TUF 25 Finale Post-Fight Press Conference: Justin Gaethje + Jesse Taylor Win Impressively! (LIVE)


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is on location at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for The Ultimate Fighter “Redemption” Finale Post-Fight Press Conference. We’re expected to hear from the victorious and undefeated Justin Gaethje (18-0) who defeated #5 ranked UFC lightweight Michael Johnson via an impressive TKO, as well as the newly crowned Ultimate Fighter 25 Welterweight Jesse Taylor who submitted Dhiego Lima, walking away with a $290,000 check.

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30 Comments on "TUF 25 Finale Post-Fight Press Conference: Justin Gaethje + Jesse Taylor Win Impressively! (LIVE)"

  1. Justin need to use his wrestling to tire his opponents in the first round. No need to tire opponent using your face as a punching bag. Hope he doesn't fight Conor or Barbosa till he learn some strategy and technique.

    • AnimalMotherV2 he might be a good fighter. however, having seen this performance only it's hard to be impressed. like I said he took to many shots, got wobbled multiple times and was lucky not too get koed. put him up against someone with awareness of range and calmness in high pace situations and he will go to sleep any day of the week. that's just what it is. he might be a tough basterd with a tremendous will, it's his lacking skills that'll keep him from competing at the very top

    • AnimalMotherV2 the micheal fight couldve gone either way and also micheal has heavier hands and also both of them nailed only light punches till the end also justin got gassed before the end of the first round and rocked multiple times plus justin doesnt hit as hard as some of the top contenders like nate,ferguson or edson i could say khabib but nah we know khabib would maul him on the ground

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