselves. They do not feel the need to belittle others. They are gracious, humble, & respectful in both victory & defeats. Strong people have kind words for others. They also attract fans similar to themselves. If they lose, or go through a crisis, their fans stick by them because they believe in them. Their fan base is solid. It takes a stronger person to expose & admit their weaknesses than to hide them.

    Tate, Holm, Velasquez, Aldo …… are not trash talkers

    Also, a true champion is a well rounded fighter, realistic, grounded, humble, respectful, gracious, & will defend his belt many times…..

  69. I guess Revenge is the Next best thing to Putty,
    Id Say McGregor is gonna do exactly what he's Saying Just Listen to Him, He Really Has Some Pair of NUTs, & I Won't be Surprised of the Outcome,
    McGregor all the Way.

  70. i love how you guys wanna call Connor a 'pussy.'because he went up 2 fuckin weight classes on 11 days notice after Dos ANOS PULLED OUT for the fans .I LIKE BOTH but shup the fuck up!!! you all are the pussies .you gotta use a pusssy ass alias just to leave a comment !

  71. I think Conor has a huge following but is sort of unique- his fans wanting him to win and others just wanting him to lose. Nate diaz is about the perfect guy to watch beat Conor if you want Conor to lose lol.

  72. You have 4 mics to worry about: Nate's, Dana's, Conor's, & the press. I'm no expert, but I feel all you have to do is lower the other 3 mics and allow for only 1 at a time. They're echoing off each other due to the loudness in the stadium.

  73. C M , is stupid or he got confused ! from the start he was saying , the fans respected me still the same after my lose , and at the end he is saying fans saying I won't come back again … hahahaha, the more u talk the more bluffing …. howvere he is a gd fighter after all , so respect

  74. Nate has thickened out here, looking a good big stronger. Despite the usual talk from Conor I still think another submission loss is on the cards for him. I also love Nate for his honesty.. Everyone these days who trains, not just fighters are on something.

  75. yea conor is going to really get nate this time. now that nate has a full camp nate is at a disadvantage . he tried to catch nate off guard the first time. conor is such a douchebag. his logic is shit and he's going to get stoped again.