UFC 214 Post-Fight Presser: Jones / Woodley / Cyborg / Cormier / Maia / Evinger / Lawler (LIVE!)


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is backstage at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA for the UFC 214 Post-Fight press conference with the victorious #AndNew Women’s Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg, the victorious #AndStill Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, #AndNew Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, the victorious Robbie Lawler, as well as Daniel Cormier, Demian Maia and Tonya Evinger.

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65 Comments on "UFC 214 Post-Fight Presser: Jones / Woodley / Cyborg / Cormier / Maia / Evinger / Lawler (LIVE!)"

  1. Robbie Lawler is retarded. "I'm just gonna go home and play with my dong." Everyone already knows that he's going home to be with his family. He's tired. He'll relax. We know that. The questions are: what the fuck is next for your career asshat.

  2. If Lawler and Cerrone took round two off. Then how do you explain more strikes by them in 1 round then 5 for Woodley. You got blinders on champ take a look at yourself. 3 shit fights in a row blamed on specialist what's next.

  3. Is it really amazing to shuck off takedowns when your taking zero risks,throwing 6 punches a round, only defending takedowns. Congratulations champ you finally have a record least punches ever thrown in 5 rounds and you crushed it. Now go out and say your the best and people don't like you because we're all racists

  4. If Jon fights Brock I see Jon winning~ Brock is not in his prime anymore and Jon would strike the shit out of Brock~ Brock has a weak gut as shown by the Reem kicking him in the guts~ And Jons reach is so difficult to deal with~ It would be too much for Brock to deal with~ Mark my words~

  5. Tyron is delusional.  Sure, he has the belt, but what's he doing with it?  He's the most boring champ in UFC history.  He claims to have hurt his arm, but what's his excuse for the non-action in the two Wonderboy fights?

  6. Woody dont tell me what I like to see as a fight, you sure treat the fans as dumb asses~ if the fans think your boring then thats their right~ Tyron the complainer woody~ oh i dont get credit~ god complain, complain, complain~

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