UFC 202: Nate Diaz On Loss To McGregor, Why $2 Million Isn’t Enough; Wants Trilogy Fight Next


MMA H.E.A.T. was backstage at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas where Nate Diaz addressed the media after his loss to Conor McGregor in their rematch. Nate talks about the judges’ 48-47, 47-47, 48-47 scores, Conor running away from him during the fight, why his $2 million dollar paycheck isn’t enough money, whether or not he wants to fight Conor again and much more.

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241 Comments on "UFC 202: Nate Diaz On Loss To McGregor, Why $2 Million Isn’t Enough; Wants Trilogy Fight Next"

  1. Nate was knocked down 3 times by a significantly smaller man, he kept walking into conors punches and legs kicks and not once changed his style so he would take less damage, he just absorbed damage, Conor fought smarter, and better, no wonder the judges gave it to conor, nate is just s baby who can't accept he got beat

  2. You use your knees running and bike riding , Conner keeps improving . A business man who filled your pockets Nate retire after the trilogy.good question Karen now you got what you you feel your worth . Thank you Conner for shaking up the game he did it in two years even though Nate been around a decade

  3. at the end of the day Connor lost the first fight he new he wasn't going to win on a knockout so went to ground for an easy exit came back for 202 and had a game plan stuck to that game plan and got the win there both savage fighters both with a win against 1 another Connor said hel be back he stayed humble after the first defeat and came back to prove his worth and now look at him champ in 2 weights and now a chance to make sporting history at the end of the day this kids 29 years old 4/5 years in the ufc and look where he is right at the top of his game.there both tough mother fuckers who behind the scenes have respect for each other.

  4. I'm not big on ufc, but nate diaz is the guy where if I didn't know him at all, and saw him in the alley, I'd be able to tell he's a scraper, even if he's a quiet guy, something about his voice and face I'd be able to tell he's a tough guy, he's the type of guy I wouldn't wanna fuck with lol, I'd rather see ben Wallace in the alley before him lol

  5. Diaz it seems like Connor was having some succes in the 1st two rounds what was causing you trouble in those rounds? CONNOR WAS SMASHING MY FACE IN AND CRUSHING MY KNEE IN WITH LEG KICKS….. lmao!!!Quit being a sore loser and admit when you get your ass kicked.  Your brother is the same damn way.

  6. @Nate your face is fucking fucked.. Id want more money too for plastic surgery and teeth implants… I bet conner went out and flashed his face all over after that shit.. Block some shit next time… You fucking lost period.. No decision needed…

  7. I love nate Diaz but conor didn't make injury excuses when he lost (nobody comes out of a camp 100% fit) and Diaz says in boxing conor would have had a point taken for running but nate is lucky the fight wasn't scored like a boxing match bc if it was he lost the 1st 2 rounds 10-8 also…. pffft the obvious thing about the fight is Diaz tried to fight the same fight as the first contest whereas Mcgraw or made adjustments, even tho Diaz won the first one I think he's arrogant think he would beat someone like mcgregor the same way twice, especially when all mcgregor and his coach have talked about since the loss is winning or learning

  8. Connor had to move up 2 divisions for this fight and what most people don't realize is that Nate being the natural bigger-taller guy was stepping on the octagon around 20 pounds heavier than Connor, (during weigh-ins they will dehydrate themselves to make weight and regain it right after). If Nate decides to meet Connor at the middle on 155 he will be murdered!

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