TUF 23 Finale: Jedrzejczyk vs Gadelha 2 Post-Fight Press Conference (LIVE! / Complete / Unedited)


MMA H.E.A.T. brings you the TUF 23 Finale: Jedrzejczyk vs Gadelha 2 post-fight press conference LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the main event, UFC Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeated Claudia Gadelha via unanimous decision.


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129 Comments on "TUF 23 Finale: Jedrzejczyk vs Gadelha 2 Post-Fight Press Conference (LIVE! / Complete / Unedited)"

  1. in what universe does Claudia live in? Joanna is nothing but respectful, you two had a catfight get over it. Joanna NEVER goes out of her way to be an asshole. ITS A SHOW, and the point is to sell tickets, why do some fighters not understand this? I am pretty sure Joanna is exactly what a champ looks like.

  2. Why claudia never want to except joanna jedrzejczyk win clearly and fairly…?"she might lost clearly without excuse.. but it seems always she denied n don't accept,she always said she hate joanna and she think she's good and better than her,but she lost again

  3. To all saying that Claudia is a sore loser – she's acting smart – she wants to be considered as the real power in the division. Had she admitted she got beaten it could've been all over, she must appear strong and competitive, look how well she handled the press conference ( I'm sure she was heartbroken inside ) . They both had a plan for that fight- off the ring Claudia might have won it ( surely she won most of their sht talks ) she's also the good looking one, that helped a lot. She lost the fight but everything that happened before made people hungry for more fights between these two. More fights more revenue. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Joanna's a beast, but I can't wait for a possible 3rd fight between these two. I feel like Gadelha is in the same place that DC was in when he first lost to Jones. It was also DC's first 5 round fight and he didn't pace himself correctly and gassed himself for the later rounds much like gadelha did here. i feel like gadelha has a chance to do what DC did and learn how to fight over five rounds and come back stronger.

  5. I like the respect that she showed to Ronda. Most people are happy to kick her when she's down, but she made women's MMA.Joanna had the opportunity to brag and claim she was number one p4p, and she respected someone else.That's being humble, not just talking about being humble.Great champion.

  6. Best Question and answer:

    Min 4:10 (I did not catch the Japanese fighters name).

    Question: "What has been the key to success so far?" (good question)

    Answer: "Uh,–I think it's my abilities." (it does not get more exact than that)

    I like that guy. Wish I knew his name.

  7. Joanna had 233 significant strikes for the whole fight.

    claudia had 78 for the whole fight…. from round 3,4,5. Joanna had 184 to Claudia's 18… lol. that's funny that she still can't admit she got beat badly

  8. 57/8 strike difference for round 3 for Joanna to Claudia. and claudia thinks she won round 3 because she took her down a few times and did nothing. Joanna got up Everytime and made you pay…. you say you have respect and class then show it and admit when you have been beat. damn

  9. Cluadia will never improve just like Faber because they never admit defeat.Always with the excuses.You have to admit you have a hole in your game before you can fix it.Watch and see she will go two years improving cardio.Then the next fight she will last a whole three rounds and still get out struck….

    • Her failure or success is not about cardio though. She can't be so wrestle heavy against a quicker, better striker like Joanna unless she can keep her down and work a finish. It works right into what Joanna wants as the fight goes on so she can either get more comfortable striking or she can keep losing. I mean, she didn't do half bad striking in the first two rounds. I don't know her skills as a fighter but if she has a submission game she would be wise to use—saw nothing the other night.

    • +ApacheRosePea00 I agree I was only saying cardio out of what she gave for an excuse.Cardio wasn't the deciding factor her game plan was the same as the first fight.

      While its smart to go to your strengths.I don't think she can rely on her Bjj as her sole advantage anymore.Then again I don't think she will ever catch up with JJ striking.She does have some power in her punches.Like you said perhaps she should have stood up more early.

      Gone are the days where fighters can just rely on BJJ to win all their fights against top opponents.The sport has evolved and for the good if you ask me lol

    • +MrSnapy1 No doubt she would not be able to rely solely on her BJJ but to me, she showed none of it—when the announcers mentioned she had the leg trapped and Joanna managed out of it a few seconds later, with little to no damage, I knew it was downhill from there. Being the slightly slower, more powerful fighter, she should be able to strike with Joanna and use her grappling more wisely to keep Joanna from getting in a groove like we saw in rounds 4 and 5. Claudia can't compete with that when her arms are blown and yet her game plan puts her in that hole each time. Either way, it seems they are still one and two in the division. Unlike Rousey/Tate, I find Joanna/Claudia more competitive so I would welcome a third fight. I watched the post fight presser and It will be interesting to see what the TUF winner can do if she earns a shot against Joanna. Or a striker like Caulderwood.

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