UFC 227 Post Fight Press Conference: Dana White, Champ Henry Cejudo, Champ TJ Dillashaw (LIVE!)


(21:49) Flyweight Champ Henry Cejudo / (39:35) Demetrious Johnson / (50:30) Dana White / (1:08:16) Bantamweight Champ TJ Dillashaw 👊

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is inside The Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA for the UFC 227 Post Fight Press Conference with UFC President Dana White, #AndNew UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo + #AndStill UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw.

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Wade Eck is an experienced and accomplished senior marketing strategist and video producer. He’s advised over 200 business owners with their social strategy and content publishing guidelines; he personally managed multiple accounts which reached 150k to 1 million subscribers. He’s filmed, edited and distributed 3200+ YouTube videos which have accumulated 200 million+ views, 23 cable television episodes and two live PPV sporting events. His work has aired on ESPN, FS1, Rede Globo, UFC and more!

32 Comments on "UFC 227 Post Fight Press Conference: Dana White, Champ Henry Cejudo, Champ TJ Dillashaw (LIVE!)"

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  2. Say what you want about Dana but atleast he doesn't talk shit like a lot of other sport ceo's . Take a look at commissioners of hockey,basketball,football they all talk down to people like politicians

  3. I like Henry's attitude, his morals. Nice to hear "proud of my heritage but proud to b an American". That respect… I appreciate it. So many ppl quick to only latch on to 1 heritage & forget or fail to realize their opportunities were made possible in America which is why so many come here. Media is always so focused on the negative, the drama, the Biggest losers, smoke & mirrors & often painting a different picture than the truth. Media is anti America. Hollywood is anti America & most of them r all so caught up in webs of lies & looking to b offended by any & everything, they don't even know what they're bitching or upset about. A bunch of friggin whiners with little sense to go around. Ppl like Henry who make the best of their opportunity & work hard to achieve their goals r inspiring & I'm happy for him. He's a good kid. "NO excuses". I love it. That is the example ppl need, especially these days where every1 is looking for excuses, looking to play the blame game, looking to play the race card which is so disrespectful to whichever race they belong to cuz crying wolf makes a mockery of ppl who have really been thru it. Absolutely sickening. This kid has the right idea & a great head on his shoulders. Unfortunately ppl these days only care about classless losers & materialistic bullshit. That is not what should b representing us or any country for that matter. Be kind to 1 another & b the best you. Congratulations Cejudo. Best of luck on your journey.

    • Dana 'NorthSouthWithMcgregor' White Ludwig wasn’t really that great of an MMA fighter but he’s a way better coach than he was a fighter, There’s lots of guys in that could beat Ludwig including TJ but doesn’t mean they’d be better coaches.

  4. The comments in the chat replay are the dumbest shit Ive ever seen. Yes retards, TJ has a black eye but he knocked Cody out and won in the first round. Have any of you dweebs been in a legit fight? A Black eye is nothing

  5. I think Cejudo needs to defend his belt first and establish himself I think DJ should get the rematch and I predicted Cejudo to TKO DJ but a win is a win and far as TJ Dillishaw I think Dominick Cruz is next until TJ Dillishaw beats Dominick Cruz who beat TJ Dillishaw then he isn't best Bantamweight cause Dominick Cruz is the best Bantamweight overall

    • Johnny Dwyer your wrong man Dominick Cruz first off beat TJ Dillishaw in there fight 3 years out of the octagon and he clearly won 3 rounds of that fight if your a casual fan I guessayne you don't no how to score a fight but the UFC had nothing to do with Dominick Cruz winning and until they rematch he will sit behind Cruz anyone who knows MMA or the fight game period point blank will tell you Cruz is the best Bantamweight of all time and I'm a TJ Dillishaw fan I picked him in both these fights and I picked TJ to beat Cruz in there fight but Cruz got TJ frustrated and off his game as that happened when Garbrandt fought Cruz I believe Cruz overlooked Cody and that was before Cody tried to be like Conor McGregor and I think Cody needs reality check and coming in the fight hands as he throws right hand not smart Cody needed to sit at a distance and could TJ get him frustrated then use technique but Cruz will get the next shot

    • Dan Inbox yea I don't know just how hurt he is and there could be nothing wrong it just depends i have had pop here and there and it wasn't a tare so hope for the best but I think by continuing to fight same people over n over made DJ complacent and you can't grow or improve when your doing the same thing over n over had he fought TJ Dillishaw he would have to prepare differently and that would allow him to evolve but I think Cejudo needs to defend his belt 2 times before moving up to get a second strap but even if Cejudo don't fight DJ right away I think when DJ is ready if anyone deserves a rematch it be him on his return

    • DJ never actually fought the same people over and over, that was just a myth. 11 title defences vs. 10 different opponents. The preparation for this may have been off cause he had surgery and it was the longest layoff of his career though. To your other point, yes maybe Cejudo should defend at least once. Sergio Pettis could be good.

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