UFC 229 Post Fight Press Conference: Dana White, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson + Dominick Reyes


UFC 229 Post Fight:

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the UFC 229 Post Fight Press Conference with UFC President Dana White (1:05:47), UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedo (1:39:25), Tony Ferguson (45:45) + Dominick Reyes (20:34).  Dana and the fighters talk about their fights as well as the UFC 229 post fight melee that occurred in the arena after Khabib submitted Conor McGregor.

Ceremonial UFC 229 weigh-ins: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor

(360° VR / 4K) UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor Ceremonial Weigh-ins

UFC 229 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast LIVE From Twin Peaks On The Las Vegas Strip!

Official UFC 229 Weigh-ins: Nurmagomedov vs McGregor (LIVE! / HD)

UFC 229: Champ Khabib Nurmagomedov Refuses To Wait For Conor; Leaves Press Conference Early

UFC 229: Conor McGregor Holds A Solo Press Conference After Khabib Decides Not To Wait

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539 Comments on "UFC 229 Post Fight Press Conference: Dana White, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson + Dominick Reyes"


  2. wkwkkwkwk cornor & team chicken..LOSER… cornor are not a fighter.. (cornor fast food mcdonald and california fried chicken) …
    They really were SO QUICK with the "take away his Visa/Belt/Money" talk I was like woah woah, why we bringing Visas into this? Just because the guy is from Russia and a Muslim? These racists showed their true colors

  3. Dubble standards. He won't
    Let anything happen to his bad boy conor. Those fitghers from khabibs team not 3 strikes. Only one and your out. Dana dana dana. Your billions made you dishonest. I heard you on a talk show saying you don't pick up the phone for family to len monny. What YOU intend to do whit those billions if you can't even help your families. Cheap dishonest boldy.

  4. while that chicken shit was chatting shit about the religion, provoking in the press conference u were standing like as asshole. that was all ok for you. now when he got fucked and i mean badly fucked up by khabib, you wish he gets banned and stuff. Pathetic.

  5. Conor jumped in the ring in bellator March and attacked a ref. No one cares. He brakes a window and get a glass in the eye of a ufc fighter. No one cares. Conor jumps cage and confront Jose in front of his family. No one cares.
    Khabib jumps cage after Conor insults his religion, country, family, calls them terrorists, FBI informants, call out khabib after the fight and the world wants him stripped. Lol Ok?

  6. Dana you are a racist piece of shit we all see through you, your face said it all no words needed… just a hateful twat! you are so hateful you lost all your hair… you’re disgusting and disgraceful! give the man his dues or you lose all of us which are millions and millions and whenever we see white or Irish people we going to smash them too. THIS IS WAR so don’t fuck with us we will come after all of you Americans

  7. so when conor jumps the cage like he did to aldo he becomes a champ and when khabib does it he is the villain an just so you know it khabib did not throw the first punch it was dilon dickless he just jumped infront of him i cant say if he would have thrown a punch first but he didn't he could have also jumped the fence to laugh directly at the face of dickless dilon but we'll never know

  8. Conor McGregor is 100% innocent. The Russian is not civilized. He jumped out of the cage to go after one of McGregor's Corner Men. NO justification for that. Just BAD SPORTSMANSHIP. They said he did it because the Corner guy was "Chirping" at the Russian the whole fight. Yea, SO WHAT. Just like EVERY fight in the history of boxing. Conor McGregor "TAPPED OUT" meaning that he gave up. Sportsman ship, again, says leave the guy alone. He just lost the fight and is tired from taking a hard beating from the Russian. But instead, the Russian's Corner people kept beating on him. Las Vegas Cops were not prepared to control men who are in TOP shape. I saw FAT, OLD COPS making half hearted attempts to control the Russian's men, to no avail. Conor McGregor is 100% innocent. He was even cool as he REFUSED to press charges. But now, SOME Nevada Officials want to blame BOTH fighters. WRONG!!!

  9. The only injustice here is that The Eagle didn't land right on Dillon Anus' attention whorish ass and breaking him into little pieces. Talk about riding someone's coattails. Why on earth would he keep talking after watching his hero get crushed right in front of him?

  10. diaz bro 1 and diaz bro 2 vs guinese and tony fersuson stout will be right. no thanks to over paid conner those maybe the last before he retires. 1000000000 for loosing against Mayweather? That is insanity overpay. Dana kisses coners but yet diaz done less than cheaters ie peds who gotcto return in less than 4 years. ganja doesn't improve performance Danna White. I dot support ganja , but repeat ofenders ie john jones cocaine, drunk, weed got multiple returnes of guilt yet diaz ..?? dannas scum

  11. Well, State of Nevada and UFC should apologize Khabib. Khabib is a professional and world champion who is guest in your country , so why he has to accept all these trash talk against his family , country, and religion ?!! they have to apologize the champ.

  12. Conor jumps out in Jose Aldo's face screaming at him while he's with his family. He starts on every fighter who happens to catch his eye. He jumps the cage in other events, wired up and pushes the referee around. He throws bottles into crowds of people. He flies a plane full of people from Ireland to the US to jump Khabib, smashing the windows of a bus full of people. He cheated throughout the Khabib fight by pulling gloves, shorts, grabbing the cage, kneeing a grounded opponent, and sinking his toes in the cage. He attacked Khabib's teammate before anyone touched him. If what happened in the aftermath of UFC 229 was the other way around, Dana would have laughed it off and said, "That's Just Conor Being Conor. Don't You Just Love the Guy" GOTTA LOVE THE DOUBLE STANDARD! Dana White in the UFC are hypocrites! Pathetic and Sad!

  13. Conor is on probation and he was the one who first attacked the team Khabib by punching the guy on the fence and therefore he should be arrested and thrown to jail because he breached the probation conditions. McGREGOR KEEPS GETTING RICH BY LOSING EVERY SINGLE FIGHT. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF ANY SPORT. UFC IS SO RIGGED. FUCK THE UFC.

  14. He's right. What he did was wrong, but compared to what Conor has gotten away with (re: the UFC), it is relatively nothing. If he is punished by the UFC then Conor should receive the exact same punishment. Khabib is the CHAMPION. NOT CONOR. He beat the piss out of him. And Conor sucker punched one of his team members before getting hit, so he is just as culpable for the incident as anyone which means he should not get his money EITHER. Total fucking bullshit.

  15. Shameful Dana and UFC.
    What if Conor had insulted sexuality, colour of skin, etc.? Would that still be OK? How is it different insulting someone's religion or ethnicity? Is everything excused 'cause of who said it?
    So Khabib needs be punished, but no reason to punish those shouting ethnic abuse to him?
    Khabib needs to be brought in line, but Conor can go around insulting his religion and ethnic background for MONTHS?
    Stop acting like Conor fanboys and start giving just treatment.
    At the end of the day, Conor and his teammates got what they deserved for months of abuse: A good battering. Next time pull the in line Dana.

  16. He might of won but his way of fighting does not entertain me at all. With him jumping the cage and his team jumping in he should be stripped and booted leave the title vacant until someone earns it otherwise it will just justify post match fighting is ok if your pissed off plus the company he keeps he should be fighting in a pit for dictators and terrorists entertainment not on a professional stage not a true champion no matter how many fights he wins

  17. Forget the aftermath, mcgregors team was running there mouth.
    The fight was totaly outclassing by khabib, connor looked like a amateur.
    Just retire already, the face was deformed and people might not recognize you.

  18. Is Dana and the media seriously just gonna gloss over the fact that their cashcow Conor got his a$$ handed to him and couldn't hold a candle to Khabib's savage ground game?! As far as I'm concerned, the post-fight brawl was fair game and the chickens coming home to roost after Conor's prematch chicken trash talk and bus antics. Conor is just a bull$hit sound and tap machine and Khabib is the real deal who lets his fists do the talking.

  19. Khabib is right. Shit which McGregor talk on pre fight press conference should not be allowed. McGregor should be stopped then, but you can clearly see who's is Dana's favourite figther. If this will go against Khabib to the point that they will not pay him and not give him a belt which he clearly deserved, UFC will lose on reputation big time.

  20. Stupid muslim doesn't understand the difference between words and actions. Words are just words, you can't go around beating people just because you don't like their words. That is not how we roll over here. Doesn't mean he didn't smash McGregor fair and square, he is the undisputed champion.

  21. The Khabib/Artem is what lead to this bus incident. Let's not overlook that fact. Also, you can not logically compare the bus incident to what happened after the fight. Yes, the bus thing was super childish and handled poorly. However, what happened after the fight had the potential to put thousands of lives in danger. The Governor of Nevada was there, Brian Sandoval. The Governor had to be rushed out too. These excuses are all B.S. by Khabib, not a good look when again, you put thousands in danger even a government official.

    So, good look with the that bus and he insulted my religion stuff.

    Not a good look for you Khabib or your "tolerant, peaceful" religion, Mother Russia or your family name. What a simple minded fool you are. Showed the whole world your a$$ today.

    Now, McGregor did lose the fight. Completely out skilled by Khabib.

  22. People know how to beat conor now, take him into deep water, his fatigue is aweful. Congratulations to Khabib this guy is a monster i can't see anyone who can beat him, don't forget he dropped conor with a solid over hand right, imo he beat him on stand up and raped him on the ground. Danis could not prepare him for Khabib.

  23. Well don't of the Russia he can but and squeeze but his boxing needs work and it was uncalled for that he attacked conors team ik the bus incident shouldn't have happened but ik for a fact that if their hadn't been that much security in the ring when that other guy jumped into the ring Conor would have liked that cunt

  24. Ferguson vs Pettis was the highlight of the night, Mcgregor vs Khabib is one the worst and most boring fights I have ever seen.
    Honestly, I have always hated McGregor, sometimes there are funny moments in the press conferences, but McGregor sucks in my opinion. However, I like Khabib even less.. My first reaction was that Khabib was going to win but I wanted McGregor to make the bastard bleed.

  25. UFC holding Derserving champion .. Championship Belt, Fecilitation, Match Money and now Dana responds shows howbaised these people are towards a champ.. and also dana eliminated all the stuff conor has done before match .. even media is not focusing on real thing he beat conor out fairly … khabib the real champ…

  26. I really like Conor Mcgregor but when he isn't in a fight. Conor is really a decent guy. Every time he is in a fight, however, he has to become this over the top aggressive person that trash talks his opponents on a personal level, which I don't like. People say that's the sport but it doesn't have to be look at Anderson Silva or George st Pierre. Khabib in my mind is how I want a professional fighter to be, respects his opponents and doesn't trash talk. Conor brought Khabib's anger out, which is understandable since Conor trash talked everything about him. I hope this has taught a valuable lesson to Conor, and I hope Conor stops trash talking. What's worse are also the fan boys. They support Conor regardless of what he does, he has turned the sport into pure drama. I hope people get out of this fan boy mentality, but that is like shooting for the stars.

  27. It's so weird to me that they are talking about professionalism in a brawl of two warriors…you create this atmosphere of anger and revenge with all the low blow back and forth and then say….whoa whoa…let's be professional…it's really ass backwards

  28. This fucking unfair he knew that fucking guy on the crowd was connor teammate and he lied about it. Connor gets different treatment with all that happened with bus situations he didn't get suspended or anything. 27-0 whether you took the belt ofrom him or the bags with full of cash. Khabib is the winner

  29. In life you can win and you can lose. Thats how you learn. After all what’s Conor have done this haters wait only for something to happen to take you down like trash. CONOR IS STILL THE GREATEST.

  30. Dana White is a punk and really can't stand the fact that Conor lost to Khabib. He never mentioned anything about visas when Conor smashed the bus, nor did he say a word to Conor when he acted like a drunken foul mouthed leprechaun at the press conference. Is Dana white a secret agent for immigration services? Fuck him too. Khabib is MMA, and he can't stand it.

  31. I don’t care what y’all say I’m a Conor fan weather he lost or whatever y’all wanna name it,he did his best and for that I respect him…maybe there could be a rematch so stop talking until y’all see what happens….ungrateful people.

  32. Keep talkin shit, but u can admit that Conor poked a little hole in his heart, had him step out of his character and leave his humble ways behind. Could’ve picked Conor up after the win, shook his hand, and went on like the supposed holy man he is. Fuck that, Conor made you step out of pocket, and will knock you out in the rematch (with the left handed missile that never got to land) and ultimately win the trilogy. That’s my boy, Notorious til the end.. this ain’t over mothafucka

  33. Danna the fans are very disappointed by your actions by not putting the belt on KHABIB and with holding his purse . If Khabibs team member hit Connor after the fight , that’s got nothing to do with KHABIB winning the fight and defending his undisputed Champion Title !

  34. Great win for Khabib and I blame McGregor and Dana White for the whole incident after the fight …trash talk has gone way to far insulting fighters family's and mocking their religious beliefs …those pre fight conferences were ridiculous Mcgreagor should be ashamed of himself

  35. This is the problem, Dana is too involved emotional with fighters; mainly Conor. If he was more impartial the UFC would be better off. How you can withhold a purse and belt from the rightful champion is disgraceful. Bad day for the sport

  36. All of these reporters like john annick the cunt, bisping the cunt, and other cunts canceling Khabib's visa???? Who tha fuck do you cunts think you are? Mcgregor threw the first punch on Khabibs team mates and you still pay him? FUCK LAS VEGAS NEVADA COMISSION HYPOCRITE SLUTS

  37. conor lost ..he often used to talk about legend bruce lee philosophy..Now he is under a lot of pain..I UNDERSTAND KHABIB HAS BROKEN CONOR FIGHTING SPIRIT FROM INSIDE…i used to think that might be conor would be considered among the greatest fighter like anderson de silva, tyson, muhammad ali..AND a great interpretor of bruce lee philosophy of fighting…Now i see i was wrong..Glad khabib made me realise that he is a trash talker..Legend ali was also a trash talket but he was a great human being and great fighter…Conor a dark spot..

  38. Connors fans just want to hype this up to strip Khabib off his belt. That brawls isnt that bad.. Dont hype suckerss, conor disrespect khabib people, khabib religion, khabib culture, khabib society, khabib father, injuring the fighter in buss, NOW CONOR EAT ALL OF HIS SHIIIITTT

  39. Am I the only one seeing that Khabib did the following 1. Hold on to the neck crank after Conor had tapped and the ref had to forcibly take him off of Conor, he does not appear to have voluntarily released the neck crank. 2. Khabib literally spits on Conor amid appearing to shout angrily at Conor, trying to actually carry on the fight but was physically stopped by the big ref Herb Dean. 3. Khabib takes his spit covered gumshield and throws it I assume at Conor's team. Khabib may have proved to be the superior fighter in this contest but he proved that he is completely unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, disgusting and COMPLETELY responsible for kicking off all of the chaos that followed. Conor's team may have said something to Khabib but, he provoked that with his spitting and unsportsmanlike behaviour. Jumping over the Octagon to fight non licensed combatants in the crowd just put the icing on the cake really. Imagine if Deontay Wilder jumped out of the ring to punch one of Tyson Fury's team? It would be the end of his career. Respect to Conor for not pressing charges against the cowards that basically jumped him in the Octagon, almost capitalising on the distraction of Khabib jumping out of the Octagon which obviously drew all the Cops and security guys attention. It seems like it was a planned attack to me, it was too perfect to fool the Security and get to Conor. Thank Jesus that one of those psychos didn't have a blade or broken bottle for Conor. Khabib you let down all of your fans just after you gave them a great performance in the Octagon. I'd rather watch Diaz Mcgregor 3 any day than watch Khabib writhe on and sweat all over and squeeze a man in his jocks. Your style may be effective Khabib but nobody really wants to watch it. Now you've shown your true colours, you are a common street thug and not worthy of calling yourself a true champion. I'm just glad that Conor didn't go full on Tyson and bite your fucking cauliflower ears off your big square head.

    • Yaaaa blame it all on khabib when the one bring the outrangr in khabib is mcgregor for crossing all the line trash talk everything abouy khabib insulting his family nationality his religion. The guy being keep quite every single time when mcgregor doing it. Would you offer a jew that practice kosher diet saying shalom to the guy then handing pork to him with a damn smirk insulting smile? No, that disrespectful AF! How come you cover your eyes when connor so damn disrespectful saying muslim greeting then try to handling khabib whiskey when for mcgregor sure highly know muslim do not drink alchohol. What a Double standard.

  40. Unsavoury finish and though much of the blame lies with Khabib and his corner……some must fall at the feet of both McGregor and Dana White……what the hell did they expect……by allowing such slanderous, uncouth, disrespectful and explosive attacks on Khabib (and more importantly his family) there was a potential time bomb waiting to go off…..as Khabib said, it's not like wrestling where the insults are all planned and staged to hype things up

  41. Khabib humiliated Connor. What happen after the fight is not Khabibs fault because Connor disrespected him so much and the entire UFC for acting so bad as he owns the UFC but Khabib proves him wrong and what he did is a lesson for Connor. Bigtime lesson! I'm not a fan of Khabib but he did justice to what Connor did before.

  42. I’m so happy that people are backing up Khabib, Connor and his team were absolutely disgraceful on the build up of this fight. It’s time the people faced the fact that he got fucking smashed. Stop focusing on the brawl and focus on the fact that the fan favorite got his Ars whooped. REAL TALK

    • @smigglyDiggly – okay fair point, however, are you aware of the real facts rather than the one which the media has shown you? Let's observe the evidence from a different angle which has been recorded on camera, shall we? Khabib wins the fight, throws mouthpiece towards Conor's teammate, he then proceeds to climb the cage alone and jump into a loaded crowd, where a scuffle takes place. It is unclear in the video if Khabib or Conor's teammate was able to connect with punches or kicks as the security pulls them apart. During these events are unfolding, Conor tries to jump out of the ring along with Khabib's cousin, Conor looks over the cousins and punches him right in the face, they both fall in the ring. After this 2 of Khabib's teammates run in the ring. A guy with the Blackshirt runs towards Conor and they both throw a punch each which barely connects. Within seconds Conor is hit with 2 punches in the head by a guy wearing a red shirt. Now unless the FACTS are wrong, Connor should be charged with assault. Both Khabib's teammates should be equally charged with assault. CLEARLY that wont happen but stop being fucking sheep when you dont have the mindset to look at both sides of the case, you narrow minded dullwitted bum.

    • before Connor threw the punch khabibs cousin tried to pull him off the fence before jumping up onto it. And btw I can tell your upset but no need attack me with an ad hominem just shows your also mentally weak. Next time just try taking some deep breaths before commenting, it may help.

  43. Its just a ufc fight, khabib just handled russias business haha.. fuck yeah i mean much love to the irish too but, any country the way connor was talking was disrespectful and anybody who can see knows the truth. wed expect that. and all the conferences . khabib is a legend. lmao funny af

  44. When promotion shit backfires in ur face… That's the price of million PPVs based on shit talking. And I am a Conor's fan. He always did it with humor and…some class. Not this time. You never, never disrespect countries, religion or family just to sell more. And if u do, u pay the risk premium of escalation. And it's not cheap. Pity for a gr8 fight. Khabib blew up his own moment, which he, so much deserved. No excuse for him no matter how the shit-talk went. The better man won, however, despite all that bull… Even standing up and exchanging blows he was convincing, Connor wasn't. That's about it.

  45. First thing first well done khabib champion, just a shame it's what happened after the fight that will be remembered more then the good fight it was. they should know better, they after all are humans and, are professional Fighters, hope there is part 2

  46. Just watched a different angle of the fight from someone's phone, what happened was after khabib jumped into the crowd one of his corner men jumped up on the fence the same time as Conner did in the same place, conner punched him in the face and they started fighting on top of the cage before Conner got pull down by security, meanwhile the first guy that climbed into the cage from the crowd with a grey tee shirt on was talking shit to Conner and Conner punched him in the face, that's when the guy with a red t shirt on who climbed in the ring also started to hit Conner from behind, so from the TV shots it looks like Conner was innocent when he was actually the guy throwing the first punches on 2 guys.

  47. when conor insulted islam and family of khabib , offering him alcohol in a place like ufc because he knew khabib muslim and attacked the bus with many of his friends no one ever said any bad thing about him . Conor team cursing our religion behind the seen and they know its not that kind of thing that any man can stand it.
    when conor breaks the rules even in the fight no one complained but for khabib he is muslim so they blaming him and more.
    unfortunately since i started to watch them all i saw is how west look at muslims and how they are treating them even in a sports.

  48. Dana you complete and utter cock you incited that violence after khabibs win the minute he asked u to put his belt on and u said no! You disrespectful knob had mcbumfluff won that u would be on ur knees putting the belt on for him! Your con merchant khabib should have sparked u out

  49. Khabib is a Muslim Mutt,your a wrestler Joke scared to fight toe to toe.
    Come to boxing kebab and don’t grapple and see if you can go toe to toe 12 rounds.
    I know I’d box the shit out of you Muslim dog no grapple straight boxing your a joke of a fighter just like it was watching Connor box against mayweather .

  50. People need to share some of Khabib's pain even though they don't want to. Its sad to see a man from Russia be so discriminated and disrespected over and over again. People boo him and people hate him even though he is the undisputed champion with 0 loses. A man can take so much. He was obedient for all this time and he tried to stay humble and silent, well he is after all a Guest in America. But he is also tormented there and people don't care. Then comes McGregor and puts some more salt on his wound by insulting the mans father, his religion, and his nation in his arrogant stupidity to try to promote the fight, or to spill hatred for a man he doesn't know. Khabib stays silent even then and swallows it up. The fight is about to start and people boo him. He wins the fight and people boo him. The man doesn't get the respect he deserves and nobody likes him just because he is boring Russian grappler. Then some idiot from the fence spills obscenities at Khabib after he completely won and dominated the hardest fight in his life, and Khabib forgets for a moment, that he is a Guest. He forgets to swallow some more of that shit. He forget to be obedient. My my what a shock. He feels like a human being again and let's all that build up frustration and injustice spill, and in his excitement jumps over the fence and tries to gain the respect he deserves. Khabib you are a naive fool because you forgot that you are a Guest in America. And Guests should stay quiet and obedient, especially Russian Guests, because if you don't you will be striped away of all your belts and deported right back from where you came. The Americans don't like you and they were waiting for this one mistake you made, and now its time to sleep Khabib. Conor couldn't make you sleep but the American people will, they hate you so much and they will defeat you by getting rid of you.

    • Well, first of all he should stop talking all that Muslim stuff because it sounds ridiculous "hammamdulla inshmalla and so on". It irritates people, really. Second, yes, he is boring grappler and he totally misses the thing, that nobody interested in his own victory: people watch fights for entertainment and khabib is a bad intertainer. He just focused on the thing he can't lose a fight and totally forget that people need a show. He lacks charisma, he lacks charm.
      Third, a huge amount of people doesn't actually like him. They just hate McGregor, so khabib is their remedy.
      Forth, if you play humble and patient you should play it all the time. Khabib did show his weakness and it's a disaster for his fans. He's not a champion. He's just a winner. He can't handle with the title. He doesn't behave like champion. All the fight he tried to prove people he's jaw is man's not chicken's, risking his whole career, his family fans' feelings and so on. It is so ridiculous that he names himself undisputed undefeated not even realizing that nobody cares! People doesn't care about it, people need intertainment – this is what they pay for

    • yeah freedom of speech sucks, if he wanted silence and complete control of people outside the ring he should have stayed in Russia, wrestling bears for coins. Or go to a Caliphate state, there he can control everyone outside and inside the ring with violence.

  51. He smashed your boy like he promised. Talking don't win the fight….. hahaha.
    You don't talk about someone's family, country, religion, tribe and all and expect him to be happy.
    He smashed McGregor in all the round.
    Khabib is a true champion and they say empty barrel makes the loudest noise.
    Drake, where are you. I thought you will be in the to help your friend.

  52. This is the first time i watched an UFC fight. In my opinion, lets not forget that before Conor became a victim of physical assault today, Khabib was a victim of verbal & physical abuse by Conor throughout the build up to the fight. Its very funny to me how the media took Khabib's abuse as a hype for the fight and never made Conor look bad but praised him for talking trash to increase pay per view numbers. Yet the media nails Khabib to the cross and is making him look bad when he did nothing different (if not less) than what Conor had done to him. I am not supporting violence on either side though but I think the media and fans should look at the post fight incident more holistically

  53. Gg Habib won fair and square in the octagon but watching that fight I realised that in a street fight, Habibs tactics would be absolutely useless. He gets you up against the fence, and holds you there but in a real situation and in real life, in those holds, all you have to do is elbow the fuck out of the back of his head and he’s done.

  54. Deserved win, congrats on that…And i undestand the idea of khabib wanting to change the fight game by eliminating or regulating the trash talk in ufc… but jumping and kicking ass out of the octagon isn't the right way, you have to accept how things are and that sometimes you dont have the power to change them. Respect to khabib inside and outside the octagon regardless of what happened today but he made a big mistake and he will have to pay for it.

  55. KHABIB USED DIRTY TACTICS! Check choke hold he used bone of his arm against Conor's neck and face, look close he also appeared to intentionally touch Conor's buttock cheeks knowing it would antagonize him. You call that sporting or fair?

  56. Dana Should do something about that, Khabib is right, it’s sport not bollywood. This Usa way of showing up is just stupid. Same like American documentaries where everything has to explode and text is repeated 5 times. It’s like everything is dedicated to 10y old audience.

  57. If UFC strips Khabib for this to give the belt back to Conor, I'm done. Conor can't press charges because he started it, not of any magnanimous kindness or manliness. Conor and his band of racist and his anti-muslim cronies deserve worse. I'm not going to be supporting racism. Dana should come out of his anti-muslim republican bubble and realise how many fans he will lose. Khabib doesn't owe anyone hugs or compassion after the spend weeks slandering him and his family.

  58. it's funny to see Dana be amused by conor insulting everyone but now he acts like an idiot Khabib is a real fighter and Dana hates to see his boy conor become a piece of shit he has to fight nate again and lose then be out of business

  59. Set up didn't work! Two words!!! KHABIB, WOODLEY! Dana is just sad cause Conor lost, now he is making the big drama, blaming this accident for his bad mood! Believe me he wouldn't enter the press conference if that wouldn't happen.

  60. I have ultimate respect for Khabib especially after this press conference. In a fight the winner is the ultimate king. And Mc Gregor didn't even fight. He was just breathing through the rounds. And in the end he conceded his defeat. I think his fans should chin up and accept that. It was a fight. Khabib won undisputed. Get with it.

  61. i really don't like dana white "never gonna tell people what they can't say"… rightttttt thats cuz hes profited so much off connors racism and bigotry. it's totally legit to curb free speech within a sport. imagine if u had a contender running around saying the n-word, connor calls fully grown black men "boy". he knows what hes doing so does dana

  62. Mcgregor lo specchio dei tempi, luce effimera lontana dallo stile, dal buon gusto, dal rispetto, dallo sport che ha una ramificazione pure fuori dai ring. Mcgregor vale meno di niente con tutti i milioni guadagnati, il distillato può usarlo solo per un clistere autolesionista. Khabib un grande, dedizione, amore per lo sport, e carattere. Viva Khabib, ti seguirò con immensa stima ed interesse. Mcgregor sporchi l essenza dello sport e con la lingua puoi solo pulire il culo di chi offendi.

  63. I don’t understand why is this a big deal. Its ok for Connor to throw a dolley in to the bus because he’s a money maker? The Bible says it all those wicked will not last in this world but a humble with harvest the fruit of their labor.

  64. Dana is sad that his litle boy lost. ufc is fake as wwe they gave mcgregor an easy way to the top. but atleast he got some money out of it only question now how long wil it last now nobody believes your big mouth annymore

  65. Dana is acting like Commodus from gladiator. All his ploys to destroy Khabib’s name are backfiring and making him a legend. Khabib won the crowd. The crowd is stronger than the media, stronger than dana, stronger than the nevada athletic commission.

  66. Lol you guys try "laying on him" that's grappling. It's fighting! You want to watch just stricken from go watch kickboxing. You try putting connor in submission. Khabib is a beast and he was in combo sambo for many years. So yes he will grapple. Mother trucking Connor all most got choked out and put to sleep. Cry about it when it becomes against the rules. Khabib is a person of action and principle it's something America has lost. When did the USA lose the idea that if a guy was forced to answer for his words that people didn't back it up. Where khabib comes from people will make you answer for your shit talking. No one will have anything to do with you if you don't stand up for your nationality, religion and especially family (father included) so I completely understand where he comes from. It's not that he is not used to it he just won't let it happen.

  67. Oh, quite your whining about religion.. respect blah blah blah.. religion is a belief.. Your beliefs are not supposed to be protected from shit talk, or criticism, or disrespect.. just like any other belief.. you have the right not to listen, but don't fucking tell us, what not to say about religion..

  68. AA

    Dana is a hypocrite. If this was conor then he would be defending him and saying "look man people get heated in the octagon and if someone talks trash then you have to be ready to stand by your words"

  69. Khabib won fair and square. Even if you're a Conor fan ( like myself ) you have to admit that Conor even lost stand up ( which seemed very odd to me, maybe ring rust idk ). And I support Khabib for jumping the ring and bringing the chaos. Good for sport? Nah awful behavior, but after all that personal talk and bus attack Conor brought it on himself, made his own bed and UFC for promoting it. Alsooo Khabib is guilty, cuz he started it by attacking Artem. I mean all fans were talkin shit, so now you gonna go and confront every single one of them too?? Me personally I don't like Khabib he looks like a violent, immature, bully and I don't like watching his fight, cuz he just dry humps people for 30 mins. But It was already gone over the top so good for him jumping the fence and smacking maybe some sense into Conor. He did made Conor humble after all, maybe for the better. Drinking whisky, partying days before the fight, not taking it seriously that's what u get. He got better after the first Diaz fight as well. Maybe his camp needs to smack him from time to time to reminds him a thing or two and that's coming from a guy who supported Conor this night. I'm an MMA fan tho idc much that he lost, just disappointed Khabib didn't get the beating as well, maybe his father will lmao.

  70. they tap machines what are you talking about pls can someone clip me how much time was this guy was standing on his feet it was a piss pooooor fight where the professional wrestler brakes the code of honor and attacks civilians after a match and yea a wretsler you dont have a heart to stand and fight boy to be called an mma fighter

  71. no no no guys, we do not need to say "I am human being" anymore! It does not describe us as species on this Planet ))) Our behaviour is still very primitive, so you can pray what ever Gods you want, but if you take sport (game) this far please do not put yourself in the category of homo sapiens ) P.S. Khabib did what he had to do. He was protecting his honor.

  72. I'm so surprised, you have fighters using hate speech you get hate. Dana need to find better ways to sell tickets imho. This WWE style trash talk by fighters has gone too far when its attacking race and religion and causing riots.

  73. Khabin did NOT need to go attack the trainer. I understand they got under his skin, but he crossed the line. Khabib destroyed Conor and could have just screamed at both of them and still left a champ, but he lost his cool and that’s the fuck up. If he just shouted at them than nothing could really said badly because they did agitate and anger him. The fact that he and his people hit others after the match was done was the mistake.

  74. You god damn haters.. connor has always had a big mouth, and he backs it up.. that's his game.. you idiots don't understand this..

    Yes, khabib is a monster.. he is the champ, but the truth is that he was never really tested, he never fought anyone with mcgregor's caliber..

    Yes, he won fair and square, he proved he wasn't just "lucky".. but don't fucking try and downplay connor's skill and talent.. he lost this, yes, he was dominated.. but come on, stop spouting that dumb shit..

  75. Interested to hear conners excuse, imagine his whiny voice, eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh, ah gassed, Thets aaarrlll it waas, ahh feeel ah waas winning ya knah, it eeze Whart it eeze, ahh thort ii wud ween in tree rands.
    Translation, eeeeh I gassed, that’s all it was, I feel I was winning you know, it is was it is. I thought I would win in three rounds.

  76. Khabib he is gentlemen,he give explanation why he got angry that bad side of him, cause connor curse his religion, country,father n team mates ..plus attacked him while on bus with couple people n fighters,,disrespectful connor trash talk to him.
    Khabib keep promise to win this game n change the way how to respect other opponent..love u may, u have good future with ufc n be legend like mohammad Ali.
    Media please dont bias

  77. Khabib has acted like a consummate professional throughout his whole career,I'm not making excuses for his behavior BUT I wonder what Conor's friend said to make Khabib lose it at his greatest moment. I'd like to know because it had to have been something pretty fucked up.

  78. Lol, he blew his top, then tries to cry to the athletic commission, he should have just taken the win with some decency if he is really all about respect in the sport, he beat Conor up, the rest was not needed, the commission should and will deal with him.

    • He made an ass out of his self after winning a good fight. Who the hell cares what someone else is saying when you are the winner? Conor will still have a more successful career, even after losing, because that dumb ass couldn't control his temper. Grow up Khabib and show some class

    • We in the west have very few morals left in us, so nothing is off limits.

      Don’t expect that to be the same in Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, we don’t tolerate that.

      Make fun of khabib but not his family, people his religion.

  79. It's quiet obvious Dana wanted Conor to win, when Coner was shouting his big mouth off Dana was laughing even when Coner was been so disrespectful towards Khabib. It looks like Dana had been crying with Coner before the press conference, maybe him and Conor had a glass of Proper twelve together awwwww!!! Khabib the python has been wronged, he won the fight good and proper only to be told he cannot have the belt due to the Irish America crowds going mad, what rhetoric is this!!!

  80. Khabib is a respectful man. Conor is not a respectful man. His trash talk and press conferences were not respectful. It was out of bounds. Khabib comes from an honor culture where this is not tolerated and even so he seemed to keep his cool pretty well leading up to the fight. He waited until he got in the ring and took care of his business…dominating this clown. Loud mouth, wannabe Conor Mcgregor AKA Dillon Danis said more things to provoke Khabib after the fight and in the heat of the moment Khabib made a foolish decision. Even with the backlash he knew he was already getting, he comes back to do the post fight press conference and apologizes to the fans. He does not mention that Danis was talking shit. Just like he does not mention why Artem Lobov got slapped (During a press conference Artem called him a pussy and said that he would slap Khabib around if he ever saw him in person). He does not air his dirty laundry because he does not care about the opinions of others. Khabib Nurmagomedov is a true gangster. Congratulations to him on a great fight. Much respect.

  81. Is Dana White the manager of McGregor? Khabib's actions are not supported, but have you ever given the same consideration to other players as McGregor? Don't you care about making less money? Is that because you're not Irish?

  82. Khabib is 100% correct. And Dana needs to take responsibility for what he let continue even to the point of promoting it for the fight. Everyone isn’t the same, so you can’t use that rule as to say another person shouldn’t have done this cuz someone else didn’t. Conor commutes criminal offenses against this man, so hoping over a fence to fight another man who’s talking trash to you is nothing

  83. Conners gonna go into the poultry business now, get your mcchicken burger here. Wash it down with maaaa whiskey. Conner no show, what’s the matter got nothing cocky to say. Two undefeated fighters have schooled this embarrassing unfunny excuse for a warrior. Mayweather schooled him in the art of boxing, khabib schooled him at MMA. Wait I can hear tapping, must be the front door, my mistake it’s conner.

  84. Conor pretty much got what he asked for (in terms of the fight also) and then – just as Khabib predicted – Conor tapped out on a choke that was not even deep around the neck.

    Khabib literally destroyed UFC/Dana’s cash cow.

    The fact that Khabib confidently rocked up to the pre-fight weigh in, jumped on the scales fully clothed and with shoes on, and made weight, told you a lot about how serious Khabib was; as that dude sometimes walks around near 170, if not more.

    Even if the referee didn’t continuously let Conor off of, multiple fence gripping rule breaches throughout the fight and Conor kneeing Khabib whilst on the ground; Dana should have wrapped Khabib with the belt straight after the fight anyway.

    Dana White let McGregor talk (seriously personal) trash about Khabib's family, race, country, and religion, all through the lead up to the fight, and he also used the bus attack (that Conor senselessly authored) as a promotion to it ????

    WTF is up with that????

    As if that was not going to incite a riot.

    Khabib may have jumped the fence but he didn’t assault anyone.

    McGregor threw a kick at Khabib at the weigh in; but that seems to be accepted.

    There’s a lot of double standards here.

    Nurmgomedov completely dominated McGregor tonight in every way possible.

    Nurmgomedov destroyed Conor in round 2 with ground/pound – he stood in front of Conor, took his stand up game easily, and dropped him with a beautiful straight right – then Khabib utterly obliterated Conor with most takedowns (~4 out of 7) and then (just as Khabib predicted) Khabib easily choked Conor out in round 4 to the point where he quickly tapped on a choke that was not even neck deep.

    Hard to disagree with Khabib’s “Tap Machine” prediction with this one.

    Facts are facts.

    Perhaps it’s time for Conor and his team to consume some proper 12; cause right now Khabib Nurmgomedov has just made history destroying UFC’s (self proclaimed) baddest man.

    Once again; Khabib won and he did so without losing a single round; whilst still having enough energy left to take on Conor's Jujitsu coach.
    Conor pretty much got what he asked for (in terms of the fight also) and then – just as Khabib predicted – Conor tapped out on a choke that was not even deep around the neck.

    Khabib literally destroyed UFC/Dana’s cash cow.

    The fact that Khabib confidently rocked up to the pre-fight weigh in, jumped on the scales fully clothed and with shoes on, and made weight, told you a lot about how serious Khabib was; as that dude sometimes walks around near 170, if not more.

    Even if the referee didn’t continuously let Conor off of, multiple fence gripping rule breaches throughout the fight and Conor kneeing Khabib whilst on the ground; Dana should have wrapped Khabib with the belt straight after the fight anyway.

    Dana White let McGregor talk (seriously personal) trash about Khabib's family, race, country, and religion, all through the lead up to the fight, and he also used the bus attack (that Conor senselessly authored) as a promotion to it ????

    WTF is up with that????

    As if that was not going to incite a riot.

    Khabib may have jumped the fence but he didn’t assault anyone.

    McGregor threw a kick at Khabib at the weigh in; but that seems to be accepted.

    There’s a lot of double standards here.

    Nurmgomedov completely dominated McGregor tonight in every way possible.

    Nurmgomedov destroyed Conor in round 2 with ground/pound – he stood in front of Conor, took his stand up game easily, and dropped him with a beautiful straight right – then Khabib utterly obliterated Conor with most takedowns (~4 out of 7) and then (just as Khabib predicted) Khabib easily choked Conor out in round 4 to the point where he quickly tapped on a choke that was not even neck deep.

    Hard to disagree with Khabib’s “Tap Machine” prediction with this one.

    Facts are facts.

    Perhaps it’s time for Conor and his team to consume some proper 12; cause right now Khabib Nurmgomedov has just made history destroying UFC’s (self proclaimed) baddest man.

    Once again; Khabib won and he did so without losing a single round; whilst still having enough energy left to take on Conor's Jujitsu coach.

    Oh, and before I forget . . . . .

    Please note how only 1 fighter attended the post fight press conference; the one that didn't run his mouth before the fight.

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